June 29, 2006

petak mak hang

I went to a fastfood outlet other day to collect a stack of vouchers that I ordered a few days earlier. Since it was supposed to be a quick one, I shoved my car into an empty space very near to the outlet to save some walking, and bolted off to settle the errand. I thought that it would be quick enough for me to return before anyone realizes it was even there.

But I was wrong. When I returned to my car 5 minutes later, I found this tucked under my windscreen wiper.

In case your hollow head could not figure out what that thing is, it’s a parking ticket.

There’s something scribbled in the ‘violation’ column on the ticket:

Meletak kereta diluar petak di dlm kawasan letak kereta

Translated as: ‘Car was parked out of the designated lot inside a parking area’

Initially, I was pretty much cool about the ticket – since I’ve committed a very serious offense which may jeopardize the safety of many innocent people – what’s a mere 30 ringgit compound to offset that crime? It’s a rare privilege for me, and in fact, I should be thankful for not having to be executed for that.

But I began to lose it after I read that line of slanderous description. I went from ‘reasonably cool’ to ‘absolutely mad’ in the matter of split seconds. “Nah!! Di luar petak cheebye mak hang lah!!! pukimak lu!!!”

First of all, my car was not parked in a ‘kawasan letak kereta’ (parking area). It was parked by the curb of a rather wide road, and it was a ‘no parking’ zone. Secondly, there wasn’t any petak (designated lot) either, it was a goddamn yellow line. So how the hell could I ‘park my car out of the designated lot’ if there wasn’t a single parking lot there in the first place? This is totally ridiculous.

If you totally do not get me, just imagine yourself getting pulled over for overspeeding, only to receive a compound for indecently copulating with a motorcycle exhaust pipe in public… Would that make any sense to you? As you can see, this isn’t really about the violation of parking in a ‘no parking’ zone. It’s about the principles of doing things right here. I don’t understand why can’t they just write me a ticket for illegal parking. It would have made things so much simpler…

I stood there glowering at the sheet of statutory blackmail for about a few seconds, boiled over with steam out of my ears and finally, released a loud “FUCKKKK!!!!”, as if that could somehow vaporize the thing away into thin air…

But I know, there is basically nothing much that I can do about, but to swallow it up like everything is fucking alright, and compliantly pony up the cash for the compound. Yeah right, like I’m gonna do that. Ptuiii!!!

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15 Comments to “petak mak hang”

  1. Bogan says:

    Wrong is wrong, regardless of meter-maid stupidity, suck it up and pay the fine.

  2. Arkane says:

    I once got a ticket for parking on a white line.

    My question: Is a white line the same as a yellow line ? If yes, what’s the diff ? If no, why the distinction ?

    I think you can just tear up the ticket. I’ve heard that since MPPP issued the ticket and not the cops, they can’t do shit to you like preventing you from renewing your license. I know some people who did just that.

  3. Sooi2 says:

    aiyah, saman majlis pembandaran…rilek je!

    ok, u didn’t hear that from me.LOL!

  4. michaelooi says:

    bogan – If I feel like paying, I’ll pay. But right now, I don’t feel like doing it. *shrugs*

    arkane – White line is for emergency stop only. You can’t wait nor park on a white line zone. There’s once, a friend of mine had to stop and barf by the roadside, and we got a ticket for stopping on the white line zone. We argued with the cop, “Emergency also wat??” But we got the ticket nevertheless.

    Sooi2 – FYI, MPPP does not stands for Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang. It stands for Monyet Panjat Pokok Pisang… why would I give a damn about monkeys anyway?

  5. malcolmchoy says:

    ahaks..if i were u,i would rather save up that money to buy Regine some milk powder..:)

  6. anas says:

    pahlawan kelawar?? lol…

  7. Arkane says:

    Ok, if white line is for no parking and no waiting, then what’s the difference between white line and double yellow line ?

  8. michaelooi says:

    malcolmchoy – Done that. Hheheh

    anas – That’s Batman in Malay, my padawan…

    arkane – The difference is the color…. heheh. For double yellow line, it’s strictly no stopping allowed. Not even emergency. If you car stalls, you’ll have to push it somewhere without a double yellow line (somebody correct me if I’m wrong)

  9. inevitable says:

    There was one time I parked at the backlane near Star Hill for some beer. It was already 12am in the morning when I parked and I still got a ticket for that… bahhhh

  10. AvatarStormBringer says:

    It means there is a parking space “somewhere nearby” but you just decided not to hence the “outside the box” reason. The police gives a different reason altogether: Obstructing the traffic, which costs you RM150 (RM70 compound).

  11. MorpheusX says:

    Dun blame him/her..

    Maybe its the only offence that he knows how to describe..

    perhaps he dont have any other thing inside little peony brain….

  12. I’ve had a friend whose black Volvo got summoned with the details of a Maroon Proton on the ticket. Same number plate, though. Go figure.

    Oh, and if you want to escape getting summonses, there’s a pretty mean/evil trick that me and my friends use. We park anywhere, and look for the nearest car with a ticket. Grab that ticket, and put it on your own car. Works like a charm.

  13. michaelooi says:

    inevitable – Strange isn’t it? At times when we report leaking pipes or collapsed lamp post, you won’t see these people coming any soon. But when it comes to writing tickets, they’re as fast as a dog getting a quickie on a heated up bitch.

    avatar – The ticket says INSIDE a carpark. Not “somewhere nearby”. Read… dude… read.

    morpheusX – That’s what I suspected as well.

    swallow – Uhmm.. I’ve done that MANY HUNDRED of times… and I usually pick on cars with big ass exhaust pipes. (there’s once, a buddy of mine even tore off their summons, he was piss drunk)

  14. Kawaras says:

    I think the reason they did the fine that way is because the council actually have no authority over for illegal parking. The only one could fine you is the police. You could file a complaint with the council for abuse of power. Thats the way it works here in Kuching anyway maybe in Penang is diffent.

  15. zi bai kia shooter says:

    Ask the mppp (zi bai kia) to die lah……

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