October 20, 2006

‘4’ meme

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4 things many don’t know:
– I once had a superficial blog as a girl before. got quite popular but was terminated due to laziness factor.
– I had a homepage before blogging (wrote several articles there).
– I was circumcised when I was 11. TWICE.
– I can swim using only 1 limb. Any limb.

4 movies I could watch over and over:
– Saving Private Ryan (watched it more than 5 times)
– Once Upon A Time In China trilogies (more than 5 times for each of them)
– Ronin (more than 5 times)
– the original Evil Dead by Sam Raimi (countless of times – but lost the DVD)

4 places where I’ve lived:
– Georgetown, Penang (1977 – 1980)
– Queenstown, Singapore. (1980 – 1983)
– Rifle Range, Penang (1983 – 1990)
– Air Itam, Penang (1990 – 1999)
read more about them – here

4 TV shows I love:
– The Simpsons
– Everybody Loves Raymond
– Malcolm in the Middle
– Whose Line Is It Anyway

4 places i’ve been for vacation:
– Austin, Texas (business trip, but i ventured)
– Hong Kong, SAR
– Beijing, China
– the whole of Singapore

4 of my favorite food:
from my previous meme
– Sour Vegetable Stew
– Any Curry
– Salty vegetable soup
– Tomyam with big ass shrimps

4 places i would rather be:
– I like Austin, I’ve always fancied moving there.
– Phuket island, no shit, it’s one of the best places on Earth I’d rather be…
– I’ve always liked somewhere cold. The weather in London’s my cup of tea.
– Penang… for the food. where else?

4 favorite songs:
– Last Christmas by Wham! (yeah I know… corny… fuck you!)
– Careless Whisper by George Michael (I’ve been singing to this tune since I was 7)
– Love So Right by Bee Gees (oh god… I’d dig anything by Bee Gees… well, most of it)
– Don’t Look Back In Anger by Oasis (brings back memories. From ‘What’s the story morning glory’ album. Lost the CD in a car break-in a few years ago…)

4 others I wanna tag:
Ok, the 4 latest visitors (with a blog) who commented in MichaelOoi.net:
Unladen Swallow

Guys, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to… it’s just a meme. Happy holidays.

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