September 6, 2006

“Five things to eat before I die” meme

This is a meme. In case you couldn’t tell. Got tagged by Angeleyes.

I was kinda parochial when it comes to food… as I’ve never really been to a lot of places in my life. I’ve never been to Europe. I’ve never been to Africa. Hell, I’ve never even been to my neighbor’s house next door. Maybe it would have made some difference if I did. I probably would have loved some food that I’ve yet to discover. Like maybe an antelope’s ass or something.

So, I’ll take this meme as ‘what I would like to eat’ before I die instead. I’m gonna cite my favorite food generally, instead of something specifically from any particular place…

1. Sour Vegetable Stew
More commonly known as ‘choy keok’ in Cantonese (means ‘vegetable leftovers’ or something). Usually prepared by mixing leftover dishes into one big pot and stew together with tamarind + mustard cabbage. The result would be a pot full of aromatic food and nicely stewed sourish mustard cabbage… [droollll]

A very popular cuisine amongst the Chinese especially during Chinese New Year when leftovers are abundant and too good to go to waste. It is once said, that a Chinese emperor who ate this stew (introduced to him by a beggar who scrounged the leftovers from a restaurant) liked it so much that he actually made it into one of the royal food or something.

My no.1 favorite of all time. I’d definitely want to have a bowl of ‘choy keok’ before I die… Hell, I would even die to have a pot of it! (has to be desperate enough…)

2. Any Curry
I can’t live without curry. I don’t know why. I like curry so much, that I’m willing to kill a dog for it. (of course, I’ve never killed a dog before. It was only used to intensify my absolute love of it). I’m like, a Chinese with Indian taste buds. Give me curry everyday and I’ll live forever. I remember when I was 17, when I had to do 3 years of night time engineering and money was tight, I used to eat my rice everyday with only okra beans and loads of curry (would only cost me less than a buck).

Void me of curry long enough, and I will die automatically. Can’t live without them (definitely, would like to have some of it before I die…)

3. Salty vegetable soup
Soup boiled with salt-pickled vegetable (usually mustard cabbage), duck meat and tofu. It’s so fucking ecstatic and good, that I get virtual orgasm slurping it, then shake violently like I’m having a seizure, jackoff, ejaculate all over the table, headbang a little bit and scream out loud YEAH BEBEH and start all over again.

Oh my fucking god I so fucking love this soouuuppp !!!!!! I DEFINITELY WANTTTT TO HAVE A BOWL (or a pot) OF IT BEFORE I DIEEEEE!!!!

4. Tomyam with big ass shrimps
A good tomyam that is. Some of our locally made tomyam are too greasy and void of its distinct Thai spicy taste. There are actually a few types of tomyam. The ones that I know, are red and white tomyam. Red are the ones cooked with red chilli and the white ones are cooked with green chilli (very hot). I equally love both.

I’ve had some of the greatest tomyam before at Thailand, and they gave me the same ecstatic feel like that ‘Salty vegetable soup’ mentioned above.

(as you probably would have noticed by now, I’m a ‘spicy and sour’ kind of person…).

5. (I somehow couldn’t get myself to name the fifth one, so I chose a cup of cappucino instead) Cappucino
When I’m about to heave my last breath after eating all of the awesome food above, I’d definitely like to wash everything down with a nice cup of fucking hot cappucino. The feeling of that warm coffee flowing through your throat can be both therapeutic and ecstatic (did I overuse this word?) at the same time. Aaaahhhhh….


As you can tell from my choice of food, I’m just a simple guy with a penchant for simple things. It takes only very little to satisfy me… but it has got to be the right stuff.

Cheers, people.. and have a nice evening.

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