July 12, 2006

the management cares for you – my ass

The management cares for you. How often do you hear that. They always care for you. They always believe in work life balance. They give you benefits, they give you privileges and big rewards that no other companies have ever offered before. Big fucking deal.

Just like that Employee Health Screening Program crap that we have in Company X. I can see a lot of the people around my workplace seem to be very excited about it. “Oh I can’t wait to find out if I have thallasemia or leukemia or kaninia… Oh I’m so fucking thrilled like that!!! Weeoooweeeoo!!”. They somehow think that it’s a boon to be able to scrounge that free health screening deal from the company. That’s needless to say, is so fucking dumb of them people.

I wonder if they have ever thought about it, why did they get high blood pressure and those nasty cholesterol in the first place. If you haven’t yet voided of the ability think, then you may actually be able to figure it out (like me), that it’s all originated from the same source – that’s right, it’s all from the shits that they have been contending at work. The deluging workload… the ever stagnant wage… the exponentially mounting stress… the perils of having to stand incredibly stupid people who seem to be converging at the same place… list goes on…

And because they have no choice but to spend half of their miserable lives toiling inside that wretched hellhole, their blood pressure shot up through the roof, their networks of arteries clogged, their kidneys screamed to file chapter 11 (thanks to the greasy shits served inside the corporate cafeteria) – and then, these management assholes came up with some really brilliant plan to change the whole ballgame – a FREE health check plan for all (and even that, limited to only 36 kinds of complications)… and expects everyone to quit bitching, be happy about it and get the fuck back to work. Oh the irony.

If you still don’t get me, just imagine you’re being paid to smoke cigarettes everyday instead of your regular works. You’ll smoke 9 hours a day, and 5 days a week. At the end of the decade, when you’re all laden with tars and nicotine, your employer racks you up and tell you that they’re giving you a FREE chemotherapy for all the cancers you’re about to get, and you should be fucking thrilled and happy about it. Ridiculous? No?

That’s what’s happening here in Company X. We’re not getting all the deserved increments, but everyone seems to be fucking thrilled with things that we shouldn’t begotten in the first place. Why the hell would I want a free health check plan or a Rubella injection? Fuck! I just want a healthy amount of increment every fucking quarter. Moolah. Money. That’s what I want. That’s what everyone REALLY wants.

Nevermind the promotions. Nevermind the annual dinners or lucky draws or recreation facilities… Those can be nice to have… yes, but not really important. The ultimate one is still money. With more money (it never gets too much, don’t worry), I’m willing to compromise all the hardships and pain… and it’s the only thing that ticks my clock.

Like I’ve said a few million times before, WHY CAN’T SOMEBODY FIGURE THAT OUT ALREADY????

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9 Comments to “the management cares for you – my ass”

  1. Arkane says:

    Ha ! Be thankful that company X offers you a FREE health check. Over here, we are dished the same amount of shit every day and we have to PAY for our health checks. NO FREEBIES. Oh, the company tries to get you a REAL BIG PROMOTION DEAL on the screening packages and you are supposed to be eternally THANKFUL for that. Now, who is getting the shittier end of the stick ?

  2. michaelooi says:

    hail to you, brother Arkane, but we’re not of the same stick. I might be stirring a bigger pile, hence the free health check. Go figure.

  3. souplad says:

    desperate for milk-powder-money?

  4. Sooi2 says:

    That’s the peril of employment. As long as u’r not ur own boss, this cycle will continue until the very day u retire. AND the same thing is going to happen to Regine too when she grows up and starts working. AND the same thing goes for ur grandchildren. AND ur great grandchildren. AND…

    In a nutshell, it’s the peril of employment. Even ur boss has a boss above him/her.

    Do u have the guts to venture and start ur own biz?

  5. inevitable says:

    This post fucking the nail on the spot!!!
    I just went through my mid year review where they (the management) sit around you and tell you about your improvement and shortcoming.
    Really tiu lei ma cau hai I tell you. You guys tell me i am good at this and that no use one, give me increment lah. I want my god damn money!!!

  6. michaelooi says:

    souplad – That… and more…

    sooi2 – I always wanted to be a pimp.

    Speaking of pimps, did you guys realize that the word ‘leader’ in Malay = ‘Pemimpin’? Which comes from the word ‘pimpin’… Now where does the word ‘pimpin’ comes from? My favourite dream occupation yo…

    inevitable – Yeah man, it’s really frustrating isn’t it? Some of those management people should read more blogs like mine and start distribute more money ALREADY!!! Tiuuuuu!!!

  7. sam09 says:

    lucky u got free health check,my side need to pay rm27 for checkup but for top management is free…fucking stupid management with double standard

  8. Sooi2 says:

    they’re pimpin’ coz they’re the boss!

  9. michaelooi says:

    sam09 – Same here lah. Bias against lower execs. It should be the other way round, don’t you think? As the bosses have already got a high wage to cover their ass… sheesh

    sooi2 – That’s why ler, you orang tak leh maju. Takut sangat dengan bapak-bapak ayam tu haa…

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