December 26, 2005

this christmas

this christmas,
I learnt that it is not very wise for anyone to stand anywhere below their bunch of heavily intoxicated friends… for you might get drenched with things that you’re not supposed to be drenched with…

I learnt that beer doesn’t smell very pleasant at all when it’s all over your body. Especially when it’s air dried on you.

I learnt that beer doesn’t make a very good styling material for your hair. They don’t hold.

I learnt that a low % alcoholic beverage could possibly have an elevated potential when it’s being drunk the wrong way and in an accelerated time factor.

I learnt that beer makes you do stupid things that even a retard wouldn’t thought of doing. (should have known this long time ago, but I never learn…)

Emily and I gave these out

and got these back

this christmas, I had one of the best times of my life.

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5 Comments to “this christmas”

  1. kokbeng says:

    this christmas eve,
    i learnt that ‘kong’ looks cool n awesome..
    this christmas,
    i learnt that ‘kong’ looks lovely n sweets…

    wat a boring christmas for me..

  2. does not look like the canon lens made it to you. the bear looks cool. i did not get the lens but i got one heck of a lap dance, better than any of my other presents i got.

  3. Primrose says:

    …and drenched. Heh! What’s that pink thingy? Photo album?

  4. michaelooi says:

    yes it’s a photo album.

  5. oliviasy says:

    happy new year micheal!

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