July 4, 2006

your own way

Emily and I were having our usual late night bed-conversation in the darkness prior going off to sleep.

Me : “Single guys are a bit of a slack… don’t you agree, dear?”

Emily : “Yep. They don’t have a girl to remind them how to be proper…”

Me : “Yeah. Just like [name] and [name]…”

Emily : “So, would you be as slack as them had you not found me?”

Me : “Nahhh… I’m a natural born perfectionist and I’m special. I’ll still be as superior, single or not…”

Emily : “Then why would you still need me then?”

Me : “I was driven by compulsion… I was naive and stupid.”

Emily : “Elehhhhh! How about Regine? Also driven by compulsion?”

Me : “Yeah.”

Through the darkness, she could see it through my mind that it was a lie. A lie that was implicative in its own way (When you’re 30, you’ll develop your own bizarre way of expressing your love. Trust me on this…)

Our night progressed on with more laughter about what Regine did for the day… and talking about worries that are looming before us. Our life is about to get more challenging by the minutes…

PS: I missed out another important event yesterday… It was on 3rd July 2003 that I started this whole blogging business. It has been 3 frigging years since I started blogging. Geezzzz…

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10 Comments to “your own way”

  1. Hijackqueen says:

    Want me to google a birthday cake for you boh? Cheese cake?

  2. Sooi2 says:

    Happy Belated:
    3rd Blogging Anniversary
    10th Being-In-Love-Anniversary-with-Emily
    1st Time Wiping Off Regine’s Tear!!

    Wishing u many more years of blogging, being in love and hopefully NOT too much tear-wiping! ;-)

  3. MOrpheusX` says:

    Congrats…if the anniversary is meaningful to you

  4. titoki says:

    Your 3 years blogging archive looks more like 30 years of blogging archive. ;) Keep it up.

  5. Shar aka soon to be Mrs Jase Lee says:

    Hee hee…Michael is such a sweet boy.

  6. michaelooi says:

    hijackqueen – Yes please.

    sooi2 – Thanks girl. You have plenty of orgasm ya?

    morpheusX – It is.

    titoki – 930 entries altogether. Excluding 20 – 30 deleted/censored ones. That roughly works out to 0.85 entries per day. Man, I really got too much time at hands… geez.

    shar – I am. And will always be. ;)

  7. oliviasy says:

    under the sarcastic manner lays a sweet gentle man wif a soft soft heart :P

  8. Primrose says:

    Oi, blog something e.v.i.l

  9. bongkersz says:

    michael, your blog now is 38% evil?? :D 3rd July, a date to remember…

  10. michaelooi says:

    olivia – There are certain place that are even softer *wink wink*

    primrose / bongkersz – I gotta blog what i gotta blog.

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