May 30, 2006

characteristic sound

People, I need some enlightenment.


a burung – berkicau
an ayam – berkokok
a goddamn kucing – mengiau
a harimau – mengaum
a perempuan – meng-“ohyes ohyesss!” — [you fucks… there’s no known distinctive call-sound for human]

an itik and lembumeng[what]?

I know cow moos and duck quacks in English, but what’s the Malay equivalent of their characteristic noise?

I’ve been asking some of my Malay friends, but none of them seems to know the answer in BeeEm. Any of you know anything?


Speaking of that, I wonder why the fuck do we have to distinctively name each and every sound made by different animals. Why bother? Like, there are literally shitloads of species of animals on this planet. How the fuck are we gonna remember all of them?

Man, I strongly feel that we should standardize a common word to describe all the animal sounds. Forget quacks or clucks or moos or roars. Just fucking slap it with something that’s easy to remember, maybe like… hoody-hoo.

– I kicked the cat so fucking hard and high, that I could hear its hoody-hoo fading off like an ambulance driving off.
– That cheebye dog can’t seem to stop hoody-hooing at each and every passing vehicles.
– She has been hoody-hooed by her mother-in-law for the whole week, that’s why the moping.
Belerang jantan tersebut menhudi-hudihu sepanjang hari untuk menarik perhatian aweknya

How convenient! If only that can become a reality…

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17 Comments to “characteristic sound”

  1. bslt says:

    i have a strong feeling that lembu – mengembu but i m not sure abt itik – menguek? lol.. btw, i oso think perempuan – membebel. :P

  2. kinGz says:

    cows – mengmumu
    ducks – berkuak-kuak

  3. bongkersz says:

    lembu – menguak
    itik – men-tetek :D tek tek tek tek tek !

  4. bongkersz says:

    - Belerang jantan tersebut menhudi-hudihu sepanjang hari untuk menarik perhatian aweknya

    Belalang lah oi.. belerang is sulphur

  5. lil' princess says:

    lembu = menguak
    i’m serious … its in the spm peribahasa thing

  6. Nicholas says:


    beeEM is a pointless language…

  7. michaelooi says:

    bslt – You made a mistake dude. Shapeshifter – membebel. Not perempuan.

    kingGz – Are you sure? Your itik sounded like a crow.

    bongkersz – Aiks!? I thought belerang is beaver??

    lil’ princess – And your cow now sounds like a crow pulak… [are you sure people? it doesn’t sound right…]

    nicholas – Hmmmm… then a bigfoot? Membigfoot? A badakmembadak? Phordah dey!

  8. inevitable says:

    Lembu is definitely menguak and as for itik, hmm… mengotek?

  9. Shar says:

    bongkersz – sounds like the itik punya tek tek makes a lot of noise!

  10. inevitable says:

    LOL – WTF is belerang? Memerang izzit?

  11. oliviasy says:

    hoody-hoo, quite long wei.

    Let’s see… That freaking cow has been hoody-ing all day long. LOL

  12. Silencers says:

    I was gonna say lembu menguak, but plenty already beat me to it. As for itik, I think berkekek, if i remember.

  13. bongkersz says:

    beaver = memerang
    belerang –

    eheh, itik sounds in malay really don’t know haha!

  14. PhOenix says:

    In my dialect, gatal = me’ghenyam. You can use that if you’re referring to perempuan gatal.

    Belerang is indeed sulphur, as pointed out by bongkersz. Beaver = memerang.

  15. michaelooi says:

    inevitable – If an itik mengotek, then in English, a duck will “ball”… hahah

    shar – People are just soooo dirty minded…

    inevitable/bongkersz/phoenix – Ahaksss! I guess I’ve mistaken both… but at least I know what’s a suplhur called in BeeEm…

    olivia – Let me guess… you’re referring to your kuailan neighbour is it?

    silencers – Berkekek eh? That sounds like Jude laughing when she’s in the mating mood…

  16. ashotiwoth says:

    Sounds funny, but this is what I got:
    itik = mengakak

  17. arboon! says:

    i thought memerang’s otter?!

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