February 25, 2006

million dollar question

It was close to 5pm on Friday. Almost the entire office floor was deserted and I was the last few ones to leave. As I was lugging my notebook bag to bail the office, I stumbled into my colleague Asstee, who was on his way to do something unimportant, as usual.


He was attempting to start a conversation…

“No I am going to work.”

“Go fuck yourself lah.”

“So, you know that I was leaving… then why ask? You stupid or something?”

“Don’t be so cocky, ok? I was just asking”

“You could have asked something more intelligent”

“I didn’t know you were leaving. I didn’t see your bag…”

“You’re quite a dick huh? Trying to justify your boner?”

“That’s how it should be. One must at least try to bend something crooked back to straight”

“It’s not working. I still think you’re stupid”

And he indeed is. Like I said, he could have started off with something better. Like-

– “How are you?”
– “What’s your plan for the weekend?”
– “Can you fuck my girlfriend? She’s hot.”

But no. Instead of those, he chose to ask that million dollar question (seeing me with my bags and shits) – “Leaving?”.

And now you know why people hate me for the wrongest reason – to be too bluntly frank like that. Maybe I should just answer him with a fart next time to avoid any conflicts – as he’ll just leave upon catching that foul stench of my flatulence…

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13 Comments to “million dollar question”

  1. jc says:

    People ask stupid questions all the time your friend is not the only one.
    See you on your way out. Going out?
    See you are still busy at your workstation after hours. Still working?

  2. Din says:

    Hey, nice new layout man!

  3. _butt says:

    Happens all the time. It’s like u bumped into someone u knw at some restaurant, saw u having a meal or something, n instead of saying ‘Hi’ they ask this ‘million dollar’ question : So, eating here ah?

    How smart is tht?

  4. Primrose says:

    Haha! I can almost imagine that piece of conversation.

  5. zbjernak says:

    i think is malaysian-syndrome…

    most of the time, u meet someone in supermarket, they ask “shopping ah?”

    or in restaurant, “eh, u come here to eat dinner ah?”


  6. hahahahahahaha… this whole conversation really took place?!

  7. oliviasy says:

    chill dude chill :P

  8. michaelooi says:

    crazysocket – eat what? ;)

    jc/butt/zbjernak – I think it isn’t Malaysian… it is CHINESE. The Chinese love to greet for the sake of greeting. Most of the time, with empty and hollow words…

    din – I know.

    primrose – You need an appreciation dinner to go with that? ;)

    william – Yes, it actually took place. It was longer at the end, but I didn’t include those details (coz I was lazy to type)

    olivia – That advice should go to Asstee… ahaks!

  9. souplad says:

    Pride n Prejudice.

  10. bongkersz says:

    Let’s compile the list of the ‘questions’.

    1. Alone ah? (when see you are alone)

  11. mae says:

    i don’t think there’s a need to be rude to someone when all he meant was just to start a friendly conversation. I admit that I do ask silly questions sometimes for the sake of greeting, or during times when you bump into someone and cannot find the right words to say.

  12. michaelooi says:

    mae – ermmm… if you can read, I wasn’t actually the one who’s “rude”. I may be dryly sarcastic… but definitely am not rude.

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