July 11, 2006


Looks like our bolehland has proven itself again, to have some of the dumbest leaders in the world. Just look at this comparison chart shown at TheStar today:

That’s pretty sohai, isn’t it? You get heftier penalties for failing to produce your identification card compared to more serious felonies like DUI or messing around with explosive substance…

I wonder what next could be coming from these bunch of soggy headed bitch ass fuckers. Death penalty for not looking good enough in your MyKad? Yeah, and we’ll get much less of these politician toads screeching around our streets with annoying escort policemen beating through our traffic incessantly for a quicker breakfast.

Some of these people have got too much time at their hands. Just ask ourselves, how many times have we seen them performing their stupid acts at the center stage of our nation? Debating whether a bow tie is appropriate in Parliament… whether kongsi raya could cause a turbulence in their religious faith… whether Bigfoot is a descendant of Srivijaya or just a very big bipedal dog … Pfftttt!!

Hey morons, if you’ve got too much time at hands, go fix up more potholes. Fix up your officers’ misdemeanors. Refine the public transport system. Build less poshy lamp posts and pave more roads. Patch up the cracked highways. Improve the drainage system. Quell the escalating crime rate (yeah, do something about your rapist cousins who did injustices to those innocent childrens and goats). Confer less spastic grandfathers. For all I care.

Just, use your brain and don’t make our already miserable life more miserable…

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28 Comments to “morons”

  1. titoki says:

    Instead of beefing up their efficiency in ID cards replacement process and procedure, they opt to penalise the rakyat.

    What to do?
    The clowns are running the house.

  2. tyra says:

    is dis for real?

  3. michaelooi says:

    titoki – You’re insulting the real clowns… come on… these people are worse than clowns…

    tyra – This is as real as le headbutt from that les bleus captain…

  4. Arkane says:

    Oh, the clowns have always been there. It’s just that their antics have been getting more and more media coverage (on tv and newspapers) recently. Blame the fuckers who voted them there in the first place.

  5. gagak_hitam says:

    This is so stupid. Imagine this situation:

    Police: Mana IC
    ME : [checks wallet, damn! forgot to bring IC]
    ME : *My small brain processing logic – Tell
    lost MYKAD=RM100 , say not carrying MYKAD =
    ME : Baru hilang MYKAD, tuan.
    Police : Ok , pergi report hilang MYKAD.
    ME : OK, and proceed to go home without any

  6. titoki says:

    Correction. The MORONS are running the MADhouse and Arkane is right, we really gotto thanks those who let them loose.

  7. _dan_ says:

    police: mana IC?
    me: [flashback] oh, uh, forgot to bring IC…
    me: IC tarak, lesen bolekah? [slips 10 under licence]
    police: [checks IC][took the 10] ok, pi, lain kali ingat bawak IC!
    me: [minus 10 from wallet] left with warning from police… (as if anyone give a damn)

    logic: RM 100 – RM 10 = RM 90 left in bank account

  8. forkyordoder says:

    Malaysia Boleh? The government never failed to surprise me.

  9. Sooi2 says:

    Hahahah, thanks for the pointer, gagak_hitam!

  10. JDream says:

    It seems that 9 out of every M’sian politician in charge have serious defects in their brains.

    Why else would they be bothered so much to promise RM10,000 if an imam successfully converts an orang asli to a Muslim?

    And those same guys which tell us to save petrol and be tactful citizens can be seen zooming about in their posh cars complete with their “lansi-attitude” police convoys.

    P.S: I also want a Merc, not some useless car can ah?

  11. oliviasy says:

    hai~ aku malas nak memblog mengenai olang yang tadak otak tapi asyik buat bising dan komen sampah saje.

    malaysia boleh!

  12. bongkersz says:

    memang men-cheebyekan mereka ini.. bodo dungu, but they are in power.. why why?? why?? You need to be a moron to be a politician.. yeah? :P

  13. Primrose says:

    Oh gawd, I haven’t read the newspapers for ages and I thought the latest news is still the sugar shortage. Sigh. Goman memang bodoh gilar!

  14. noname says:

    when i saw the newspaper today, i cant help but chuckle…just imagine a foreigner reading the star.
    it’s so ridiculous and definitely embarassing. dont we have more important issues to tackle such as false sugar shortage, fuel price hike which leads to unscrupulous price hike in everything. just imagine, where on earth will u find a country like malaysia facing sugar shortage? i dont know but it’s getting pretty obvious that the nation is growing less hopeful day by day.

  15. Eve says:

    why so dumb wan…. thanks for the community service. i got to know bout this through ur blog.hahhaa

  16. michaelooi says:

    Another stupid thing that they’re currently doing now is the establishment of that multi-million ringgit sports complex in Britain… Is that really necessary? PfffttT!!!!

    And then there’s this ‘special comittee’ being set up to ‘oversee’ the distribution of confiscated cars . Man, hadn’t it occurred to them that the real issue lies with the ‘confiscated cars’? They should be working on solving the crimes in the first place… not worrying about how to deal with those confiscated illegal cars!!

    Now THAT, is terminal stage stupidity.

  17. megabigblur says:

    noname: you don’t have to imagine a foreigner reading The Star. just go to the BBC website and search for “malaysia”. You’ll see what kind of local idiocy seeps out into the international news. there are some damn embarrassing stories out there.

  18. inevitable says:

    We rant and rant and rant until the cows come home also no use. The fucking bozzos are still running the damn show years after years. I wonder how come the people that voted for them are sooo bloody stupid.
    Man, our future just went from dark to bleak…

  19. HairyRambutan says:

    I don’t how long b4 the government will screwed up everthing, blame the whole world and then try give their best speech of the year….and just walk out as though nothing had happen.

    IS the Malaysia government working for the best of Malaysian as a country or are they running a business overhere. Everything is either about $$$ or jail. I couldn’t understand why they have to treat their citizen this way. If you (gov) are not helping don’t make it worse for us.

    You can tell us all the subsidies story and the charity you done. But look at the condition of our city with potholes everywhere. Even the sidewalks are not done properly and I’ve seen ppl fell because of the uneven surface on the sidewalk.

    Not talking about the maintenance, do you(gov) reliased that by getting the road in a poor condition would actually cost you much more later as in repairing. How do you do your planning? !. You plan first and execute or you execute then only you rectify. I think everyone would agree with me on the second option.

    If they(gov) think it correct to do it their way as in the second option. I would seriously ask our PM to change this whole bunch of useless idiots to people who are dedicated and can do this job far more better. I’m sure there are alots of qualified graduates out there especially when there are so many left without a job.

    Have they(gov) forgotten why they are being appointed and assigned to do the job they are supposed to do?

    The government have to really improve and not threaten fellow citizens of Malaysia. Threatening does not do you(gov) any good. It’s just telling the world that you(gov) don’t care about us(Malaysian).

    I don’t blame the good brains for not coming back to work, it is because you (gov) never help them when they need you most. How can you say they forgot their root, when you don’t even provide the proper soil. Good soil given to the wrong plant’s or trees does not mean they turn out to be healthy. Not every plant can survive in swamp soil. Hope you get what i meant.

    It’s time to stop your double standards and corruption in the gov. If you are going to fine us for the wrong things we do, I hope you will do the same for all the high ranking officials out there.

    I hope to see everyone live in unity. I felt that all these parties are actually dividing us up.

    Just some thought of mine. No offence.

  20. michaelooi says:

    megabigblur – That’s the kind of stuff that sometimes make me feel ashamed to be a Malaysian…

    inevitable – Sorry, I didn’t vote. I wanted someone with better calibre, but there weren’t much choice, so I chose not to vote.

    rambutan – Whooaa dude, relax… you’re speaking as if I’m the government ler.
    If I were to be the sole representation of the government, you kapchai riders will all get death penalty for a slight modification on your bike (not even a sticker, uh uh)

  21. pretenders says:

    gagak_hitam gagak_hitam

  22. cheehan says:

    HairyRambutan – “… by getting the road in a poor condition would actually cost you much more later as in repairing” –> This is the way road maintenance sub-contractors around make money! As simple as that.

  23. don says:

    you guys can just talk and talk and talk until the cow comes home, but at the end of the day, they are still running the show and they WILL execute their idiocy ideas/plans, they will still intimidate us poor fellow peasants for all they care. If changes are what all of us wants… then it’s high time we choose our prefered gov wisely in the near future.. get my drill?

  24. HairyRambutan says:

    Hi Michael, Sorry for the misunderstanding. This is not aiming at you but to those officials out there.

    Thousand apologies from me. :)

    HairyRambutan – “… by getting the road in a poor condition would actually cost you much more later as in repairing” –> This is the way road maintenance sub-contractors around make money! As simple as that.

    posted by cheehan on July 12, 2006 10:48 PM

    Thanks for the feedback, cheehan. FYI, most of these contractors or the company handling all these projects have to cough* cough*(if you know what i mean) $$$ to the officials tendering out the project. I mean gov project or mega projects handle by our gov.

    It’s a very simple scenario. If you have 3 or 4 middle men and 1 contractor doing all the works. I’m sure the quality given will be same as paid to the contractor only. I’m not saying middle party are the culprits, if they are apart of the whole project and doing their job. I definitely think they should be paid. But most of these people are not doing their job at all. If you as a contractor not willing to get only a small sum(assuming 20% to 30%) of the whole contract sum offered. The middle party will not give you the job at all. They can always look for someone who are willing to do the work. And where does the middle party normally comes from? It’s ppl working as officials in gov. I’m not saying all of them are bad eggs. But, it’s the few that are corrupting the rest. They are not teaching their younger apprentice what’s right and wrong. That’s the whole problem. They are making the wrong as if it is right all the while.

    So, the question is, where the 70% of the sum goes to now????

    I assuming the figure, it may not be correct but i’m sure the are big involvements in it.

    I’ve hear stories where ppl don’t get their contracts becoz they are not willing to bribe. Sadly, but true, to see all these capable contractors or consultants closing shop or diverts their business to the private sector, where they are being dealt more professionally. And best of all, they are chosen based on their portfolios instead of how much $$$ you can offered under the table.

    don….you are right. But sadly, I don’t think we will see this happen, until all bad eggs are drop off the shelves. They are like parasites, cling on to whatever they can.

    Just my 1 cent opinion. No Offence.

  25. michaelooi says:

    rambutan – No misunderstanding dude. It was just tongue in cheek comment… I know you’re addressing the bigshots here… Cheers.

  26. Whimsical says:

    MYKAD makes me look like a ghost …

  27. Hey, not having a MyKad is a serious offence, man! You could be a Chin Peng spy in disguise!

  28. HairyRambutan says:

    Just want to clear out the air here. Hope you guys understands that just a few issues I felt I was pissed of with.

    My wife was asking me ain’t I’m being harsh on this. I might have got everyone thinking that I am anti-gov. In fact I’m not. With our current PM now taking the post, I’m happy that changes are being made. Eg. like action against developer running away, corruption, education and etc, etc. Certainly these issues will take a while, and i do understand that it’s not an easy task. I applaud our ministers who are really taking their job seriously.

    And to cheehan, no offence here. Hope you don’t feel offended. :)

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