December 23, 2005

boo hoo king kong is dead

My sister proudly exclaimed to my mom that she cried for “King Kong” after watching the movie. (reminded me of those hipster ah lians I saw weeping ostentatiously outside the cinema the other day…)

That actually got me thinking, what is so sad about killing that oversized vicious ape? We all know that the ravenous beast is a man eater (or to be more precise, girl eater). It kills indiscriminately and has no respect for any life form on this planet, except for that blond (which makes it a pervert at the same time.)

With that kind of questionable background, I doubt that this ape would even get a job at a zoo for being such a fucked up animal. So, why do some of us people think that this ape is worth a tear or two when it fucking dies? Why don’t they cry for the victims that has been killed by that ape instead? Why are these people showing more affinity towards an ape more than their own species?

I think I know why. The reason is – they have not mentally evolved from their ape mind yet. Incomplete download. That is why, they are showing some exaggerated reactions seeing one of their own (the ape) getting hurt real bad. It’s their animal instincts at work.

That explains why my sister likes banana so much. If I happen to bitchslap a monkey in front of her, she’s gonna fucking commit suicide. No shit. I think I’m gonna do that someday.

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