May 28, 2006

“Over The Hedge” (2006)

Emily and I were there to watch “The Poseidon”, but somehow, the show had stopped screening. And we were left only with a few choices : “Mission Impossible 3″, “X-Men”, “Over the Hedge”, “Da Vinci Code” and a bunch of movies that didn’t catch my attention.

– both of us didn’t like Tom Cruise,
– I had slept through the first 2 X-Men movies
– I’ve read Da Vinci Code before, and thought it was fucking boring,

… we finally settled for “Over The Hedge”. Was it a good choice? Depends. If I’m an excited 5 year old who has never seen a raccoon before in my life? Hell yeah. If I’m a guy who expects more from the CGI world after watching the likes of “The Incredibles” or any other motion pictures animated by Pixar? Nope.

Somehow, the graphics failed to impress me and the storyline was just OK.

The movie starts with a naive raccoon that hit a boner when he tries to steal a hibernating bear’s junk food out of the compulsion of hunger, and ends up waking the disgruntled bear and inadvertently trashing his stuffs. The bear got tulan, catches him and is about to give him a big brain squirt, when the smooth talking raccoon manages to convince the angry bear that he’s able to restore everything he trashed as ever before, and is thence given the time to fulfill his pledge until the bear wakes up half a moon revolution later.

And that’s how the raccoon come to this oasis of little wood smack dab in the middle of a modern human suburb (which is separated by a perimeter of hedge, hence the title) and meets a group of rustic animals who have never seen humans before. (how they ended up in that little area of woodlands without noticing the humans around them, still escapes me. But hey, it’s just a fucking 3D cartoon, they need no logic in that…). From there, the raccoon works out a plot to convince (he’s good in convincing) the bunch of animals to help amass his promised loot back for the bear within the promised dateline – and adventure ensues.

Overall, it was just adequately entertaining. It didn’t flop too bad, nor did it fare well enough. It’s just another mediocre animated movie that simply didn’t cut the cake. For this movie, I’d recommend a pDVD instead, and watch it at home… unless of course, you’re itching of an outing and you’ve watched everything else at the cinema, like me.

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18 Comments to ““Over The Hedge” (2006)”

  1. Mrs. Jase Lee says:

    i love that lil crazy squirrel. so chomel. It’s not that great but it sure beats watching tom cruise jumping all over the screen pretending to be 25 again or watching tom hanks wif BAD HAIR DAY for 2 and half hours acting all smarty pants.

  2. pang sai says:

    Mission Impossible 3 — OK but predictable.
    Da Vinci Code — Nonsense but cool.
    That bunch of movies for Jay Chou wannabe?? :D
    –Can borrow pDVD from others

  3. Nicholas says:

    u should have watched X-Men3…that shit was good stuff…
    “i’m the juggernaut bitch”

  4. _butt says:

    Reading and watching the movie itself (Da Vinci) is different, I think. Perhaps you could give it a benefit of the doubt. :)

  5. michaelooi says:

    mrs jase – My fav characters would be the 2 possums! Man I love possums! Don’t they look so cute like that? Aiseh!

    pang sai – Jay Chou wannabes adores movies like Initial D. I never watched that crap.

    nicholas – The first X-Men, I watched it at United States & slept throughout the movie – but I blamed it on the jetlag. The second X-Men, I was only sober when Kelly Hu made her appearance (boy was she hot!). The rest of the movie was just plain booorrring. I’m now very skeptical about this 3rd instalment of X-Men…

    _butt – I don’t know man. I like Tom Hanks, but I think he’s not looking smart enough to be Robert Langdon. I think Robert Langdon is best played by someone like Bill Pullman, or perhaps The Rock. I’ll see how my next weekend goes, I’ll probably go watch it if it gets too boring.

  6. JDream says:

    I was actually supposed to watch MI:3 a few weeks ago, but turns out that it’s still kinda fully booked. My goodness.

    Had to settle for “Over The Hedge” instead. Loved the squirrel. Hated the fact it was a short movie. But I bet it’s worth more than that MI:3. Heard my friend saying that Tom Cruise spends waaay to much time grinning at the camera.

  7. Primrose says:

    Agree that Hanks isn’t quite the “right” character for Langdon. I’m a slow catcher. Haven’t read the Davinci novel but friends told me that I should watch, then read. The effects are better that way. I’m only leafing through the 5th page. *yawn*

  8. bongkersz says:

    lol, The Rock playing Robert Langdon? Hahaha! Maybe Chow Yun-Fatt can play Robert Langdon :P

  9. michaelooi says:

    JDream – There’s something about Tom Cruise that makes you want to punch him.

    primrose – Quit the book. It’s not worth it. Too thick.

    bongkerz – Maybe not as Langdon. Maybe The Rock can play that Silas character, you know, that psychotic albino that goes around killing old men?

  10. Too thick? It’s standard size for a novel, but anyways. I think I know what you mean by punching Tom Cruise. Look at the guy’s face when he smiles.

  11. bongkersz says:

    Silas character played by Paul Bettany in the film, quite enjoyable haha! Love the scene where he performs self-flagellation. Sic!

  12. KY says:

    consider urself lucky not watching the Poseidon, it was crap.

  13. michaelooi says:

    swallow – I don’t mean the actual thickness of the book ler… the “too thick” i quoted was a metaphor to signify the dullness of the novel… happaraa

    bongkersz – Errr… thanks. I now know you’re sadistic.

    KY – Oh, is it? I thought it could be good, since the original “Poseidon Adventure” WAS good. Hmmm…

  14. bongkersz says:

    ah i’m just 10% sadistic, compare to you mike hehe..

  15. pang sai says:

    Tom Hank looks so cool & man in Da Vinci Code. *Drool* He’s the right man as Langdon!!
    I can be that Sofie Neveu, Tom Cruise can be that Silas. Chow Yun Fat can be that Pope.

  16. pang sai says:

    Jay Chou can be that guy who played around with his handphone in the bus. He & his handphone are very important for Tom Hank to solve the secret code-
    *l*x*nd** *o*e

    Who says Jay Chou only knows selling pDVDs ?

  17. pang sai says:

    Opps…Sorry Michael. I shouldn’t say so much till the movie is watched by everyone.
    My previous comment is such a meaningless one & deserves to be deleted.
    My apology to U for the inconvenience that I’ve caused. :(

  18. michaelooi says:

    pang sai – Ooooh~~~ a spoiler! I like spoilerssss. But then, I have no idea what you’re talking about lah.

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