August 30, 2006

be kind to animals

If you’re fat and ugly, please… be more considerate. Don’t wear a super short miniskirt, or expose any part of your body at all. No, none of those skimpy clothes are gonna change the general public perception about your sorry state of rock bottom charm. Given a choice, we’d rather turn our eyes to see somebody getting run over by a train, than to set our vision on your unforgiving lardy piece of bloated cunt. Sorry.

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24 Comments to “be kind to animals”

  1. Shar says:

    I agree. People really should learn how to use the mirror.

  2. mashimaro says:

    thats so funny. what u say is true. ive seen big size ppl tried to wear short skirts, not a very pleasant sight!

  3. vic says:

    hahaha that was really funny. nice drawing btw :)

  4. malcolmchoy says:

    ahaha good one!

  5. tyra says:

    luv d cartoon art work :)

  6. anon says:

    “lardy piece of bloated cunt”

    I love this phrase. The upper class saying of “sei fei hai” hahahaha

  7. oh man. THat’s sick. Have you ever seen fat bitches with thick sleeveless tops ? The tops is like way smaller for their body so the fats at their arm, armpit and tummy are sacking out.

  8. michaelooi says:

    shar – some people, after seeing aesthetic sights, they don’t believe in mirror no more.

    mashimaro – On that day I did the sketches, I saw a fat cunt wearing a tutu. Cheebye… almost made me barf my spleen out.

    vic / tyra – THanks. It was done with a mouse… so it was a bit crude.

    malcolm – You think the fat chick’s good? ;)

    anon – hahhah, coz we’re civilized maa…

    Aaron – Yeah I can imagine that. Those fats are like, oozing out by the edge of the hem. Sheesh

  9. Primrose says:

    LOL! Or some 60 year old woman trying to dress like an 18 year old. Uweeekkkk!!
    BTW, good job drawing a dog with a mouse. :)

  10. Dkiat says:

    Hehe…they should just stick to pants no?

  11. michaelooi says:

    primrose – The blimp I saw was not really old. She’s just fucking fat and stroke inducing…

    dkiat – They should stop eating and feel less confident about themselves…

  12. strawroot says:

    the comics are amazing! pls teach me how to draw!

  13. Yin says:

    how fat is fat, though? In your opinion?

    height v. weight please. :)

  14. caryn says:

    lol.. i’m fat too but i dun dare wear d so called mini skirts >.lol.. i’m fat too but i dun dare wear d so called mini skirts >.<

  15. The only way they could get back their self-esteem is by submitting themselves into something that is secured instead of wearing such clothes, or putting certain make-ups. Tends to make the situation more worst.

  16. michaelooi says:

    strawroot – ermmm teach you how to draw? use a mouse… open up your paint program… drag.

    Yin – You know those promoters who go about at shopping malls selling those garments that’s suppose to make your ass firmer or something? If they come up to you, you’re fat.

    caryn / aaron – Actually, there’s nothing bad about girls being fat… and they don’t definitely lose their self esteem. They can however, still be charming with a good personality. I’ve met a lot of fat girls who’s motherfuckingly more charming than those slim ones… all because of that one important thing – good personality. (and all of them dress decently, coz they know their standard)

  17. Arkane says:

    How many barf cycles does that equate to ?

  18. Whimsical says:

    Aiya … I would wear short skirts sometimes though I have large calves … the reason? Its freaking hot in Malaysia lah … always wear pants so not-the-airy. But I wouldn’t go too far with the skirt lah (at least cover me thighs kakaka)

  19. michaelooi says:

    arkane – That blimp herself? She doesn’t qualify for even a cycle. That’s because personally, I think she looks ok. But when she dons that pair of ultra short mini-fucking-skirt, and indulges herself in that sick exhibitionist form, she’s easily worth 2 – 3 barf cycles… (for those who doesn’t know what a ‘barf cycle’ is, read this)

    whimsical – The one that I saw, was about an inch below her rectum. Tilt my head a slightest angle, I would have seen her national flag… (and what a show of patriotism it would have been…)

  20. phangan says:


    great drawing mike :D

  21. titoki says:

    OMFG!!! You are so fucking mean can die!!! LOL.

    BTW, send your comic to the Star. You might win RM50 if they publish it. Bwaahahahaha!!!

  22. Silencers says:

    I was about to suggest the same thing as titoki, lol. The ‘uwek!’ part is teh winnar.

  23. I mean those fat girls who lost their self-esteem, especially those typical taiwan wannabe chinese. I hate them. It’s sickening. They dress like a whore and their hair is even worst.

  24. Dr. Tan says:

    Hey dude, the dog’s so freaking kawaii ahahahha

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