March 10, 2006

falun gong

Received an email yesterday, at my gmail account:

From: zico frozt []
Sent: Mar 9, 2006 4:18 PM
To: michaelooi[dot]
Subject: Falun Gong versus Feng Shui

Dear Editor
No one can’t stop a feng shui movement in the world but maybe Falun Gong comunity can do it ?
Falun Gong Comunity does not combine to Feng Shui method (Flying Star and other), Falun Gong answer me :
Simple think you must read Zhuan Falun book, Falun Gong & others book, than, harmony nature “yes”, but what ever feng shui method “no”

By the way, for your information, Falun Gong is efficient itself as it will help you, at the beginning, eliminate bad qi while obtaining good qi from the universe while doing the exercises. Hence, no need for Feng Shui or any other methods.

Master (Li Hongzhi) has also stated that Feng Shui only works in China and some surrounding areas, not in other geographical locations as it was originally designed only for those locations long time ago.

[URL removed]

I think, it is may deep impact for all feng shui comunity in the world, maybe is it make head line news? I think you may clarification for Falun Gong state then publish for every one to know why.
Would you like to feed back me, thank you

I wanted to “feed back” him alright… and I sent him that “feed back”…

From: Michael Ooi [michaelooi[dot]]
Sent: Mar 9, 2006 8:32 PM
To: zico frozt []
Subject: Re: Falun Gong versus Feng Shui

falun gong can suck my dick.

Elliot is a falun gong member. Look what it has done to him.

If I have a dog, falun gong can suck my dog’s dick too. [man i hate spammers]

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4 Comments to “falun gong”

  1. Yin says:


    Thank you so much!
    It’s about time someone told those morons what’s what. Although I do feel that there is a purpose for this madness.
    Since PR China banned Falun Gong a few years back, there’s been this whole hullabaloo about religious freedoms, etc. But really we should let them be…

    1. If people are stupid enough to believe in this shit, they deserve to be separated from their money.
    2. Falun Gong does not believe in medicine, in any form, much like scientologists. So if they get sick, they will probably die.

    So, they are really cleansing the gene pool for us. We should thank them.

    As for spam, at least it gives you material for your blog. :) And it’s a bit more interesting than the “bigger penis”, “bigger boobs”, “grow back your own hair” bullshit.


  2. Christina says:

    Adding on to the crap. China banned Falun Gong because quite a number of their followers burned themselves in front of Tian An Men NOT because of political reasons, but because they thought that the next advancement to their higher level is to burn themselves to death (hence go to heaven and that crap). A girl was saved with 3rd degree burn but her mum was all ashes already. The girl and another person actually lived to tell why the hell they did that.

    My family was expatriates there at that time and the news was all over. Christianity and other main religion movements there are bigger and better than Falun Gong is, so I’m pretty sure the ban is not because the Chinese government are scared that Falun Gong will “take over the whole country”.

    Funny how people can be so ignorant towards cult-suicidal news like this one.

  3. crazysocket says:

    falun gong teach u to call up telekom when u get trapped in lift…

  4. zico frozt says:

    thank for all respon…
    i am apologize if i am spam…
    have nice day people…
    just for democrazy..

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