August 7, 2006

too much?

I heard this from the radio a while ago – that Malaysians use more water compared to that of a developed nation. Then the message was topped up with an advice that we should all not waste water, but conserve them, lest that we’ll run out of water someday, and the government will not have enough of it to sell to Singapore… o_O

I was kidding about the last part. (hey, you serious politicians, if you can’t take a joke, don’t read blogs! and fuck off!)

So, we Malaysians use way too much water. Way too much. I’m not sure how much is ‘way too much’, but it’s intriguing enough for me to find out. A bit of googling around, I manage to come up with this number – an average Malaysian, consumes approximately 112 gallons of water per day… compared to the Brits in a big city like London, which stands at only 76 gallons. That’s like, 30% more.

But is that 30% really ‘way too much’ as exclaimed? In order to answer that, we’ll have to make some demographic research, on WHY, does an average Malaysian uses more water compared to most developed nations’ city dwellers, and then, we’ll see if those justifications are credible. I’m gonna make this in point form

It’s fucking wet, hot and musty here in Malaysia more than anywhere else. That sticky layer of humid air, and all year round sweltering abundance of sunlight, would make anyone perspire in just seconds under the hot sun. In just a couple of hours through the day, you’d get all yucky and greasy from the heat.

And because we Malaysians are a hygienic lot, we take our shower more frequent per day than anybody else on Earth, as opposed to somebody like a Brit who probably does it only once a year or two. Hmmpffhh..

Is it justifiable? YES.

Cost of living
Automobiles here are freaking expensive. That’s because our Malaysian government taxes our biles out and our public transport system generally sucks big time (just look at those idiot taxi drivers in Penang, sheesh). Because of that, we’ll have to pay YEARS of installment to possess our own transport, so that we could get around to work and get an average chance for an average performance, and in turn, get taxed averagely for our puny wage.

This indirectly makes the automobile as the second highest prized possession for an average Malaysian, right after their own apartment or house. That is why, an average Malaysian washes their car more frequent to keep it in its best looking condition, so that it would fetch a higher resale price whenever there’s a need to sell it.

Is it justifiable? YES.

Economical advantage
Malaysians are averagely being paid much less than those in most developed nations. That’s why, you see a lot of foreign multinational firms setting up factories over here to exploit the cheap labors. For the price of one very conceited lazy ass couch potato grade Brit who works only 6 hours a day with multiple breaks on a 5 day week, you can get 5 hardworking Malaysians who are willing to work for more than 12 hours a day without any break for a 6 days week.

Everyone wants their factory to be set up in Malaysia, so… more factories here. Water being the universal ingredient for every fucking processed item on this planet, will have its usage increased here as well. So, more factories, higher water usage. It’s all about fulfilling higher demands here.

Is it justifiable? YES.

Quality of life
We only wear our expensive DKNY’s and Emporio’s when we club. The rest of the time? It’s the buy 1 free 1 cheap ass garments we grabbed from the ubiquitous SALES promotion all over our country.

As a result of that, we can afford to buy MORE CLOTHES. And we Malaysian wash more of our clothes compared to anyone else. That’s because its fucking cheap and we’re anal about our bodily fluids getting smeared on our clothes (see point #1).

Is it justifiable? YES.

Religious fulfillment
Malaysia is predominantly a Muslim country, with 60 over percent of the people here embracing Islam as their religion. One thing that’s different about Muslim people from the west, is the use of water in their sanitary practices. They wash. They don’t wipe. (well, that’s what I understand from my Muslim friends anyway).

And due to cultural influences, it sort of affected the rest of the people with different ethnicity as well. And because of that, you guess it right, increased water consumption to clean our asses. (No I don’t wipe as well).

Is it justifiable? Of course.

Food and needs
We eat rice as our national interest. We eat rice for breakfast, we eat rice for lunch and we eat rice the rest of our meals and miserable third world lives. Now how do we produce rice? Fertile land and shitloads of water, all year long.

To steam a pot of rice, we need even more water… and once we whacked that sambal laden pack of nasi lemak, we need two more glasses of water to quench the thirst. That translates to, A FUCKING LOT OF WATER.

Is it justifiable? If no, we’d be dead without rice. So, fuck yeah.


That’s more or less about it. As you can see, we have every reasons to use more water than those English people due to the geographical differences. It’s all justifiable. So what is everyone’s fucking problem again?

(we may not be having enough water for everyone, … but we hell sure are not using ‘way too much water’ compared to a developed nation…)

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