April 29, 2006

being an engineer

I got this email from a reader. It’s kinda interesting (his question, my reply) and thought maybe someone else could benefit from this – what do I think about being an engineer (hell, alright, this is another filler post again. But fuck, it’s labor day! I needed the break!). So I decided to post this :

From: [reader]
To: [michaelooi]
Date: Apr 29, 2006 4:36 AM
Subject: Hi I have a question

Hi, you must be wondering who the hell is this.

I stumbled upon your blog recently, I must say you write really damn good. You’re the best I’ve seen among malaysian bloggers. — [that’s my kembang moment if you can’t tell…]

Anyways you mentioned being an electrical engineer. I’m an engineering student currently deciding which field to enter, in the engineering science category.

You see, I believe one does best when he has passion in what he does. I don’t wanna wake up every morning going to work in a job that I hate. I’m considering electrical engineering. Do you think electrical engineering is fun ? Interesting ? You don’t seem to blog much about the job lol.

The first year of studying involves learning all the basic theory and math skills and other fundamentals. About the engineering job, I have no freaking idea how it feels like. I guess I should go for internships and find out for my self huh ? LoL.

Feel free not to reply, I understand, I’m asking pretty much a dumb question.

But it’d be nice to get a idea of the job from such a experienced electrical engineer such as yourself.

O WISE MASTER OF WORDS PLEASE BESTOW ME WITH YOUR WISDOM !— [how can I not reply this awesome guy?]

Here’s my reply.

From: [michaelooi]
To: [reader]
Date: Apr 29, 2006 11:46 AM
Subject: Re: Hi I have a question

Hi [reader]
frankly speaking, EE is not my original choice either. God i hated electronics and that was not my idea of fun at all. You know what my passion is? Arts and photography. Or sex (if given such choice exist).

But given the circumstances that double E was the way of the future, I finally opted for that choice and am glad making that choice right. At least, I landed myself a stable job now. And can pretty much find another without breaking a sweat.

So, sometimes, it isn’t up to a person to be able to decide what’s fun for himself. It’s the circumstances. Can’t say I enjoyed my job much but, hell… I doubt many people on this planet enjoy working, even if it’s something of your interest. You’d probably get an asshole boss when you get a job you like … such is life. (ironically, I’m saying this to you with Labour’s Day round the corner)

Just, don’t worry too much. You’ll be fine. Cheers

I know, I didn’t answer his question directly. The fact is, there’s no answer to this. If I have an answer for anyone to have a good career, I would have been a successful person by now. But look at me, I’m short of a few wire bonds towards being a complete package of IC. Let alone to populate an intricate network of schematic diagram.

Engineering isn’t fun. It’s fucking hard. It’s fucking frustrating. It’s fucking ridiculous. It wouldn’t be that good if it’s easy… alas, nothing’s easy. (even pimps have their dilemma). But what’s left in life to be enjoyed if it’s without some challenge?

Have a happy labour day, workers. (though the only thing to be happy is to get more $$$, duh)

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16 Comments to “being an engineer”

  1. megabigblur says:

    Well…when I was a kid I always wanted to be a biologist. And now I’m starting out as a biologist. And guess what? It’s like fooling around in lab suka hati making Frankenstein’s monster or what. Most of it’s really boring and repetitive. But I’m learning things I didn’t expect and never thought about before, and that’s probably the same with any job. So…tell the guy to follow his gut. Being comfortable with your career just means doing what you’re good at and don’t stress too much about the parts that suck.

  2. NicEviL says:

    Ya know I think you’re missing one of your great passions. WRITING !!!

    Good honest answer. U do what you gotta to earn a good living, and take pictures, draw, and fuck etc etc etc along the way. =D

  3. Silencers says:

    I must agree on the fact studying engineering drains the life out of me. Oh my god, all that number crunching is not good for my heart. The only reason I’m doing this is because its the next best thing to medicine [which i didn’t get a scholarship for – they offered me engineering instead]. If possible I don’t want to be an engineer, but rather be a lecturer.

    Simply because there are better returns than just monetary ones.

  4. noname says:

    hmm…i guess it’s not for us to decide when it comes to working. i mean, the future is in our hands but we cant just cling on to dreams and what we like. we’ve got to move along with cricumstances…be practical. what’s dreams without money??? ;p

  5. blah says:

    Nothing like a good ass kissing email to put ya in a good mood eh Michael?

    Anyways, I agree with what you said about going into EE because of the good opportunities (esp in Penang). Can’t just choose a profession based on passion only. Hell, I’d like to be a flying trapeze performer, but I’d prolly be eating the leftover popcorn off the floor in the theatre after the show.


  6. TITOKI says:

    Prostitutes have the best job in the world. They just blardy fuck the whole day!!!

    Bloggers have the second best job in the world. They get to fuck the others on their blogs!!!

    Doctors have the worst job in the world. They only get corpses, sick people, children and old folks to fuck with!!!

  7. KK says:

    It’s a fact that most of us spend most of our walking lives at work, very few people really enjoy their time in the office. Working is not a fun, it’s a commitment of live, and most people describe their work as ‘stressful’. But if you set aside or would prolong your commitment, you’ll be living the postponed life. Recognize that the best way to predict your future is to create the commitment. I’ve been stressful for 33 yrs in the accounting field. Young men, despite the fact of ‘stressful’ at work, you gonna to stay on your position. You’ll see a fruit in the future. Happy labour day!

  8. michaelooi says:

    megabigblur – The problem is, you don’t know what you’re good at until many trials and errors later, which was probably halfway through your career…

    Nic – My passion is something else. As mentioned in the mail, my passion is art…

    silencers – That’s why I believe, a lot of people delve into a career line simply because of influences… rather than of their own interest. (how the hell do you know that you’ll be interested in engineering at all if you haven’t been an engineer in the first place? You get the idea…)

    noname – Some people wanted the glamour. Did you know that a crane operator could earn as much (if not more) as a glamorous engineer anytime (even more in the western world)?

    blah – I wouldn’t call that ass-kissing. If you’ve been working long enough, you’ll know that it’s a generic way to get things done ‘easier’. A lubricant for your chores. (if only you’ve seen the REAL ass-kissing act) Hehehh…

    titoki – Be a prostitute then… I’ll be your pimp (I take 40% commission)

    KK – Frankly speaking, uncle… I wasn’t really sure what you’re trying to convey here. But once thing I’m sure, is that nothing beats a hell of a good figure in your paycheck (whatever the profession is…) and a good pair of rack on your sexy female colleague(s) to ogle at.

  9. TITOKI says:

    You wouldn’t be able to earn a cent for being my pimp because my boobs are too small to attract any attention! And hence prostitution is definitely out of the question! :)

  10. sherz says:

    hey michael,

    i’ve been reading ur blog for quite some time and this is my 1st comment on michaelooi.net..

    thx for sharing thoughts about this matter.. yup, im one of the confused-future-engineer, not loving what i’m doing right now, and don’t wanna know what i’m gonna do as my career until i die.

    Thanks for pointing out that engineering is fucking depressing too.

    i’ll b receiving my electronics engineering degree in 2 yrs’ time, and i realised tht if i just try, at least to learn how to love wht im doing, it’ll work somehow. I’m not sure what my future will be like, will i hate my job? will i rot in labs? or will i manage ppl? do i hav to face nerds like elliot in labs? will i look like panda? (which im already one right now) but like what u said…

    “what’s left in life to be enjoyed if it’s without some challenge?”

    I love this line. This is a good post, thanks again :)

  11. megabigblur says:

    ayak. just noticed typing mistake in my comment…should have read “It’s NOT like fooling around in lab suka hati making Frankenstein’s monster or what.” sorry!

  12. michaelooi says:

    titoki – Oh don’t worry bout that. I’m sure some of those trishaw peddlers or fish mongers in Penang won’t mind that. They basically blind fuck anything at the end of their tiring workday… You’ll do just fine…

    sherz – Anything goes in our life. Doesn’t mean that when you’re an engineer, it’s for eternity. You become an engineer, not a corpse. Just keep the option & your eyes open all the time. If you see better opportunity to change your career, JUMP! (I’m working on this myself right now… see the pimping effort above there? heehee)

  13. Dee says:

    Engineering student here, and God .. engineering is hard. FUCKING HARD. ahem. excuse me. Just had my finals and i’m a bit tensed..
    I’m proud to be in this field..but being a girl you have to prove yourself twice as hard in this male-dominated field. Grr..but at the end of the day, i do hope i get an ass-kissing email too :P:P
    Anyways in university, we have this quote ERTW – “Engineers Rule The World”.. so yeah, hats off to all engineers out there. Especially electrical and computer engineers ;) I’m in ECE so i’m biased.

  14. noname says:

    guess life really is a paradox huh…we’ve got to do something of our interest, yet need to keep ourselves on the right track so as to have a stable career and liveable paycheck. for example, we cant just go for fashion design simply because we believe in our goals, dreams etc…while i believe having goals and dreams are the way to help guide us, and no dreams are too big nor too small, still the word practical says it all. how many can be like prada gucci and versace??? they’re just people who got very very lucky. my point is, dont get drifted away by just dreams and many more dreams. =)) happy labour day uncle michael!!! cheers!

  15. michaelooi says:

    megabigblur – It’s ok. At least we all know what a Frankenstein is…

    dee – You know, if I get to choose all over again, I’ll opt for a 3 year internship before taking engineering. At least I get to tailormake my skillsets and interests…

    noname – Couldn’t agree more. But some dreams can be too big under certain circumstances. For example, for a Bangla to dream of becoming a Prime Minister of Malaysia… or an African American to become the US President o_O’

  16. Silencers says:

    Uncle michael sudah jadi academic counselor, lol. Take up academics and come to MMU, you’ll gather enough worshippers to start a secret cult in no time. Like say, a religion of observing and collecting data of uhm….people.

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