February 12, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

and getting yourself ripped off.

hi this is Death speaking. You must be wondering who i am.

Well, the webmaster has just lost his soul to me (for a couple days) in a game of poker, including this purported ‘evil’ blog of his.

Since I am free to do anything I like on his behalf, I was thinking of fucking up you people’s eyes to accentuate his evil-ness, you know what I mean? So I changed this blog layout to pink. Huargghhagh haghh!

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45 Comments to “Happy Valentines Day”

  1. chengsim says:

    you must be a gay soul cuz since you loved pink. hahaha =)
    then again, pink is the new black now right?

  2. Plunny says:


  3. Primrose says:

    Oi! You shocked me. I went like “WTH? Wrong URL”. And I shut it down. And then I came to the site again. “WTH! Still pink?” Then I read the post. Damn! You changed the colour scheme.

    Eh, on second thoughts, why you copy me? Copy cat, catch a rat and you’d be fat. :)

    Happy Valentine’s day!

  4. Din says:

    Pink is the new black?


    Give us back our Michaelooi!

  5. doc says:

    This is so gay!

  6. 龙卷风 says:

    Opportunity Of A Lifetime

    Have you ever been waiting for the opportunity of a lifetime? Have you ever been wanting to bash someone up but he looks like he’s too evil for you, and you didn’t dare? Have you ever been psyched by black…

  7. Paul Tan says:

    I like it. Michael Ooi is a metrosexual hunk. I need to intro Bryanboy to this blog.

  8. Nicholas says:

    hi, this is my first time commenting although i’ve been reading ur blog for sometime already. this valentine post has left me wondering if, u were, all along…a closet gay… :P

  9. suanie says:

    pink.. w..t…f… MY EYESSS

  10. JDream says:

    Pink is just so wrong for a guy like Michael Ooi :P

  11. Philips says:

    Oh this reminds me to some Singaporean blog.

  12. caryn says:

    ARRGHHH!!! evil death guy!!! give back michael ooi’s soul!! and i mean NOW!!! oh my poor sore painful eyes..

    *runs off to drip optrex*

  13. what pink? it’s still black to me! :P (i know, i came too late)

  14. Danielle says:

    Suddenly I wonder if I’m hallucinating or what. Is this a joke among you people (ala Emperor’s New Clothes) or am I really supposed to be seeing pink but my computer insists to show me black???

  15. cry4freedom says:

    this is so gay for mike.

    oi! i dont know you’re such , urm you know what , girlish. bwahaha.

  16. Stefan says:

    Haha..Michael, Death has really fucked you up real bad, huh? Haha…how long does he have your soul for?

  17. Kevin says:

    Oh no…Mike gone gay??

  18. Lizzy says:

    For a moment, I thought I was reading xiaxue’s blog.

  19. FireAngel says:


  20. Jase Lee says:

    My EYESssssssssss….. I’m BLINDdddddd

  21. Imran says:

    Hey Michael,

    Has the woman inside you finally taken over? By changing your blog to pink and showing off your true colours as well as hurting our eyes, your blog is now 100% evil!

  22. Vincent says:

    First when I saw the pink layout, I thought Michael Ooi turned 62% gay!

    Anyway… can’t wait to see how you rip apart his blog man. I wonder what Michael has to say about all this. :D

  23. michaelooi says:

    oh i’m gay yeah? fine. Next time i meet you guys anywhere, I’m gonna grab your balls and shove a rod (a stool leg perhaps?) up your ass just to complement your description…

    and girls? You can grind and rub me up and get intimate with me like your girl-friends… since I’m so gay like that and you’ll lose nothing.

  24. wilstorth william says:


  25. matakecik says:


    I love the new you! :P

  26. wilstroth william says:

    first entry.. i speechless…

    second entry (this)… i overheard a few ladies and guys talking about some website being pink and gay… etc etc….

    so i ask which website and they showed me yours…

    i was like… hehehehe… god knows and he knows…

  27. kimberlycun says:

    pink!? are u kiddin me!? shit…

  28. tyra says:


  29. michaelooi says:

    see people? I’ve managed to prove a point.

    you people are so concerned about the color of my friggin’ blog, that you’ve forgotten to wish me ‘Happy Valentines Day’. Kanineh you orang!

    You disappoint me you…twerps. Now I go sulk in the corner and weep now. (Becareful, I’m gonna squeeze you boys’ balls HARD. Girls, you may join me.)

  30. tEo says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to u & Emily!

    So, don’t sulk or weep now. A big hug to u since we are sisters. LOL. :p

  31. erizabesu says:


    happy V day!!

  32. caryn says:

    er.. join u? as in sulk n weep in a corner or squeezing boys’ balls? =P

    juz joking….

    oh ya where hav my manners gone.. happy valentine’s day to u & emily~ ^^

  33. dils says:

    I was dumbfucked for a moment and my eyes went O_O

  34. Logan says:

    OMG!!! Mighty ooi did u get poked or what?

    this is so heavenly gay!

  35. beefstew says:

    BLOGably blonde…

  36. plink says:

    *Puts on rose-coloured glasses*
    Happy Valentine’s Day to Mike and Emily.
    Mike: Did you do this on a dare?

  37. EF says:

    wheeeeeeeee Michael Ooi :X what happened. learnt about the colour from drliew.net.

    sheesh :X no comments… Happy Valentine’s day I mean

  38. tyra says:

    yah hor mike…happy v day 2 u and emily…muuuuaaahhhhh xoxoxo

  39. oliviasy says:

    happy v’s day :)

  40. 100 says:

    bastard, it is real!!! I thought maybe I drank too much so it appears pink. I was even thinking about sending you an email, warning someone is ‘hacking’ into your blog. But looks like I worried too much.

    Anyways, Happy Pinky Valentine to you and Emily.

  41. doc says:

    So, Emily and you decided to exchange role for this Valentine’s Day? How’s the candlewax, whipping and gagging going?

    Bwahahahaha! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  42. minishorts says:

    fucking scared the shit out of me oey… eh give me back the dude.

  43. ashotiwoth says:

    Dude… Happy Valentine’s Day!

    coming to the real stuffs… what’s with pink nowadays???

  44. Laura says:

    Happy Valentines day…from Holland.
    We don’t celebrate this day..do you?
    I’ve missed de pink layout….


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