November 30, 2005

buying it for yourself

People, what is the utmost important thing that would influence your consideration before purchasing an automobile? The look? The price? Handling? What?

For me, my very first gate of judging a potential buy would be the look of that car. I’ll have to like the car first before I would even show interest in purchasing it. (you see, I have this fetish of wanting my car’s meter to look prominently bright and clear during night time… and my Lorraine’s meter fits the profile just right)

Secondly would be the price. Definitely has to be something that I can afford. And finally, to test drive the junk if it’s drivable. If I’m satisfied with the test drive, then I’ll probably make some effort to find out if that piece of shit has any known quality issues or if the after sales service is any good. (such info can be easily found in any local automotive forums). Only then, I’ll contemplate for the final hurdle of getting myself enough bucks to pay for the deposit (and of course, getting the car loan as well).

If you can recall the half assed review entry I did about Proton Savvy, you’ll notice that I got turned off by that car even by the looks of it. It didn’t get through my first gate. And that has been the bane of the whole entry – some nincompoops came and decorated my commenting system with snide remarks stressing that the car’s selling point is all about handling, not about looks.

Well, does that really matter to me? Hell no.

Like I’ve previously iterated in one of my honda city posts, the outlook of a vehicle nowadays are as important as its comfort and safety factor. It’s all about looking good in the modern world. People spent millions in redefining their product designs just to look better – clothes, cars, silicon boobs… everything. It’s part of the winning formula to get your products sell well.

So, if I see a car which doesn’t live up to my expectations, do you think I would even deign to test drive it? That’s exactly the case with me and Proton Savvy. I think it’s ugly and that’s the end of the story.

(one of the managers at my workplace told me that the rear of Proton Savvy somehow reminded him of ultraman taro’s face – refer comparison below to judge yourself…)

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17 Comments to “buying it for yourself”

  1. hokkien lang says:

    i read in 1 blog that proton savvy rear looks like ‘iron lady’ butt. ha ha ha ha

  2. zbjernak says:

    you…. you there

    stop insulting my favourite…
    my idol…the ultramans…

    do not compare them with tht…tht.. tht sawi

    ultramans rule…

  3. Quit Smoking says:

    Dude wtf, is this a serious post?

  4. jusoh says:

    HEY! how dare you compared proton savvy with ultraman!!!

    ultraman is my childhood hero!

  5. hmm how about Nissan Skyline GTR?!

  6. michaelooi says:

    hokkienlang – Iron lady? You mean… the former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher? I didn’t know she has a butt that looks like ultraman taro… (a butt’s like… round… aerodynamic. Savvy’s rear is anything but round)

    zbjernak / jusoh – I apologize for insulting your favourite hero. I will punish myself by doing some ear squats…

    qsmoking – Wtf dude? cannot aa?

    vendetta – What about Skyline? I don’t get your question.

  7. elphinstone says:

    now that you mentioned it… it does look somewhat similar :P

  8. Janus says:

    Holy cow, no wonder its been bugging me, i’ve been trying to place that look for quite some time. You nailed it on the head!

  9. kk says:

    my choice is different from yours. I just love a small car which is easy to park, to wash and to drive. I compared Chevrolet Aveo, Mazda, Hyundai Get and Honda Jazz and after reading users’ comments from the Internet, I chose Aveo, had never done for a single repair after 1 year! For local cars, no confident oredy, usually would be required to repair this and that once on the road.

  10. performance first, looks second, comfort third, – that doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort for looks or performance.

    Firstly I would look at the performance first. Wah good handling, good aceleration? Move on to looks.

    If the looks are okay and acceptable, then move on to comfort; otherwise just forget about it.

    well in malaysia we don’t have much choice isn’t it? The price tag is killing almost everyone already.

    On a side note, a perodua kelisa is selling for 4,800 pounds in UK. How much here in malaysia?

  11. Kevin says:

    Savvy sucks…

  12. Vincent says:

    I’ll just be boring and buy a Toyota… or a Mazda 6… maybe a Skyline… perhaps a…

    *Oh shit, you got me thinking now!

  13. michaelooi says:

    elphine – Now… pray hard that your car doesn’t look like a monster… else you’re gonna get lots of Proton Savvy’s kissing your ass… heheheh

    janus – I think there’s someone even mentioned that the rear look of Proton Savvy was blindly copied from Waja’s front headlights. Not sure if it’s true… (if it’s indeed true, then we’re probably the first group of people that figured out the links between Savvy, Waja and Ultraman Taro.)

    kk – I initially wanted a Honda Jazz. Heck I’ve even test drove it… but just couldn’t get myself to fork out 100 grands to get that car. I settled for Lorraine instead.

    elrohir (isn’t that some nasty Orcs’ name in LOTR?) – Kelisa is being sold for about RM40,000 in Malaysia.

    kevin – So does those bunch of fowls hanging out at Geylang. hehehh

    vincent – Somehow, toyota gives me an impression of “uncle”… Honda – “ah beng”… mercedes – “ah long” … beemer – “casanova” …

  14. JDream says:

    Erm, just a suggestion – apart from Ultraman Taro’s face, my friend told me those Proton engineers ripped the idea from Waja’s front look.

    What do you think?

  15. 8323 says:

    I’m curious about Lorraine. just guessing, is Lorraine an Alfa Romeo ?

  16. decypher says:

    have u seen the butt of a black Myvi? it looks like darth vader.

  17. mad d says:

    I blame everything on da government. If they would reduce da tax on imported cars, proton will have 2 grow up n produce better cars with lower cost.

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