September 24, 2006


If you’ve been to an Indian cuisine restaurant, you probably would have heard of the word ‘lassi’.

Lassi is a traditional South Asian beverage, originally from Punjab, India/Pakistan, made by blending yogurt with water, salt, and spices until frothy. Yogurt is mentioned in ancient Indian texts, and so is buttermilk. Yogurt sweetened with honey is used in Hindu rituals. Traditional lassi is sometimes flavored with ground roasted cumin. The Lassi of the Punjab sometimes uses a little milk and is topped with a thin layer of ‘Malai’ — a clotted cream — also known as Devonshire Cream. Lassis are enjoyed chilled as a hot-weather refreshment. With a little turmeric powder mixed in, it is also used as a treatment of gastroenteritis.

Sweet lassi is a more recent invention, flavored with sugar, rosewater and/or lemon, mango, strawberry or other fruit juice. Saffron lassis, which are particularly rich, are a specialty of Sindh and Jodhpur, Rajasthan in India.

Another popular variation on the Lassi is the Mango Lassi, which is orange in color and mango flavored.

The Lassi-like Ayran is also popular on hot summer days in Turkey, where it typically contains only water, salt, yoghurt and sometimes lemon.

In areas of the Middle East including Iran and Lebanon, a similar salty yogurt beverage, named doogh, is popular.

During 2002, commercial products resembling sweet lassi began appearing on the U.S. market, with names like “Drinking Yogurt” and “Yogurt Smoothie”.

Source: Wikipedia

Basically, lassi is a type of drink. Fortified with awesomeness.

Today, Regine made me some warm lassi as a belated birthday gift…

Regine: “Uwekkkkk! uwekkkk! wekkkkkkk!”
[translation: “Happy belated birthday daddy. I love you.”]

She made so much of them… that they soaked my shoulder wet and slopped all over the ceramic floor. Ahhh I couldn’t have felt any warmer…

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17 Comments to “lassi”

  1. Sooi2 says:

    gee, thanks for the education!!

  2. Arkane says:

    I always get stomach discomfort after drinking lassi. Then I would produce “otak-otak” (from previous blog entry). hehehe.

  3. tracybadtz says:

    eewwww… u are showered with lotsa luurrveee now…

  4. disgustedman says:

    You’re disgusting mate! SICK!!! GROSS!!!! yuckkkkkkkkkk!

  5. michaelooi says:

    sooi2 – my pleasure :)

    arkane – I’m ok with lassis. But I’m not with yoghurt. I’d make a lot of otak-otak with yoghurts…

    tracy – You bet! Ahaks

    disgustedman – Thanks for the compliment

  6. sooi2 says:

    i’m expecting my first babe in a few months time (dats y i’ve been missing from ur blog; pregnancy is a loooong sickness) and reading ur regine posts make me jittery la! honest and blatant without sugar coating. getting married and starting a family all sounds so pretty in theory but there’ll be many times when we ask ourselves “WHY???WHY???WHY???”

    indeed, it’s time to repent for all our sins.

  7. bodicea says:


    Btw, apparently the name “Devonshire Cream” might be politically incorrect. Might be “Devon Cream” instead.

    So says the Notice of Revocation of Independance. XD

  8. michaelooi says:

    sooi2 – Well, it’s not entirely a bad thing. There are moments when you’ll feel like you’re at the top of the world… and those are the moments that even up the rest of the odds… trust me. (and congrats!)

    bodicea – Well it makes no difference to me. I don’t even know what’s a “Devonshire Cream”…

  9. Angeleyes says:

    wah…the warm feeling must have felt so good hor??? kekekeke

  10. Din says:

    er…happy birthday mike?

  11. sooi2 says:

    Now, coming from, THAT gotta hold some water (or even lassi). Thankssss for the positive vibes! *smooches*

  12. malcolmchoy says:

    happy birthday macha!

  13. Adrian says:

    Wow! That’s losta love!

  14. michaelooi says:

    angeleyes – It’s therapeutic. (you know the feeling)

    din / malcolm – It was 3 weeks ago, but thanks ;)

    sooi2 – I’m shaking it. No problem.

    adrian – Yeah man. It’s fun to have lassi pouring all over ya. It does a lot of good to your skin… (or something like that)

  15. Shar says:

    Err, happy birthday! (since everyone is wishing you)
    Dude, that’s gross looking man. Nasty.
    She’s gonna b the new Nigella Lawson

  16. michaelooi says:

    shar – Thanks.

    **Whoever that Nigella Lawson is, she’d better be rich…. *wink*

  17. khimfoh says:

    Ah….the joy of being a father.

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