July 7, 2006

how did Superman do it?

U mean superman had sex with lois lane?? shudn’t be a problem to get out of his red lingerie but i wonder where’s the zip/button for that blue body suit – Sooi Sooi

Ahhhh, Superman DID have sex with Lois Lane. That asthmatic kid in “Superman Returns” has proven to the world, that the man of steel is not just any steel. He’s a rockable hard steel bebeh… at the right place of course. And since Supey (as you people like to refer him as..) is able to pork like any of you humans, droves of you sick girls out there must be wondering… how did he do it under that seemingly tight and enclosed spandex suit?

Well, the secret lies beneath that awkward little maroon brief. Underneath it, is a fissure, where Superman would be able to conveniently whip out his superdick to run an errant or two (such as, to copulate with a superslut, or drain his superbladder). Just like this:

I’ve replaced the picture of Supey’s lizard with a fire hose to conserve the family-friendly rating of this site of mine. (yes, this is the same base picture filched from that “anatomy of a firefight” entry…)

That’s why he wears his underwear on the outside
a) to cover up that exposed part (the fissure), and,
b) to not look awkwardly doughy like a male ballet dancer.

But then, if you were to ask me, I’d say that’s one hell of a stupid design. If I’m Superman, I’d just fly all over the world naked. Like hey, if I can cut a volcano cone with my laser eyes, flip off a tectonic plate with my barehands and fly faster than a speeding bullet, who’s going to have a concern about my sense of fashion? Think about it, people.

You’ve been educated.

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13 Comments to “how did Superman do it?”

  1. Sooi2 says:

    Terima kasih manyak-manyak Cikgu Ooi! Saya telah mendapat pendidikan yang sungguh berharga pagi ini!!

  2. Hustler says:

    dude, the pic of superman and his fire-hose dick spurting out torrents of cum – now that really cracked me up.

    well, almost as good as your old post of your friend trying to stuff RM1 bill into the LRT coin slot man.


  3. VC says:

    Actually, wouldn’t Superman’s superstiff superpen15 hurt Lois during their copulation process? Furthermore, his superejaculation would probably injure Lois’ uterus. How would she have the baby then?

    You’re right Mike – the movie’s storyline is lame.

  4. inevitable says:

    Like this also can… you memang keng chau!

  5. Hahahahaahhahahahahahaahah…

  6. forkyordoder says:

    Interesting comments from you folks i must say, imaginative! super cool ;)

    However, if you remember part 2 from the last 4 episodes (by christopher reeves as the man of steel) he had sex with Lois as a normal being , though there was no follow up how many times they’ve done it, that’s one of the reasons why Superman “returns”, the movie I understand isn’t a really a remake.

    But damn, even if he had sex as superman, I can imagine it must be wild, imagine having wild sex in the air, with all the styles and positions they can think of, now that’s “high”..

    Nice illustration mike!

  7. bongkersz says:

    michael, your suparman sketch very nice! you always get good mark for art back then? hahaha!

  8. michaelooi says:

    bongkersz – Only distinctions…. hehehhh

  9. malcolmchoy says:

    wow, Prof. Michael, what program that you used for drawing that..very nice ler..

  10. michaelooi says:

    malcolm – Paint Shop Pro 6. Just drag with mouse ler, you can even do that with Paint.

  11. bongkersz says:

    draw more things yeah!! :D

  12. AverDim says:

    wahliew…superman no pubic hair wei!!!
    or izit superfine?

  13. Sooi2 says:

    i gotta say, the temptation to check out supey’s fissure was too great for me to resist despite ur critical review of the movie. so i went to watch. and i saw supey being stripped off in the hospital! now, how on earth the docs did that? and did u notice… that of all his super garments that were piled up on the armchair in his ward, supey’s infamous lingerie was missing? u have the red cape n the blue spandex, but where’s the seluar dalam?? i mean…where’s the seluar luar?? LOL!

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