May 22, 2006

animal lover III

I ate one of these 2 weeks ago…

Alright, in case you’re wondering, those are actually silkworm larvaes. Deep fried. Yes, I ate ONE of those. Just one. (I know, I know, shut up already…)

I was accompanying one of my marrying buddies to the Thai border to get some praying material for his wedding, and decided to party at a nearby pub. Had lots of drinks, and came waddling out feeling hungry. Then one of my buddy’s accompanying friend bought a pack of something, and I asked him what are those. He then grabbed something out of the packet, and beckoned me to open my mouth. I took a look around, and saw the stall which he bought the packet from – it was full of bugs and larvaes that resembled a tragic scene from Fear Factor.

I went “Oh shit”, and that guy kept hounding me to open my mouth and stop acting like a bitch. Since I was feeling a bit woozy from the intoxication anyway, I was like, alright… what the fuck and gave it a try. And there the little guy went, popped into my mouth by that friend, and I gathered whatever senses that’s left in me to savor the taste of that larvae that I chewed that night:

Its outer skin tasted a bit salty (well, that’s because it was sprayed with soy sauce), and the innards tasted a bit bitter, with some hint of that aromatic taste of shrimp roe. Not bad at all. But, that thing also came with a stench that I don’t really like. It is that same acrid smell you get from those beetle larvaes sold at some pet shop (which are used as bird feeds). And that was the aftertaste left in my mouth for the following 30 minutes or so … and each time I belch, it reminded me of those repugnant beetle larvaes. Ugh. I guess that’s what it must be like being a bird. Fuck.

The smell was so fucking strong, that I had to blanket it up by eating a few more deep fried grasshoppers! Goddamn!

*that marks another milestone in my quest for food, and this round, I broke my vow of not to fucking hoover anything that resembled worms, larvaes, caterpillars or any creepy crawlies that I fucking loathe. Thanks to the alcohol intoxication, I have now joined the ranks of those freaks that eat disgusting slugs for thrill. I guess I won’t starve myself to death when I’m lost at some jungle somewhere, for I have bugs to eat and tribals to screw (was joking about the latter part).

list of non-domestic animals that I’ve hoovered before (to date):
dog, flying fox, squirrel, python, wild cat, fruit bat, turtle, lamb, goat, iguana, ostrich, pigeon, wild boar, pangolin, canary, frog, clear water eel, arowana, fox, civet cat, crawfish, rabbit, black panther, scorpion, grasshopper, silkworm larvae

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11 Comments to “animal lover III”

  1. Diao says:


    How did the grasshoppers taste? Green Tea?

  2. NicEviL says:

    There you go, the reason you don’t see a single ASIAN in FEAR FACTOR shows. While american dudes are puking at the second round, we asians will be licking our fingers picking the biggest juiciest nastiest thing on the table. HAHAHAHA !!

    Wahliow u eaten black panther ?? How ??? =0

  3. michaelooi says:

    diao – I’ve blogged about it here

    NicEvil – I don’t quite remember how it tasted like. Most likely not impressive enough to make me remember it. The best meat I ever had were squirrels and dogs. (Sorry guys, it’s a fact.)

  4. Hijackqueen says:

    I’ve tried the gigantic worms (white kaler) before. Crispy but dem bitter. Puke*

  5. oliviasy says:

    deep fried grasshoppers r good. damn crispy and salty. hehe!

  6. _dan_ says:

    … and it took you 2 weeks to get over the trauma?
    ROCk ON!!

  7. Clarene says:

    Do u have dog as pet? I used to hear ppl saying that once u have eaten dog meat before, other dogs will bark at u when they see u.

  8. michaelooi says:

    hijackqueen – Oh mannn, that’s fucking gross. Stay away from my dick…

    oliviasy – Yeah they are. But they do leave nasty small pieces of exoskeleton for you to pick from your teeth later on…

    _dan_ – I wasn’t traumatised about that. I was traumatised about something else – which, I ain’t gonna share.

    clarene – Not true. Dogs adore me. If they could actually type and read, they’re probably gonna be ardent readers of my blog… leaving shitloads of barks in my commenting system. No shit.

  9. noname says:

    wow…disgusted but awed…i dont think i’ll try bugs anytime too soon…not now…but i’ve tried rabbit and it was marvellous!;p
    but the thought of rabbits looking so innocent and cute stops me from eating it again…i know it’s silly…fish are cute too but i still eat them…but rabbit are not quite part of our diet isn’t it…
    what’s next uncle michael??? hehehe…cheers =))

  10. MorpheusX says:

    Oh yeah… deep fried grasshoppers taste like fries.. err.. with legs..

  11. megabigblur says:

    Soya sauce snail. In the jungle. Which was the only fresh meat we had for 3 weeks of camping…beat that =P

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