May 10, 2006

what to eat

A couple of my colleagues were in the heat of a conversation in the cafeteria, talking about adopting a healthy lifestyle. They were like calibrating each other’s knowledge about what is causing the most common illness in the society. Amongst them, were the scores of unhealthy food that we eat everyday… which two of them strongly concurred.

From what I manage to gather from their discussion, it seems that we should avoid these food at best:

– processed food (preservatives may cause cancer)
– green and well vegetables (pesticide)
– beans and spinach (uric acid)
– alcohol based beverages (fucks liver, bad behavior)
– dairy food (stupidity, kidding…)
– greasy food (cholesterol, cellulite, obstruction to traffic)

Which pretty much startled me stupid. That’s because, those are the usual stuffs I eat everyday!

That means, if I really want to be healthy, I should consider changing my diet into something healthier, like maybe… plastics… glasses… table cloths… or maybe discarded electronic boards.

Alright, frankly speaking, I don’t fucking know what is left for me to eat (nor there is any purpose in life to live) if it isn’t those that I’ve been eating all these while. As far as I know, almost none of our regular food are natural anymore. There has to be something added to keep them abundant to feed everyone’s ass. Pesticides, antibiotics, botox, you name it.

Those ‘chemical free’ organic food on the other hand, are probably too overpriced to be consumed as regular daily food. And I’d probably get much higher risk of suffering from a stroke for paying that much just to fucking eat. Or worse, hit by a garbage truck while traveling to that exotic location to look for my specially prepared organic food. Goddamn.

My point is, you can be anal with what you eat and be as ascetic as you want, but still… it will never be enough to guarantee you a healthy life. You’ll still likely to get ill or die out of other causes. Like maybe the toxic air that you breathe, an infectious beaver that you eat or simply, a bigass tsunami that mows your town flat and everybody fucking dies. You get the idea. There’s just no guarantee for anything on this planet.

I’d say, just eat and drink whatever you want, just don’t over do it. Life is too short, you’ve got to absorb the fun like a sponge. It is always better to die average as a happy man/woman, rather than to live a long boring life unfulfilled.

So, grab a burrito today, and fuck those health freaks away!

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13 Comments to “what to eat”

  1. MorpheusX says:

    “just eat and drink whatever you want, just don’t over do it”

    There you go.. the new diet. Spoken like a true dietician

  2. shein says:

    yeah health freaks annoy the hell outta me. can’t eat this. must drink that. worse is when they’re direct sellers and they tell u their vitamins are organic (yeah rite), can cure this, counteract that, bla bla bla… and i actually know one who pop in some 10+ tablets everyday :S

    so chi cham.. in the end also have to die like everyone else lah…

  3. inevitable says:

    My tag line, “Eat first, die later”

  4. frostier says:

    i tot that was doc tagline?
    anyway, everything must do in moderation. even sex.

  5. oh yeah!…

    I am all for a bowl of M&M with Burito chips!

    Bring it on!

  6. michaelooi says:

    yeah, burrito rawks. in [company X] USA, they have burrito machines where you can slot in coins and get a burrito basically anytime you want.

    but here, we hardly get any Mexican restaurant around.

    God I miss Mexican food.

  7. Alex says:

    i just had some nice oily ginger chicken wif rice :)
    organic fruits n veges here cost like wat.. twice the price. blah..

  8. noname says:

    that’s right! be well-balanced and you’re on the way to a healthy lifestyle! why burden our digestive system with synthetic supplements that i believe could do more harm than good. i’ve came across people who actually take garlic PILLS!!! why garlic pills??? just go to the kitchen and grab two cloves of garlic per day…isnt it anytime better than pills??
    this healthy eating thing has been heavily commercialised and are very misleading.

  9. Nicevil says:

    Eat whatever you want, but eat ONLY when you’re hungry. This is what you call, “Intuitive Eating”.

    So damn simple concept. But most people can’t resist having snacks in the middle of a good show.

    However this is misleading.. it takes about 20 minutes for the human body to realize the “Fullness” sensation. By the time you realize you’re full you probably had overeaten.

    God I miss m’sian food. Burritos suck ! =D

  10. Shar says:

    Another kind ppl who piss me off: vegetarians who make u feel bad for ordering a steak when they are having their freaking bowl of salad. then they start to tell u that; it’s unhealthy to eat meat, animals die cruelly, bla bla…..Makes me wanna order 2 steaks instead of one.

  11. oliviasy says:

    eat avthing in moderation :D

  12. michael says:

    life is short , so i live to eat and eat as much as I can….and whatever u eat does not matter if u dont F**king exercise

  13. bongkersz says:

    those organic vege.. organic shits.. just another marketing tricks for all i know :D

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