July 3, 2006

today’s special too

Today’s special. Why? Here’s why:-

a) It’s Emily and I’s 10th anniversary of being in love. It was on July 3rd 1996 that Emily replied my call of love, and officially accepted me as her beau. My life has changed ever since… (puke puke puke)

b) It was the day Regine shed her first tear. Sure enough, she has been bawling for the last 26 days, but it was all dry crying. And today, when she was doing that to beckon for some attention and sympathy, I saw something in her eyes, and wiped it… only to discover that it was her first tear (I initially thought it was an eye wax or something). Daddy was the one who wiped her first tear. OMFG is that awesome or what?

3rd of July, a date definitely worth remembering…

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