August 16, 2006


I saw one of my old school bullies during my lunch today. A couple years my senior, this guy used to be the meanest motherfucker during my secondary years. He was in the local gang or something, and was one of the members who went around to extort money off lamer students. I don’t quite know him nor encountered his notoriety before but, his reputation precedes him. A face that every student recognizes, and the last person in school one would ever want to mess up with.

But today, he’s just a humble guy running a small business – a noodle stall with his orcish looking wife. Instead of holding up shirt collars and threatening punches, he’s now taking orders and nodding like a servile slave with a tired smile… a far cry from his heydays as a tough brute who was all so macho and badass.

I was thinking, how would he react if one of the students that he had beaten up many years ago, happened to stumble into him running his stall today? Would he feel bad about what he had done to them? Feel ashamed of himself for giving priorities to the wrong kind of interests? What happened to his aspirations to become a successful gangster? Or perhaps a drug dealer? How could someone of his caliber of violence, be found by any of his ex-victims, to be in a state like this? Who would have thought that he, would one day, depend on his own smile and obeisance to strive for a living?

It’s karma, people. It’s the fucking karma at play. I had a good look at it today, and it’s formidable.

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