March 29, 2006

the beginning of everything

That’s the ultrasound printout of somebody important in my life – my kid. Yes, Emily is currently a happy expecting mother now… (Wheeee!!!)

Here’s the breakdown of what’s on the ultrasound printout, in case you people do not know what you’re looking at:

1 – Presumably, this is a USB modem that is connected to Emily’s placenta wall to communicate with the outside world. But it might be just an ordinary dial-up modem, I’m not too sure.

2 – Motorcycle helmet complete with sleek visor and aerodynamic design

3 – The top planar view of the afore said helmet

4 – A bluetooth-capable 3G cellphone with 2MB built-in camera for superior voyeur photo snapping (underskirts, downblouse, etc)

Alright, the fact is, I myself have no clue how the whole thing goes. As hard as I’ve tried to decipher the anatomy, I only managed to make out the head and one of the limbs of the fetus… and that’s about it. The doctor tried to scan for the kukuciao (dick), but that little guy (girl?) had his/her thigh clamped shut, and we couldn’t make out the gender yet.

But whatever the gender is gonna be, I’ve already got myself prepared to give this stranger a name:

Nigel – if it’s a boy.
Regine – if it’s a girl.

Hopefully, we’ll find out about that in the next scan.

Some of you would probably ask what happened to the first kid that I elatedly announced earlier. Well, ‘he’ didn’t make it (assuming he’s a boy).

Back then, Emily’s pregnancy triggered her SLE to flare out and she was hit with a severe case of pneumonia. She fought for her own life and the priority was set to save the adult. And hence, she was given with heaps of medications that could affect the fetus… and finally, my family (with the advice of doctors), made a unanimous decision to terminate the pregnancy.

That was one of the most difficult period of my adult life. (I’ve dedicated a couple of entries about it here and here)

But anyway, now that Emily’s well again, we’ve been making out like rabbits and got ourselves this gift of life again. With the constant monitoring from her doctors, she’s now bound to deliver the baby in mid of June.

Hopefully, everything will be alright this time. *fingers crossed*

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75 Comments to “the beginning of everything”

  1. Journey says:

    Mike and Emily.

    Congrates on your forthcoming entry of yr family. It can only be good and would bring tears of joy to you. Do expect changes in yr lifestyle and at times challenges the foundation of the family.

    With patience and commitment, I no doubt believing that you can be great parents.

  2. michaelooi says:

    No doubt that I’m currently entering a new chapter of my life.

    I guess I’ll be blogging about green shits and diapers for quite a while before I become demented and start to mutilate computer mice for fun…

  3. Mellissa says:

    Aww, congratulations :) I haven’t been here in awhile but yeah, it’s great to hear good news!

  4. inside_out says:

    congratulations!! be a good father ya…=) everyting will be fine. =))

  5. Primrose says:

    We’ll be reading about baby’s progress for the next 9 months, eh? Yippeee! Congrats!
    PS: Emily, can I touch touch bewwy button when it protrudes on the 8th month? *grins*

  6. megabigblur says:

    I guess I’ll be blogging about green shits and diapers for quite a while before I become demented and start to mutilate computer mice for fun…

    Michael Ooi become Twinsmom?

  7. 100 says:

    To Mr and Mrs Ooi, Congratulation.

    PS: Is it OK if we start betting if the baby has a KKJ or not?

  8. Congrats, Mike and Emily! Now we can call you Uncle! =D

  9. honey says:

    congratulations :D I’m sure there will be lots of posts soon about the bundle of joy. be it good or bad, tho I’m sure that there will be plenty of: “Man, I didn’t get any sleep tonight…again” :D

  10. whiteunicorn says:

    Mike & Emily,
    Cant wait to hear u blog about Regine/Nigel.

  11. Wan Zafran says:

    Sorry I’m late to the party, man. But congratulations, dude!

    (Whisper: Make sure your child doesn’t turn out as evil as you are, heh.)

  12. wilson chin says:

    Congratulations, I’m sure that everything will be fine. God bless you and Emily

  13. hanyi says:

    Mike and Emily, Congrats. :)
    And here’s special post dedicated to the both of you and the soon to arrive Nigel / Regine:


  14. suanie says:

    congratulations to you and emily!!!!!


  15. pearl says:

    CONGRATSSS ~~ This is one GREAT NEWS after the end of a tiring week *big big smile*

    ALLLLLLL THE BEST to you and Emily and your Nigel/Regine. I think the baby has the “62% evil michaelooi” in him/her coz s/he doesnt let you see if there’s the *ahem* :P

    It’s all inherited, eh? =P I’m sure you guys will be fine and remember to update us ~~ :D

  16. ted says:

    Congratulations!!!!! Be a good father….

  17. TITOKI says:

    Congratulations to you, Emily and the wriggly little baby in mummy’s tummy!!! :)

  18. Mama BoK says:

    Congrats..!!! to you and Emily..!!

  19. Knight says:

    Congra Dude .. wish all the best

  20. zhng says:

    regine is a hot name!

  21. souplad says:

    looking 4ward 2 ya updates. thou’ cliche… wish to u, emily n ya lil’ one. congrats.

  22. vandice says:

    Congrats Congrats Congrats!!!

  23. Alynna says:


  24. bongkersz says:

    Congratulations Unker Mike and Emily! Wish you the best for you :)

  25. ChowFC says:


    Give her lots of good food (esp bird’s nests), milk and make sure she eats her vege.

    Then, your blog would be full of baby pics like mine :-D

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