November 25, 2005

sick & disgusting

“Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi”

I’m sure you people know what I’m talking about. It’s about our police force. The moment I read the news about the abuse, I didn’t make a second thought about the allegations. It came as not much of a surprise for me, since I don’t really have much faith in them.

One may say, that it would be unfair to simply put down the whole force just because of a few bad apples. But hell, what do I care… if they fail, they fucking fail as a whole organization. You don’t rely on many John Rambos running around popping caps at robbers, but a whole team of dedicated and trained professionals to uphold the peace and integrity of the country.

It’s their job to make our country safe and they should be setting good examples while doing it. But when these law enforcement officers break the law themselves and became part of the social decadence, it sort of creates a backdraft effect – people become worried about police vigilantes more than they worry about thugs and racketeers.

How many times have we read in the news about policemen outraging the modesty of an innocent women? How many times have we heard about people getting mistreated during raids? How many times have we heard, or even EXPERIENCED ourselves, about policemen asking for bribes? (yeah, ops sikap… *chuckles*) And lets not even mention the countless of claims about their tardy responds on emergency calls… that is, if they ever respond at all.

Even I myself have experienced it. My car got broken in and I was required to report it to the police headquarter. I was first made to wait for approximately an hour, before one of the policemen brought me to a local mamak stall for supper. He proceeded to order himself a plate of curry rice with fish and squids… and requested me to treat him. I wasn’t very happy about that of course, having lost 20 over thousand bucks worth of belongings in a single break in… and still have to put up with this fucking stupid el-cheapo rip off from a policeman. I paid for his meal anyway, as it only costed me a few bucks, but it costed him his dignity.

There’s this video circling around the media right now… showing a policewoman in head scarf watching over a naked female detainee performing squat ups. This, is too much. I mean, why do they have to strip someone naked to perform a squat up? What’s with the squat up anyway? And why the fuck was there someone shooting a goddamn video? For entertainment? That’s sick and disgusting, man.

Their acts reminded me a lot of the Abu Ghraib abuse which our government had vehemently condemned. Pot calling kettle black. Our own law enforcement force just did the same thing. Somebody ought to do something now…

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  1. megabigblur says:

    Power corrupts mah. That’s what happens in a country like ours where people aren’t taught to think for themselves & or use logic to back up morality. They follow whatever bad examples. It’s like that picture of an American soldier holding an Iraqi guy on a dog leash..turned out that woman wasn’t very smart and simply followed whatever people told her to do.

    If you humiliate kids by making them do stupid exercises like squats in school, and they’re not very smart people…then they’ll just take their revenge by making other peopel do squats as adults.

  2. sharina says:

    not all are that evil. my granddad was in the polic force for years. alot of them hated him as he made it hard for people to take bribes. he was one of the very few men who stayed true to his principles.

    but alot of them ARE corrupted. its sad. but i think it happens everywhere. not just malaysia.

    if you can’t trust the people who are suppose to protect you, then who can you trust?

  3. william wilstroth says:

    satu titik susu yang rosak merosakkan satu belanga susu Dutch Lady yang bagus…

    Oh.. is this the right proverb?


  4. alicia says:

    i pity the girl in the video.. it is a huge humiliation.. n ya.. u’re rite.. y shoot the video?

  5. goldnugget says:

    Hahaha Sharina, trust only your money, when they see your money you gain their trust and you will well be prrotected.

  6. michaelooi says:

    sharina / goldnugget – I only trust myself.

    william – This isn’t just satu titik. This is susu tiga suku belanga merosakkan the rest. Corruption is rampant amongst these law enforcement officers… else they wouldn’t have designed those dumbass badge/button… (as if it’s gonna help). What next? Saya anti-berkelakuan buruk? Saya anti-gila seks? Saya anti-merakam video lucah? Tiuuuuuuu

    alicia – I wonder what squat ups has to do with enforcing the law… goddamn.

  7. put3put4 says:

    50 yrs ago, my mother’s precept: “don’t pluck that flower, otherwise police will catch you”. – honored.

    30 yrs ago, my friend’s hint: “if they catch you for a traffic offence, just attach 5 bucks with your license will do, don’t put more”. – addicted.

    10 yrs ago, my precept to my children: “if police asks for money, don’t pay them, instead get the summon”. – awaken.

    now, my advice to girl: “if police asks you to strip, insist on the accompany of Chinese administrator, under the circumstance of no pau tau and no ala ula music, then u will feel better”. – twentieth century humiliation.

  8. zbjernak says:

    true…abu ghraib prisoner kena torture..those soldiers were punished and condemned…

    now this is not even prison..and they are not even convict…they are free people like u and me…

    who knows one day…we might end up performing the squat too….. and the videos are all over blog world…


  9. I’ve got mixed feelings about the cameraphone shooting. In one hand I agree that it is quite inappropriate. But look on the bright side,if not because of the recordings, there won’t be any hard evidence to show what’s actually going on behind the scenes. My suggestion? Everyone equipt themselves with cameraphones (so it’s easy to carry around everywhere) and everytime you have an encounter with the coppers, record every single moment of it. If anything goes wrong, you know you’ve got the evidence to prove it.

  10. michaelooi says:

    megabigblur – I have nothing against squat ups… I just don’t like the whole voyeur video thingy… it’s a violation of human rights.

    put3put4 – Master Yoda!!! Is that you???

    zbjernak – Well, I don’t really mind people publishing videos of my dick flailing all over the place… it’ll be a boon to mankind (kidding). But at least, ask my permission first… (you get the idea)

    zongtwi – Well… that girl kinda sacrificed to open up that closet full of bones. I agree that if it wasn’t for that video, we probably wouldn’t have found out about all the dirty deeds. But then, not to say that we should go around with our camera phones snapping people at their least glamourous form lah…

  11. monkey says:

    malaysia police = mafia
    they think that they are above the law? FUCK OFF. The government should hang, draw and quarter and make the police-person(s) involved. This kind of behaviour from a police force is UN-FUCKING-ACCEPTABLE.



    Pak Lah, what happened to the Police Royal Commission that was tasked to look into our police force? Where are the recommendations? I say, sack the whole bunch of them throw them into prison. fucking corputed I-am-above-the-law-so-no-one-can-touch-me……

    ARGH!!! I cant take it……..Fuck them lah!!!!

  12. moo_t says:

    I have no not access to the video. But looking at the low quality photo published, I suspect it can also be CCTV, which allow the “controller” to zoom in/out. (If anyone remember drliew Japan street camera)

    You can verified it by checking the sturdiness of the video. If it is sturdy, it is a CCTV shot, unless the person holding the camera is semi-pro.

  13. "alex" says:

    yes, damn the police, thought there may be a few good police out there. But you are rite, who care?

  14. we are all innocent says:

    yes yes…. malaysia police are no good. we cannot depend on them to protect us. my hse got broken in twice before, and realizing the high break-ins rate at my housing area, those damn police didn’t even move their shit ass to at least patrol the place.

    then, bomba oso not to say very good. they r juz as bad as the police. my fren once told me dat a few houses away from her house was on fire, and of coz bomba came. da 1st thing that those bomba said was dat ‘itu tekanan air rendah lah, tak dapat mau padam api’. da residence there had to pool up their money n pay those damn bomba to get the water pressure up. right after they handed the money, the water pressure went up fucking high.
    so, conclusion is dat money rulez. takde duit air pun takde, api tak boleh padam, ada duit ada air api padam. they juz dun fucking care dat ur hse will be burnt down.

  15. cyingz says:

    yea..the last time the policemen stopped me and when they told me that they will give me a saman..then i said..sure..then they bloody repeat it again..i will give u a like wtf is damn wrong with them..then the other policeman(the boss i asssume) came n said if we saman u..then u cant renew your driving license..for 2years..i am like wtf?!! then i keep saying..yeah is okay..nevermind give me the saman..hehhe!! yeah!! then finally the boss think think liao n said..okla..i give u chance..u may go now..waaaseh..gila betul..but i bet they wants me to give them money..heh..i wont!!

  16. rekcuF says:

    I’ve been stopped by the police at least 10 times, and I’ve managed to get myself out by bribing every single time. They always ask “Tak mau settle kah?”

    Shit, I’ve bribed a policeman with a box of ciggs before, what does that tell you?

    Fuck all of them…

  17. teddseven says:

    the police ask the woman to do squats becoz they wanna check whether she kept anything in her vagina..

    some have been caught keeping drugs in their vagina..

    its all true.. some guys was caught with stuffed condom with drugs in their arse

  18. Stephanie says:

    Did you hear the latest drama? Instead of trying to rectify the situation, they just announced that they are going after the dude who took the video in the first place. I wei?! And to add to the mega joke of this whole affair, they even said that the stripping and squating thingy is just a mere ‘exercise’ routine to ensure the detainees don’t have anything hidden in the body that is prohibited. What..a few squats would bring a chain saw coming out from under her armpits?

    I don’t know who is the bigger moron – the shuttercock tudung head who made the girl do the squats or the supossedly big-shot who made that statement in the papers about exercise routine.

    The Malaysian Police Force has now succeeded to brand itself as a national joke. Cepat & Betul my ass lah… :P

  19. michaelooi says:

    In that case, if I have shits lodged inside my rectum, I’ll be able to make it reveal itself to the world by just performing a few squat ups? That’s ridiculous.

  20. luncai says:

    Biar si luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya! hahaha!! what a real joke!! trying to investigate who took the scene!

  21. insomniac says:

    Are all these things about our cops really all that surprising?
    We all know what goes on in those lock-ups; we’ve all heard the horror stories. Heck, some of us have even experienced police ‘procedure’, first hand!
    There’s a great “Letter to the Editor” in the Star, today, by an ex-cop about the “Saya anti-rasuah” badge. He calls it “ludicrous” and deems it an insult to the honour of the uniform.
    I say those anti-graft badges should be custom-made for each officer. It should display their full name, rank & number, and the words “Kalau saya mintak rasuah, sila panggil nombor ini 03-xxx…(ACA’s number).

  22. michaelooi says:

    eh, what is “luncai” aa? lanciau i know lar… heheh.

    insomniac – Yeah, couldn’t agree more that the badge’s damn sohai. It’s just like a cow wearing a tag saying “I’m a vegetarian”.


  23. lovely-lace says:

    You know what, i think maybe the policewomen’s husband

  24. JDream says:

    Not to mention those guys think they’re so high and mighty above the law that they treat us commoners worse than shit sometimes.

    I just had a scenario whereby I got into an accident the other day and when I was assigned to report my case to some specific police-inspector guy, the fella had the cheek to keep me waiting for more than 2 weeks! He promised to be back in a week but noo, he took another week without informing anyone back at the beatbase.

    Talk about Cepat & Betul. Should rename it to “Saya Akan Buat Bila Saya Suka”.

  25. souplad says:

    and now sixthseal got into trouble. Is that an attempt to divert the public’s attention. Hmmm. Tot they (govt) always do this kinda diversion…Poor Sixthseal

  26. alicia says:

    it was out in the news yesterday..

    NST – AS the controversy over the “squat in the nude” incident rages on, Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Noh Omar today came out in strong defence of the police, saying their action was in accordance with the rules and regulations.

    this is amazing…

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