December 2, 2005

“War of the Worlds” comment

Some guy didn’t like my “War Of the Worlds” review and decided to lash it all out.

Jim wrote:
What the fuck is wrong with you people the ending was the best ending for a alien movie ever because god has a plan for the world and his little bugs killed the threat. what you want rambo to fly up its ass like in id4 and blow the shit out of it. ya that be so cool? you fuckers would then just complain that you thought the were indestructable. All the tripods died at once because a billion years ago the flu didnt excist and when they came up it was the black death for them.the aliens arnt from mars either in the movie, the book yes, movie no. Tom also wasnt the only one who survived the intersection sceen a man at the end ran past ray as he was leaning on the wall. signs was gay because the aliens were trying to invade a planet they were alergic to (water) so dont compare signs to this master piece. The aliens mabey used up all the resorses on their planet and came to earth they didnt wait until we had weapons to invade.
And the comment about toms son being a dumbass for thinking the aliens are from europe… he doesnt know their aliens all hes seen it a bridge blowing up. I have better things to do then to explain why this movie was good because i know most of the people who say it was bad were passed out from smoking and sniffing to much.
So before you pull apart a sci fi movie telling us what the alien invasion is like because youve experenced it. shut the fuck up consider what you just saw.

I replied him, of course:

michaelooi wrote:
hey jim you motherfucker,
who cares what your sorry hillbilly ass thinks about the movie? For fuck’s sake you can’t even spell “maybe”. That’s how fucked up you are.

And you said you have better things to do than explain why this movie’s so good? Yeah you’re so smart bitch, to only say that after hammering a few paragraphs of super fucked up malarkeys that nobody’s gonna give a fuck about. Just eat shit and die, moron.

(man, that’s therapeutic. Hillbilly Jim just made my day)


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8 Comments to ““War of the Worlds” comment”

  1. YKH says:

    Mike its great you can sqeeze out a reply to him. I still don’t get him after reading twice.

    Maybe its because I haven’t watched the movie?

  2. JDream says:

    OMG I just watched the movie yesterday and it was great! Those tripods looked so cool and they kicked ass! Pity about the ending though, a bit too short for me… Those monsters could have killed a few more soldiers, destroyed a few more major cities and raped a bunch of girls before the movie ended, IMHO.

    What’s that’s guy problem, BTW?

  3. Yup. Definitely a redneck.

  4. beefstew says:

    He is in denial that this movie sucks and the fact that EVOLUTION was never a considering factor for the alien with capability and intelligence to travel from lightyears away.

  5. michaelooi says:

    I don’t fucking know why people would get so riled up sometimes… when all I wanted to do is just to express my opinion in my own blog.


  6. chris says:

    If it were me, “Those were fucking machine lookalike aliens, you expect laser shooting tripods to die from FLU???”

  7. insomniac says:

    Geez…how pathetic! This guy’s life like revolves around alien/sci-fi movies or something.
    He probably skipped school to watch them, too, cause the dipshit can’t spell right! Jim Bob’s got his underwear in a twist like someone tried to butt-rape him or something.

  8. michaelooi says:

    chris – Anything that has an anus, can fucking die from flu lar… goddamn it. Except my ex-boss Rob… coz he’s a zombie. Zombie’s already dead… they’re just animated corpse without a functioning brain…

    insomniac – Hillbillies… they now have access to internet. No more shagging farm animals…

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