May 9, 2006



me : most IT geeks wear specs

friend : yah… it’s a wonder i don’t. kekeke. i have another type of problem tho… augtiwatever. can’t fucking spell that “problem”.. it’s when u see things, especially lights, and it tends to look cloudy/spreaded

me : astigmatism

friend : YEAYEA that’s the one. i always mix that spelling with augtism or autism or something like that.. hyperactiveness

me : if it starts with an “A” followed by a “U”…. then it can only be ‘autistic’. if you’re autistic, you won’t be MSN-ing with me right now

friend : LOL~ why not? maybe i can control

me : you’ll probably be playing with your shits inside a toilet at some special school somewhere…


But strangely, autistic people seem to have special places in my workplace. More often than anything else, they get hired as highly paid managers/directors to read an email or two, make inept remarks, to herd low income sheep (like me) and sometimes, to complicate matters a bit… just so that everyone has their fair share of shit to clean up.

Not to say that it’s a bad thing… coz these people are the ones who adorn our corporate life with colors … so as the experience would not be so vapid like fucking a concrete monsoon drain. *nods slowly* It’s a good thing… it’s a good thing. (assure me then, if it’s not)

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7 Comments to “augtiwatever”

  1. bertaubat says:

    autistic ppl very kesian wan…

  2. MorpheusX says:

    Aiya… the retards play with shit and cause the whole place to stink ma…

    so the non-retards have to clean up after… thats the way the world works!

  3. hflee says:

    Are you sure you won’t be climbing the management ladder in the future? Will you be having the same opinion then?

  4. foos says:

    imagine having a retard as your boss. Oh i forgot, you have one.
    It’s fucking frustrating to work with them. Explain 10-100 times pun tak paham pahammmmm jugak. Ask me to do extra unnecessary task just because he doesn’t understand. Friggin’ retard pisses me off.

  5. FYI: autistic != retarded. If there’s autistic people at your workplace (very high prevalence in the engineering field hehe), they’re probably the ones who are very good at what they do but complete screwups at interpersonal relationships…the OPPOSITE the bosses who dunno anything technical but got their jobs by kissing ass.

    If you really want to know if your boss is autistic…get him to take this test (yes i know it looks like one of those stupid “personality tests”, but it was written as a self-administered diagnostic by psychologists…i read the research paper it came from).

  6. noname says:

    uncle michael, i hope u’ll be more sensitive when it comes using words like autistic. i know it’s just a letting out session but do place a limit.
    did you know that people with autism are gifted mathematicians? most of them apart from being unable to read social cues, are great individuals! they so happen to be different because they are unable to express and read emotional cues. please, do have some respect.

  7. michaelooi says:

    noname – Don’t be so anal retentive lah. The word was merely used as an adjective to describe certain kind of people. If you think it’s actually meant to “disrespect” the REAL unfortunate victims of autism, then you should go to the nearest toilet bowl, put your head into… nevermind.

    Just, thanks for commenting.

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