June 23, 2006

addicted to her

For the past 1 week, I’ve been getting hit at work by Regine’s scent. Not matter where I go, my olfactory senses would sporadically tell me that she’s right next to me. The overpowering scent of her soft skin marinated in baby sweat and grease… I’m not even sure if this whole smell thing that I caught was occurring subconsciously or what, but of course, when I started to sniff around for the source of her scent in front of my work PC, I never fail to look like a consummate psycho who has a kink in making out with electronic objects…

I think I’m addicted to my own daughter. Maybe I should stop cut down the whiffings on her head and pillow… and free myself from this enslavement…

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19 Comments to “addicted to her”

  1. Jess says:

    so shweeeet!

  2. Chongkz says:

    hey, i just came across one of your entry about proton savvy. believe it or not, i just bought one and i definitely agree with you. PROTON SAVVY IS A FUCKING CHEAP CAR. I’m sorry, there isn’t a tag board on your blog, so I decided to drop a comment on this latest entry of yours. Thanks.

  3. ahlian says:

    Mr michael, sorry arr for the late becoz i juz checked ur previous postss…jus wanna congrats u and Mrs Emily for ur newborn fei fei pak pak baby Regina….may she grow up year by year guai guai and always yan gin yan ngoi~~

  4. jz says:

    regine is so cute..
    are you as cute as regine? i wonder..
    but my instinct tells me Regine takes after emily’s looks.. lol~!
    no offence..

    been reading your blog since 2004..
    and personally i think your blog’s smashing..
    my fav entry would be the one about AIDS awareness..

    keep up the good work~!

  5. michaelooi says:

    ahlian – Aiyaaa, ah lian aah, her name is Regine lah… without an A. But thanks…

    jz – 90 – 95% of my guests said that she looks exactly like me. But I’m not too sure about that.
    You can check out one of my kiddy pics here to see for yourself… (I’m the one who’s with a set of glowing eyes and a tail….)

  6. azlin says:

    trust me people, she took after michael a lot.

  7. honey says:

    aww…but she’s so cute…oh, You’ve got it bad and you wouldn’t be able to stop even if you wanted to…

  8. souplad says:


    does dat include the infamous home made “otak otak”? *snigger*

  9. michaelooi says:

    azlin – I trust you, heheh

    honey – *Sigh* I’m not the man I used to be now…

    souplad – Oh, I usually stay away during her otak-otak fabrication. You wouldn’t believe how she’d managed to transform milk into such a potent material… geez … phewhhh…

  10. vic says:

    eeekkkkk..so cute !!! i wanna pinch her cheeks.

  11. caryn says:

    she’s getting cuter by the day!!! post more pics!!!!! ^^

  12. Primrose says:

    Takes after you a lot ah?
    *trying very very hard to remember how you look*
    Hmmm…etchelly hoh, liiiiiitle bit wor!

  13. Kailash says:

    cute kid….nice blog btw

  14. titoki says:

    From the SAME mould. ;p

  15. anas says:


  16. Crazygfish says:

    Such a sweet baby! She’s becoming cuter every time you put a new pic!!

  17. disco-very says:

    luckily she’s still a minor.
    i love the smell of a baby. so geram.

  18. Eve says:

    So cute~!!! I’m addicted to her also!

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