October 26, 2006

wrong people at the right place

What do you get when you cross a bunch of ignoramuses with another bunch of shitfucks in an overdue celebration of Deepavali? You get a fat mess of public nuisance and annoyances that stink. That’s what you get. And it happened right here inside my apartment compound. Fire in the hole.

Last night, I had to yell from my balcony at a bunch of Indian kids playing with loud firecrackers at an ungodly hour. Those obnoxious Indian kids of my neighbors’, from that belated late night open house party. They’ve been bombing up the neighborhood for days. Those kids won’t light them firecrackers during daytime, and they won’t do it when the nights are young. But they’d only do it when my infant daughter has gone to bed and everyone’s getting a good rest for work on the next day. Bunch of motherfucking degenerates.

I really don’t understand what is wrong with these people. I thought Deepavali is suppose to be ‘the festival of light’? But last night, it was more like ‘the festival of light, explosions and toxic smoke’ (you should see the amount of smoke wafting into my apartment, it’s un-fucking-believable). The most intriguing of all, would be the question on WHY did they do it inside the apartment compound… Why didn’t they just go somewhere else to do their detestable undertakings? Like a rubber plantation or something?

That’s why I had to yell at them. Call me a party pooper or a spoilsport, but I’m not the type who believes that having your own celebration warrants you the right to be irrational and insensitive to others. You can drink till your liver ruptures or you can organize an orgy with your relatives, nobody cares. But you don’t just light up some explosive shits right in front of your neighbors’ windows and expect them to fucking share your joyous Deepavalic moment. You’d be a retard if you think that anyone would be feeling jovial about that. (hell, it’s not even LEGAL to light up a firecracker!)

Man, this is really getting into me. These inter-neighbors relation thing, just isn’t my kind of game. To me, they’re more like reasons for me to become a misanthrope. The whole thing’s a negative experience for me. I don’t like it at all.

Maybe I was destined to live in a bungalow. Isolated in my own piece of land, without having to contend with fucked up people. I’d rear a few mean ass dogs to keep visitors away and I’m going to be all peaceful at my own home. If only I could afford that kind of luxury…

Either that, or I’m gonna have to consider dwelling in some jungles with wild animals. But there would be no guarantee if the animals are going to behave better than my neighbors… (but at least I know they won’t fucking light up any firecrackers…)

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14 Comments to “wrong people at the right place”

  1. glen says:

    hei, CNY, you also blow people’s brain off….

    so now, indians get back to you during deepavali..

  2. michaelooi says:

    none of the Chinese in my neighbourhood lit any firecrackers in the apartment compound before. But I think they will… soon…

  3. Agnes says:

    The fellas in my neighbourhood also set off firecrackers like crazy. Nia seng, 7 o’clock dun want to play, 8 o’clock dun wan to play, waiiiiiit until 12 midnight when everyone’s zzz-ing, baru set off firecrackers. I thought them fire crackers are illegal or something…I considered calling the cops but then I doubt the coppers will come wee-woo-wee-woo to stop them lah. *sigh*

  4. epsilon says:

    so what did you yell at them?

  5. michaelooi says:

    I don’t quite remember what i yelled, but it went something like this:

    “hey, don’t do that again. I’ve got a baby sleeping in here. Can’t you people be more considerate to your neighbours? Why don’t you light your firecrackers outside?”

    (I could have yelled profanities, but I figured that it would make me look very bad…)

  6. andrew says:

    hi michael, where i live, on the 7th or 8th day of chinese new year (the next day was a working day), my neighbours all took turns setting off fireworks at midnight. i took my golf club and paid a visit to a few of the houses. it did not happen again.

    maybe you should consider doing that!

  7. betty says:

    trust me, if you live in a bungalow, it will just be the chinese and not the indians making the noise. wherever you go there are noisy people. would you believe that during chinese new year one of my neighbours actually told me that he has to light firecrackers because it is HIS GOD???? give me a break man. if you pray to firecrackers you belong in kamunting with the communists.

  8. sooi2 says:

    regine must be so upset with those loud noise…not good for her developing ears too. for cny esp during “chey kau” u might want to take her somewhere that has no chinese!

  9. michaelooi says:

    andrew – The problem is, I don’t play golf… but those bunch of irrational snobs do… Maybe I should bring over a chainsaw instead… hmmmm….

    betty – If your neighbour worships firecrackers, you better move, baby…

    sooi2 – Well, I guess I could hire a couple of Banglas to bring Regine to India or something… coz my presence would have made that impossible (coz her dad’s a Chinese). Or I can get her a set of earplugs… (I think you meant to bring her somewhere that has no FIRECRACKERS instead…)

  10. sooi2 says:

    heh, i did mean chinese coz every chinese i knew burn firecrackers on that day…ok ok, maybe except michael ooi.

  11. NiceviL says:

    Get all the neighbors. Form an assault team.

    Load up weapon supplies. (firecrackers)

    I can see it…. a few dozen rockets being fired from every house to whichever asshole who decides to mess nearby.

    Then infantry from each house can run out with those sparkly sticks to poke the enemy.

    Throw those loud popping bombs at their face.

    Fight fire with fire. Yahhahahah !!

    The rest, is up to your imagination. :)

  12. michaelooi says:

    sooi2 – Wow, you must have met A LOTTTTT of Chinese to believe that every single one of them are like that during Chinese New Year… (but you missed meeting me, bebeh)

    nicevil – You’re suggesting to mob back those motherfuckers with firecrackers? My baby no need to sleep ah?

  13. Adrian says:

    “Maybe I was destined to live in a bungalow. Isolated in my own piece of land, without having to contend with fucked up people….”

    Now that sounds like a good plan! Work on it and you can isolate yourself from those senseless assholes! But make sure your bungalow is really isolated, or else your nearest neighbor might fire one big firecracker up your territory!

  14. Aw come on, its only what, once a year? Well, that and Hari Raya, and Chinese New Year. Don’t know if they do that during Christmas, so that’s three altogether. Firecrackers are a way of our life, like it or not.

    Though coppers responding to firecrackers, there was one day during CNY when just about the whole neighbourhood was lighting up the sky, in their own special way with their Ah Beng’s Organs ( I coined the term after Stalin’s Organs ;) ), and the cop car pulled up to my neighbour’s place just as the rockets were going up, and the car was right next to the car. You know, the ones where one hundred launch off in order, so there was no way to stop them.

    I take it the cops drove away with their pockets a little bit fuller.

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