August 23, 2006

sms – the backbone of an advanced society

Random sms read from my cellphone:

‘7.30pm heritage club, we may go there straight away’
– Our World Cup win dinner.

– A lunch member informs about not joining the gang for lunch.

‘Can u help me get the contact no of yur downstair unit that is for sale might b interested to buy thanx’
– Friend wants to buy the apartment unit below mine.

‘tonight around 10.30pm meeting kat batu lanchang thai restaurant. Beside former tokyo coffee shop. All favor?’
– Friend calls for an emergency meetup to discuss about the taste of beer.

‘Pg bridge jammed. Bus breakdown b4 reach middle of bridge’
– A warning sms by a colleague. I was already on the bridge when I received the message.

‘dear, I just received saman saying we exceed speed limit at Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah. Limit is 70km/h our speed is 86km/h’
– A love note from Emily

‘[name], [name] and me are planning to go bowling tonight, you guys ok?’
– An invitation to commemorate our independence from Japanese occupation. I declined and missed the fun.

‘dear, did u receive fax from astro for ownership change? Forgot to ask u days ago. Call me from office if u dunno what im talking about. Love’
– another love note from Emily.

‘planning to eat steamboat tonight, you guys ok?’
– A friend asks for consent to hoover up inedible metal objects. Kidding. It’s an invitation of course.

‘dude, wear long pants n shoes, in case we wanna kihop babe after dinner. at least we r dressed up’
– a reminder from a concerned friend not to wear too sloppy when going to dinner with them.

‘err not going cos got nothing to buy. U dah makan ke? Nak yong tau foo? Maybe after yong tau foo I can go with u to pc fair. Pi tengok-tengok’
– a typical guys outing on a boring afternoon.

‘she suddenly became so scared of hair dryer sound. She cried like yesterday again this morning until we off the hair dryer. Talk to you more when u r back’
– another love note from Emily. I’m so full of love. Read more about it here.

‘U @ home this afternoon? My wife n I would like to pay u a visit with our bb’
– a message from a friend who intends to bring his infant son for an interview with his prospective father in law.

‘Baby, remember to bring some booze for our sex party tonight with the Norwegian models’
– I made this one up.

I kept thinking to myself – what an ‘interesting’ life I have here. Sheesh. [mopes]

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