April 26, 2006

close to you

In MSN today…

titoki : Do you read books to your baby?

michael : emily reads the baby story every night and sings to her. i read a story to the baby once

titoki : Actually it’s good for the father to talk to the baby too. to get familiar with your voice. to bond with you. don’t read it once, read it everynight. it’s your duty. do you know why kids are closer to their mom? coz the mom talks a lot. dad is like wood. so i hope you can read more to her, sing to her even, it will help to foster a closer ties and relationship. and it helps her to recognise your voice too

michael : but … i don’t want her to be close to me ….

titoki : u are one weird dad. why not?

michael : not until she’s old enough to go to the toilet herself!

titoki : LOL

michael : i’m smart. i’m gonna fucking blog this.

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13 Comments to “close to you”

  1. erizabesu says:



  2. NicEviL says:

    You’re not talking to your baby because you’re afraid of her getting close, afraid that you need to wipe shit and stuff of her ass ??? What ?? What the hell ?? That’s the ultimate bonding I tell you. This one time I saw two lovers by the beach.. the girlfriend’s arms were paralyzed.. and she was shitting right there. And the boyfriend happily wiped off the shit without any signs of disgust. Now’s that commitment. Ahahhaks !!

  3. Diao says:

    When I phone home I talk to my mom everytime. I know my dad is sad becoz of this but, as what Titoki says, dad is like a wood.

    My mom loves to ask me things like ‘who’s ur girlfriend now?’ which makes me feel like talking to a friend.
    There were once when my dad picked up the phone and asked ‘how are you?’ I was stunned for like a couple of second there and answered ‘I am fine.10q’ then there was a silence which went on like forever.

  4. michaelooi says:

    nic – you saw a paralyzed girl shitting by the BEACH??? Where were you? United States? That explains it.

    diao – Yeah yeah, blame your dad for being kayu… everything but yourself. (hey, your dad may be a star in other areas… like a soccer game maybe. Which, your mom definitely would have looked more kayu in that aspect). Just, you people didn’t happen to click at the right topic.

  5. souplad says:

    I wouldn’t want my Pa to nag and to say mushy things.

    I am happy with his leave-the-kids-alone education. heh. But was pretty touched when he offered some RMB to me and say “here’s some money” when I am posted to Shanghai.

    Pa and Ma have different ways of communicating with kids or rather, being close to them.

  6. 100 says:

    This entry is hilarious. Warn la before hand, I almost spit out what I am drinking.

  7. frostier says:

    100 : u got no skill one. skali already spit. wat lah. where’s ur endurance level?

  8. insomniac says:

    Diao – “When I phone home I talk to my mom everytime. I know my dad is sad becoz of this but,…”

    Maybe your dad isn’t as “kayu” as u think.

  9. 123 says:

    Nahhh… I think michaelooi is just trying to show his “tai-lam-yan” side… but in reality, he’s just a bag of cotton wool inside.

    Awww… *koochi koochi koo…*

    Now go wipe her ass.

  10. noname says:

    hey i’d just like to share what i’ve watched in discovery channel…the study linked parents’ bond with their child which begins in the womb. the baby is thought to be closer to their mum because they hear their mum’s voice the clearest while their dad’s voice is not something very familiar. this sort of explains things…but again, relationship, bonding is commitment and commitment…that’s what it’s all about.
    i definitely dont talk to my dad the same way i talk to my mum…my mum and i are like friends and with my dad…there’s this barrier…but i never once felt far apart from him…because i know he loves me more than anything else…so what’s about being close? it’s just a matter of perception and how deep is our understanding of each other.

  11. michaelooi says:

    if my dad gives me more money, I’ll be close to him. If my mom gives me even more money, I’ll be EVEN closer to her.

    The more they give me, the more I love them.

    But too bad, most of the time, the wanted to be close to me… and I’m usually the one who gives them money… *sigh*

  12. 100 says:


    Took me off guard ler…I never expect such ending…

  13. noname says:

    hey just one question here…which school do u plan to enrol regine in? chinese or bm medium? hehe…*curious* but i personally think that going to mandarin school for a start is better…i’m a banana too. and i really wished i did learn mandarin.=))

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