October 27, 2006

not a smart thing to do

I was confronting Mojo Jojo in the lab about something that he didn’t do, but should have done.

Me : “You know you should have brought that thing in here! What is wrong with you?? You better get them into this lab by either today or tomorrow…”

Mojo Jojo : “But I’m getting married tomorrow…”

Me : “What?? You’re getting married tomorrow?? Then what the fuck are you doing here at work today???”

Mojo Jojo : “It’s an engagement…”

Me : “You fuck! Getting engaged is different from getting married, ok?? Nobody gives a crap about fiancees, she can go fuck herself”

Mojo Jojo : “Heheehehh ok, I’ll try my best to get it done by today…”

Me : “You better, or else…”

Mojo Jojo : “or else she can go fuck herself, I won’t give a crap about her… heheh”

From the look of his seemingly lifeless Down Syndromish eyes, I could finally see a flicker of hope. There was a minute sign of slight intelligence in him… that guy finally managed to decipher a simple sentence and repeat after me! That was totally unprecedented! His IQ has roughly advanced to the level of a comatosed mongoose…

So as you can see, even Mojo Jojo can understand this simple fact – getting engaged is not a smart thing to do (though he already did it prior the enlightenment, but repentance is better than nothing).

I don’t understand why do people get engaged. To me, an engagement is nothing more than a gimmick by unscrupulous businessmen to bilk you stupid people off your hard earned money. Why can’t everyone just get married straight away? What’s wrong with that? Why waste the money on some pointless engagement? It’s like… making a non-refundable deposit for a long term relationship… using money to buy time to kill the ambiguity. Those money could have been used for a better cause like getting yourself a bigger apartment, or perhaps a better set of rain tires for your ride. An extra engagement ring would only be redundant, nothing else.

Senseless things that people do for a relationship… what the fuck indeed.

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