November 2, 2006

to treat or not

I don’t understand why would some people risk their reputation just for the sake of a couple hundred bucks. I saw this happening to one of my colleagues who recently got promoted. When he was approached by another fellow colleague for a promotion treat, he sort of bailed out. Really bailed out. No he didn’t explain or even attempt to give an excuse, he just ignored anyone that approached him as if nothing had happened.

What’s worse, is that this guy, is one of the hardcore cronies that has been going to everyone else’s promotion dinner. Now that it is his turn to get promoted, he bails out. I’m not sure if there’s a credible reason behind his seemingly selfish act, like maybe a medical condition that prohibits him from forking out anything from his pocket at all or something… But what I’m sure, is that this whole episode, will DEFINITELY have some effect on his career in the coming days.

Why? People started to talk and I myself have heard about those talks. And they’re not good. It boggles me to think that whatever good deed Mr.Promoted-Guy had done in the past, will all be eclipsed by just one very stupid mistake – his failure to show appreciation to his work peers. A mistake that he shouldn’t have made. I’m sure he’s going to get ALL the support he’s gonna require to bid for his next promotion…. if you get my drift.

Looking at this from another angle, it can also be a good thing for all of us here in the office. Like, we’ve got nothing to lose without his promotion dinner treat, but in the course of learning that, we get to see what kind of wretched person he is… Naturally, this is like a planting a red flag on a camouflaged land mine, that warns everyone to stay the fuck out from this dick and warrants a safer passage for everyone in their career. *shrugs*

I decided to blog this so that you adolescent tit suckers out there would learn from this, the easy way. This is a classic example of extreme stupidity in workplace, you don’t frigging jeopardize your work relationships with your peers over a few hundred bucks. It’s just not worth it and so fucking pathetic.

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