January 17, 2006

spot the hot

Me : “That girl is sure hot”

John : “Which one of them?”

Me : “Man! What the fuck is wrong with you????”

*It takes approximately an IQ level of a sack of potatoes to fully comprehend the short entry above.

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14 Comments to “spot the hot”

  1. wilstroth william says:

    Wow… your friend sure has a problem…

  2. 2Damage says:

    His brain malfunction because not enough blood pump to the head.

  3. viewtru says:

    Your friend John was probably looking below the neckline only.

  4. JDream says:

    Probably like what Viewtru said the “not-so-lenglui” girl had bigger boobs than the other, hence the slight befuddlement.

  5. michaelooi says:

    william – I acknowledge that.

    2Damage – A plausible scientific explanation.

    viewtru/Jdream – Trust me, there’s nothing down there. That’s why I didn’t include that in my illustration…

  6. siudidi says:

    maybe ur friend was unsure of your taste…..maybe he thought that u’ve got some special taste

  7. Primrose says:

    *giggles* As long as they are in skirts…

  8. plink says:

    Question: Does John look like girl-on-right?

  9. caryn says:

    ask him to go n get his eyes checked.. mebbe he has myopia or some other eye problems… =P

  10. kimberlycun says:

    i think i’m ahead of myself. the hot chick is me. and the acne cibai is anyone that i fucking tulan with now can?

  11. zbjernak says:

    perhaps john has exotic taste…

  12. michaelooi says:

    siudidi – Yeah, like after hearing a thousand and one sermons about me complimenting chicks every morning, he’s still couldn’t get it. He still need to get his brain checked…

    primrose – I’ve seen a lunatic indian guy wore an undersized, stolen skirt before. Does that count?

    plink – He’s actually kinda ‘babyface’…but still very much less charming than I am…

    caryn – It’s with the brain girl, it’s with the brain…

    kimberly – Hahahah, and I know who you’re referring to.

    zbjernak – Could very well be. What do I know…

  13. w3s says:

    *Laughing out damn freaking loud.

  14. plink says:

    Sorry, what I thought was that he might be attracted to someone who looks like him.
    I think I’ll have to agree with zbjernak, then.

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