April 18, 2006

friendly disclaimer

I came to know that some of you have just discovered my blog. Well, big fucking deal and good for you. I have nothing to say to you and also, please, don’t be confronting me in public about what I’ve written or what you think about me. This blog, is my own personal site for letting out… an extended hidden side of me that I prefer not to discuss in person. I hope you people can respect that…

And then, there might be some posts of mine which may cause you some discomfort, especially those concerning my/our workplace and it involves you, somehow. I can offer no explanation on this difficult behavior of mine. Maybe if I don’t do this (bitching about fucked up people at workplace inside my blog), I’d probably be an even more difficult person. Like, someone you hate, who could backstab your ass and discreetly spit on your keyboard. Who knows.

Hence, the only logical thing that I can offer to you, should you ever feel pissed about what I have written here, is an advice. The advice is – Just find the nearest toilet bowl, put your head into it, and flush. Heheh…

It is only good if you can understand, that the moment you choose to read this sacred site that details the sick side of my personality, you’re making a decision to delve deeper into what I think – and I shall not be held accountable to whatever negative repercussions that might befall on you. Take this as a privileged disclaimer for those of you who knows me personally.

I certainly hope that this will not change anything about our existing friendship. If I tulan you, we probably would never have been friends in the first place. Think about it.

Have a nice day guys.

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