April 5, 2006

I seek you

Got a message from a stranger in ICQ

selina (09:31 PM) : hi
michael (09:31 PM) : hi
selina (09:32 PM) : can i chat with u
michael (09:33 PM) : i thought you’re already doing that now…
selina (09:34 PM) : do wat
michael (09:34 PM) : do what you’re asking…
selina (09:35 PM) : no lah

ACCKKKKKK!!!!! DOLT ALERT!!! DOLT ALERT!!!! (I have a knack of being able to identify a dolt with just a few sentences’ depth of conversation..)

michael (09:38 PM : excuse me, can you like… message me again… say, in 2015? I’m kinda busy right now…
selina (09:38 PM) : hee
michael (09:40 PM) : ermmm, if you’re retarded, you should probably just stay away from computers…
michael (09:40 PM) : sorry, probably you should just stay away from anything that has to do with electricity

Never got her response after that. Probably committed suicide (hey! it’s a good thing!)

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14 Comments to “I seek you”

  1. Primrose says:

    Hehe! Long time no post ICQ chat dialogues ler. Stranger also you layan so much ah? Wah!

  2. Rootified says:

    wow, you screwed her so hard just for she misunderstood and asked “do what”?

  3. Bluesky says:

    Evil… 101%…. You may hurt a small little gal confident there. HA!

  4. xuexia says:

    hey, ure so evil! she’s not stupid, but kinda like flirting with u. though she is indeed chattin with u but still totally unaware of it. heehee.

  5. michaelooi says:

    Call me 101% evil, cold blooded, or whateverrrr-lah!

    The key thing is…people, please learn how to communicate properly before you communicate. kthxbais…

  6. zbjernak says:

    dude…u still doing ICQ thingy?
    tht is so out…
    now is google chat, msn, yahoo, or wht-so-ever

    mirc and icq is so yesterday

  7. Journey says:


    The girl like trying to check you out and virtually gave slap then ask her to fuck off. Wah lau eh! What to say? Whose the dolt?

  8. michaelooi says:

    zbjernak – I *AM* from yesterday wat… what do you expect lah?

    journey – *chuckles* and you think that’s supposed to be a girl “checking me out”? Dude, wake up! That’s just an electronic message flashing on a computer screen! Nothing more…

    I suggest you go out there to socialize a bit… and experience the REAL people checking you out… in flesh and blood. Now who’s the dolt…

  9. erizabesu says:

    bad lah u…but i like! hahaha!!

  10. TITOKI says:

    Now you have mentioned it, I am starting to miss the Hirsutism bitch! ;)

  11. souplad says:

    come on..

    where is the love…where is the love…where is the love……

    hahaha, be nice…. exercise ya remaining 38%.

  12. Shopper says:

    you are so cruel, she (or he, aiks..) might be your secret admirer ~~ ^^ you hurt her deeply.. haha..

  13. crazysocket says:

    imagine.. selina is reading michaelooi blog now.. or perhaps we will read the same post on selina blog??? muahahahah

  14. michaelooi says:

    that selina actually messaged me again last night with a “hi”… I replied her “leave me alone selina”.

    I’m not in the mood to chat I guess, I had a bad day. All I need now is money. And sex. Plenty of them…

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