May 29, 2006

just another day at the shop

Emily and I went to scour around for some DVDs last Saturday, and ended up inside this shop. It was a pDVD outlet manned by approximately 4 young Jay Chou wannabes. Since Emily and I were deprived of DVDs for months, we unsuspectingly went ahead to raucously flip for some titles, without noticing that the guys inside were actually operating their business on a lookout…

Well, I should have seen it happen. The door was only partially open and there was an unusual crowd of Jay Chous hanging outside the DVD shop looking left right center. My compulsion to get the DVDs somehow took over me, and I entirely overlooked the impending menace. Or perhaps, I was simply too feebled by old age to fucking notice anything at all. Anyway, I only had enough time to select a couple of titles, when one of the toads squawked “Shut the door!! Shut the door!!” to one of his colleagues and then WHAM! We had the vertical sliding metal door pulled down shut, locking us with the rest of the patrons from inside.

What a luck. (If you can remember well enough, I’ve blogged about my first dramatic experience here.)

But this time, there weren’t any housewives around for us to contend with, just a few blokes minding their own business (Emily was the only object inside the shop that was the closest to the description of a housewife). A couple geek patrons were making some commotion though, not about the fact that they’re being locked in, but were sorta like heated up from some discussion about the porn flicks displayed on the shelves there – which beckoned one of the pDVD operators to hush them up lest the raiding officers might hear them from outside and suspect of something.

For a moment there, it felt like hiding inside a closet from a deranged psychotic killer on a murderous spree. Had it been dark inside, it would have been a totally rad experience.

Anyway, I was cool about the whole thing going on right there, until it dawned on me that we might be arrested for patronizing a pirated DVD shop. Like, piracy is an offense. Stolen goods. And we all very well fucking know that buying stolen goods is a felony. The thoughts started to get really disturbing and I went over to ask one of the Jay Chous

“So, the whole place’s like, being raided or something?”

The guy, being sort of a good customer service sport, replied:
“Don’t worry. We just received some tip offs to temporary shut the place down. We’ll open the door back in no time. Just relax”

That kinda allayed my fear a bit,
“Oh cool. Thanks. Say, do you happen to have that Wallace and Gromit DVD?”

He beamed me another fake smile and replied courteously “I’m sorry man, no we don’t”

And we silently waited in there for what must be like, 10 minutes? before the same Jay Chou I spoke to, started to beckon everyone to evacuate the place as soon as possible (“but come back some other day”). Then one of them pulled open the sliding door and another one got himself ready to switch off the lights to abandon the place.

But then, just as all of us started to bail, one of the lookouts from the outside gave the safe signal to Jay Chou, which he then made another announcement, “Gentlemen, it’s alright now. You may resume selecting your movies, we’re back in business”. And the lights blinked back on.

I then paused for a moment there, contemplating if I should continue to remain there… but finally decided to just pay for the 2 DVDs I selected and get the fuck out of there. And so, I went to the counter to pay for the discs, when Jay Chou said to me

“Eh, boss… only 2 DVDs? Why don’t you get another one? 3 for 20.”

I was like, hell, ok… and bought 3 DVDs instead. I love shopping for pDVDs. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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18 Comments to “just another day at the shop”

  1. kinGz says:

    hey michael

    seeing that you’re quite into movies can u recommend some good movies hehe ?

    anyway lemme intro u a few independent films u shouldn’t miss out on… but i guess ull feel bored of them anyway… but it doesnt hurt to try hehe …

    here they are .. Elephant .. Mean Creek and Open Water !

  2. bongkersz says:

    wah 3 for 20? one for how much? RM 8? Hmm, never experience the situation like yours :D

    “when Jay Chou said to me

    “Eh, boss… only 2 DVDs? Why don’t you get another one? 3 for 20.” ”

    lol haha! imagine it’s really jay chou bwahahahah!

  3. souplad says:

    was it ya first time experiencing this. I heard about these experiences from my friends as well.

    The series “HOUSE” is good. It’s 63% evil, BTW. = )

  4. Rin says:

    I miss pirated DVDs really badly.
    Damn Canada.

    But it’s okay, they don’t sensor shit here. =)

  5. Eve says:

    never experience such things when i went dvd shopping. except at Batu Feringghi, when i was choosing cds, they grab the cds on my hand and hid everything for 5 minutes before the coast is clear again. ahhaa

  6. cheehan says:

    pDVDs in JB are now selling at RM6/DVD. Buy 5 free 1. Surely a better bargain here. Do check it out with any of your JB friends.. Have a nice day.

  7. michaelooi says:

    kingz – Oh recommend movies? Well, go for anything with big tittied bimbos without clothes on, they should be good.

    bongkersz – There’s a lot of Jay Chous here in Penang. No big deal about that guy.

    souplad – House? As in Dr House? There’s actually another old horror flick that goes by the title – The House… it’s badass.

    rin – Original can be pretty neat if it’s uncensored.

    eve – Typical lar. But I wonder if it’s an offence for buying pirated stuffs…. hmmmm….

    cheehan – That’s like…almost a Ringgit cheaper! Holy shit! I can buy a lot of things with that One Ringgit!!! I’m catching a bus to Johor…

  8. oliviasy says:

    reminds me… gotta stock up on DVDs liao… Penang here I come!

  9. malcolmchoy says:

    hey dude, u bought the pDVD at megamall penang izzit?

  10. JDream says:

    The word “Jay Chou” has a new meaning thanks to Mike. :D

    Well at least they serve their role in our society by being those pDVD peddlers. My friend once told me that should those Jay Chous lose their source of income it’s possible that they might turn to robbing/selling drugs.

    So I guess in the end those Petaling Street dudes are better off selling pDVDs.

  11. michaelooi says:

    olivia – KL don’t have pirates meh? Cheh

    malcolm – No, it’s on the island.

    JDream – You’re right. I really don’t know what else are they going to do if not being pDVD peddler. (maybe transvestites selling bungholes for a living)

  12. bongkersz says:

    they can audition for “KL Menjerit” :D Jay Chous with their mod-ed Kenari hehe..

  13. 100 says:

    download jer la…no need to worry about yellow gas. But I agree that HOUSE is awesome and is at least 63% evil.

  14. Shar says:

    Michael, next time go batu ferringih when they run away, u just keep hanging on to ur selection of DVDs and walk away. FREE DVD! At least, my frens do that.

  15. Who needs DVDs when you’ve got unlimited broadband? Definitely more evil than piracy.

  16. ks says:

    Haha, Prangin mall ah?

  17. michaelooi says:

    KS – ONE STOP.

  18. Shar says:

    Woe is me!
    KL pirated DVD damn kau expensive. F*** sama all the law enforcers.

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