January 9, 2006

telling the truth

I accompanied Emily to the blood lab last week for her routine checkup. Having been there for countless of times, I sort of knew the familiar faces around that area. Amongst the bunch of staffs there, was this good looking receptionist whom I’ve always commended as “the cute looking girl at the blood lab”. Never attempted to chat her up before, and she has always been my sole source of ogling entertainment at that boring place…

For the past couple of visits, I noticed that she wasn’t at her usual front line post no more. Probably quit the job – I thought. But she was there again last week, but was looking very much different from her original looks. Gone were the curly locks and that effervescent glint in her eyes. She now sported a boring shoulder length straights and a bland face as if she had taken a tub bath in formaldehyde.

Me : “Oh my god, look at my favorite girl. She looks terrible. What do you think happened to her?”

Emily : “I don’t know… but she does indeed look terrible”

Me : “Mannnn, she used to look so nice… it’s really scary how much a person’s look could change in a short period of time…”

Emily : “…”

Me : “What a waste man, a total waste”

I was a bit drifted right there…

Emily : “Hey! What’s with you ogling at pretty girls haa??”

Me : “You don’t understand dear…”

Emily : “What?”

Me : “I am actually doing these girls a favor here. Like, they’ve invested so much money to get their hair done, their nice clothes on and all that make up? It’s all to beckon for some attention, dear. I’m just making their spent money worth. It’s a good thing…”

Emily : [opens mouth and … BLASSSSSSTTT!!]

Damn, I was just telling the truth!

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10 Comments to “telling the truth”

  1. Zer0 says:

    Lol.. haha ladies being jealous. That’s a killer. Happens all the time. Sighhh

  2. Survon says:

    Good one!

    And that’s absolutely true. We spent money on those things and of course it is only worthy if anyone noticed. Good or bad comments, does not matter.

  3. Vincent says:

    Had a Thai girlfriend once… You will get a good one terus across the ear even before you know it, if I gave a passing glance at ANY moving female other than her. Basically, she’d have skiped all of the sentences Emily said, and went straight to dish me out the BLASSSSSSTTT!!

    *The cute chick probably got MARRIED?!

  4. m@ri says:

    U should listen to the NOKIA 6111 advertisement about what women say and what they really means, hilarious. Guys… Learn from that, hahahaha…

  5. Jess says:

    lolz…if only you didn’t have to censor off emily’s blasting, i bet tis post would have been more interesting! :)

  6. michaelooi says:

    Zer0 – I have a friend’s girlfriend who’s also kuat jealous. God knows how many times he kena blast per day…

    survon – Yeah, that is why, we guys lurrrrvvve to check out those cleavages and cameltoes. We’re doing good for the society.

    vincent – I think so. She got hitched and was humped till she goes purple… and there she was, looking like a lifeless corpse.

    m@ri – Ok. *learn*. There.

    jess – You seen those dragon spitting fire when it feels threatened? That’s the graphical expression of it. It’s beyond what words can describe…

  7. Jase Lee says:

    Ladies do not want the truth although they told you otherwise. Sheesh, the female race are so different from us guys!

  8. michaelooi says:

    jase – A female’s is like a domesticated cat that could spontaneously become a tasmanian devil with tourette’s syndrome at anytime & anywhere.

  9. oliviasy says:

    hahahahaha.. padan :P

  10. Wan Zafran says:

    Chill with the ogling and commenting on babes when the wife is around, Michael! Though I admire your honesty around your wife; it’s a good thing, really. Sets up a “challenge” for her, hehe.

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