June 25, 2006

proton satria neo

Somebody at Autoworld refer it as ‘nyior’, heheh… I thought that was pretty funny.

Alright, I’ve seen this car, and what do I think of it personally? Well, good and bad. The good of it, is that the front portion of this car definitely looks too good to be a Proton. The bad, that is the only thing good about… this… this… junk… car… whatever you want to call it.

Whoaa what happened?

I’m gonna make this in point form.

– The interior is still too ‘plasticky’ in my opinion, JUST LIKE its cousin, Proton Savvy. I just don’t feel good about it. The interior’s kinda neat, yes, but it was the plastic grade that turned me off. Cheap, creaky plastics.

One thing about these plastics I’ve noticed, is that it’s being very widely used in contemporary Proton models (and some low-end Korean makes as well). The older models (Saga, Iswara and Ah Beng Wira) don’t seem to have this kind of material in them at all. It all only started with Waja, I believe… and after that, it sort of like became a major ingredient for all Proton products thereafter. BIG MISTAKE, fuckers… (maybe they’re being used due to the cost factor, but what do I care, really…)

In case you don’t have an idea what I’m talking about, you may perform following simple test to distinguish these ‘cheap plastics’ from the conventional ones:
– use your fingernails, and try to sink it deep onto the surface of the plastic
– if it sinks in and gives you that ‘rubbery’ or elastic feel, it’s by means all good (in my own terms, of course. Why? That’s because the ‘rubbery’ texture would dampen a significant level of noise when there’s a surface to surface contact, and you’ll get a that-much-quieter car)
– if it slips off the smooth surface, then you may start to scream… IT’S CHEAP PLASTIC!

Usually black in color if it’s not being spray painted on, and if you apply some pressure on it, you’ll get some unexpected creaking sound effect. (You’ll see plenty of those on Kancil, Savvy and Waja – among the examples)

– The cabin space was too small for me. I used to co-own a 1.3L Satria with Emily, and I don’t remember feeling all too crampy about it. As for this car, there seems to be very little headroom left for me… and if I were to go through some really nasty bumps, my head’s bound to hit the roof. Now, I’m not really a tall guy, just about the height of Michael Schumacher… but I can’t imagine if this were to be driven by a 6 footer? Man, on top of getting frequent knock from above, that guy’s gonna get all the heating as well, and would probably develop a crop circle pattern on the top of his head in the long run – which, can be quite nice if you aspire to look like Zinedine Zidane.

I don’t know if the reduced space is suppose to bring any good but, it’s definitely not a car meant for big people. For petite chicks maybe, or a midget. Or squirrels. Or someone the size of a squirrel.

And that was it. I had enough. The car can come with ABS, Airbag, or a biological fuckable cunt, for all I care. I couldn’t be bothered. It’s just too small, and the interior just didn’t cut it for me. I’d rather spend my money on a used continental car instead.

(girls, that should give you a hint that, should you ever spot a guy driving a Proton Satria Neo, he’s not likely to be a tall person. Well, at least not someone who can give you a sense of security, you know what I mean? *wink*)

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13 Comments to “proton satria neo”

  1. malcolmchoy says:

    haha..this post is great. But i think the proton salesman gonna write something here..like the sawi review…

  2. Nicevil says:

    I can only imagine the perfect transportation vehicle for mr.michael here.

    A huge ass monster truck……… crushing and gobbling all those slow, tiny weeny cars hogging the highway…!


  3. anas says:

    it only looks good when you see it from the front. side view: fat!

  4. zbjernak says:


    how come is always like we know tht it is a bad design, bad materials, bad price, bad colour

    but not the one who manufactured it?

    is like they have never done any market research before churning out the plastic toy…

    wht to do? just wait and see when it will close down lo…

  5. michaelooi says:

    zbjernak – That’s called an ‘opinion’, my boy. Your common sense should be telling you that.

  6. Its like a Satria and a Kelisa had a threesome with a Tiara, and this is the lovechild of ‘em. Honestly, I won’t be surprised if people do buy this car, since people are known for making bad decisions. Just look at the Juara.

  7. Hijackqueen says:

    No matter what, I’m still proud of Satria Neo…. cos I am Mrs Neo!!!! *big evil grin*

  8. bongkersz says:

    Only the front portion of the car managed to get my attention :D The rest.. hmm..can’t even sit properly in the car.. definitely not a buy for me

  9. Jonz says:

    Test drove one, definitely a no no. The issue that michael said about space in the car, that totally put me off. I struggled to get in, struggled to keep my head from knockin the roof too. I’ve got no idea what the manufacturers were thinkin when they churned out this model.

  10. michaelooi says:

    unladen swallow – Hey, I didn’t know cars can make out…

    hijackqueen – Missus Nyior, nice to meet you.

    bongkersz – So sit properly lar next time… aisehman.

    Jonz – perhaps the Proton R&D guys found out that many Ah Beng Satria owners are midgets… who knows. (But they’re definitely wrong on that…)

  11. MorpheusX says:

    “Neo… I believe”

    Taken from Matrix Revolution.

    Satria Neo…. I dun believe..maybe after someone bought it and tested it out for 3 months!!


  12. You do know that Disney came out with that Cars movie, right? They’ve got all eyes and mouths and shit that make them seem more human. So I’m guessing they’ve got dicks and pussies as well.

    Heck, I’m guessing cars are really hemaphrodites.

  13. khimfoh says:

    Hey Mikey,

    What did you expect ? Biasa lah proton.

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