October 13, 2005

smell something ?

It was months ago when I first saw this not-really-bad-looking chick at my workplace. Tall and slender, high cheeks, proportionate body shape. A girlfriend material.

At that first time when I saw her, she was wearing this really nice looking pair of low cut blue jeans. It looked good on her. Her long legs somehow matched that low cut jeans very aptly… and the sight of her bleached white ass was kinda delectable. (yeah, it was worn so low that the sight of buttcrack was very overt like a phone booth)

And one thing about this girl I’ve noticed, was that she’s very aware about her hind exposure – each time she walks pass a pack of ogling wolves or a cackle of hyenas, she would pull down her T-shirt to cover up her caboose. Not sure what the fuck was that all about … probably an act to preserve some decency. Whatever.

It was kinda kooky at first, but after an umpteenth encounter with Miss Cover-Ass, we sorta gotten used with the sight of her beckoning act. And the excitement died down after a few sightings… nobody gave a hoot about her anymore.

But a couple weeks ago, something suddenly hit me about this girl. I’ve noticed that she’s been wearing the same jeans all these while ! Same cutting, same colour. (note: I’ve never seen her going about without covering her ass, so it has always been a low cut jeans on her…)

A friend suggested a credible reasoning “maybe she has a few same jeans leh?”. But I don’t think so. For lolas (*wink), maybe. But jeans, they’re damn expensive. If you’re to get yourself a pair of jeans of specific color and cutting that you like, would you be getting yourself like … a few pairs ? Not very likely. Unless you’re autistic or something.

So, the most plausible explanation here is, this girl has been wearing the same pair of jeans to work. Every fucking day. Only washes it once a week.

I know … I know … it’s kinda common for us guys to wash our jeans only weeks of usage. But that’s us… as guyssss, as “sleazebags” the girls have been labeling us as. We rightfully claim the title to be as such. Even if that were to be debatable, at least we don’t wear the same pair of motherfucking jeans from 7 to 5 every frigging day for a week (and for every awakening moment at the workplace). That’s just plain gross.

The only thing positive that I can think about being such a sheer beatnik, is the symbiosis relation. You know symbiosis, right ? 2 organism of different species coexist together in a mutual beneficial kind of way. So who are the 2 organism in this symbiosis relationship ? Our sleazebag lady here and her pet bacterias inside her jeans. Her grimes and filth feeds the bacterias … and the bacterias adds character to her stinking jeans.

Anyway… whatever the reason is, I’m not interested to find out. The root is still, she’s fucking gross. There shall be no justifiable excuse for that on this planet. And you people keep wondering why mosquitoes are abundant nowadays … sheesh…

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24 Comments to “smell something ?”

  1. jc says:

    maybe it is as your colleague suggests…she has a few pairs of exactly the same jeans. I do. Too lazy to try on others when one fits liau. :P Ok maybe not a few, 2 of the same colour, cutting, etc… If it’s comfortable and fits perfectly I’ll get it coz nowadays it’s difficult to find jeans which does not show off the butt crack (damn uncomfortable).

  2. fish fish says:

    So, Mikey, did you confirm if you “smell something”? :P

  3. zbjernak says:


    dunno why…dirty girl = gross

    perhaps tht screw up the image of the “angel” that we thought girls are.

  4. oliviasy says:

    1) she has more than 1 pair of the same jeans
    2) she wears the jeans for 1 week, then basuh
    3) the jeans make her look good, and make men look at her, so she wears the same pair
    4) dat’s her only pair of jeans

  5. michaelooi says:

    jc – No you don’t actually pay for a few of identical items, right ? At least get a different colour/pattern. I am very positive that she has been wearing the SAME pair of jeans for everyday. Gross.

    fish fish – Not in this life. I kept my distance off her… yeesh.

    zbjernak – Dunno why ? That’s because it’s unhygienic. Period.

    olivia – That’s her only pair of jeans. Burn a hole on it, she’ll go on leave for days to shop for another.

  6. Natasha says:

    Oh my… don’t tell me in the whole wardrobe, she only has this jeans or a few pairs of the same jeans. Even if she wash it everyday or alternate it with another same one, ppl might think she didn’t wash her jeans and wear it everyday. No good for the image…Somemore she’s a pretty girl, right?

  7. jusoh says:

    she got more than one pair lah (i think) since my friend also like this.

    btw, if she got only one pair and since she is not bad looking with nice body girl… find her a boyfriend lah, and then the bf for sure will buy more jeans for her… habis cerita.

    err… she got bf already or not? i can secara suka-rela be her bf!

  8. ShaolinTiger says:


    I donch care, I wear same jeans for like a month, until they can stand up on their own, then I send to dobi mah.

  9. michaelooi says:

    natasha – I wouldn’t call her pretty though… but she does have a hot bod.

    jusoh – keep dreaming

    ST – Hahahh, if you’re a guy, then it’s normal.

  10. tyra says:

    im sure she has 2 or 3 pair..i’ve a dress shirt made in 5 different colors & mix match them for work :) or perhaps she doesnt sweat alot so she keeps wearing it?

  11. moo_t says:

    Maybe she wear some “special undergarment” beneath the jeans so don’t need to wash so often mah. ;)

    I still think it is tasteless if wearing same jeans everyday, no matter how good the jeans fit her body.

  12. Primrose says:

    Hmm, maybe this girl owns the jeans factory leh? So she gets to wear them before they go on the racks for sale leh? You know, the worn-torn, stone-washed look…? Or maybe after wearing the same jeans, she hangs it out under the sun to kill the germs leh?

    I won’t even get a few of the same lolas. I like my lolas in variety. What if people think I don’t wash them? *giggle*

  13. bluek says:

    me have 2 pairs of jeans. 1 makes my thighs look fat so i only wear that to work on saturdays when the company t-shirt is long enuf to cover it.
    the other nice pair (i think) i wear on every outing. Mr Machine washes it at least twice a month, unless worn when kena period. But i don’t go out everyday n not 8hrs each wear. so yea, it’s kinda gross. How pretty oso no use bcos gross is gross. It’s like seeing nicole kidman or whoever goddess-like chick u drool over picking her gold in public. ;)

  14. michaelooi says:

    tyra – It’s the same colour, same cutting. I’ve even asked a few of my members to evaluate for a couple days, and we all concluded the same thing. She’s fucking gross.

    moo_t – I don’t know what she wears underneath ler, but i doubt that would even change the general perception of the public.

    primrose – If she owns a jeans factory, she wouldn’t be working in our office in the first place, right ?

    bluek – 9 hours a day. multiply by 5. That’s roughly 45 hours. If we were to include the time taken for her to commute to work, 50 hours. (that is, if she even washes her jeans EVERY WEEK). Fucking gross.

  15. phangan says:

    maybe she’s got a tattoo that she wanna hide?

  16. Gregenz says:

    man…! the weather in malaysia…wearing it for days…whoaaaaaaaa!!

    I wonder what others working with her or sees her everyday would think…and yea..i also interested to know if mike smell something haha!

  17. 100 says:

    tu la…why pandai pandai go see and think so much. Check the face ka, cleavage ka, butt crack ka, enough already la. TMI is unnecessary to avoid nightmare…

  18. Andrew says:

    There is such a thing as washer and dryer, you know… she could possibly wash it during the night, and wear the clean one to work the next morning….

  19. matakecik says:

    Mike, can you do us all a favour and ask her wat’s up with her jeans? I dare you!!!! Hahahahahah

  20. michaelooi says:

    phangan – But what has that got to do with her dirty jeans ?

    gregenz/matakecik – Ermmm… you want me to die is it ? You people are mean….

    100 – Yeah, I should’ve just ogle at her tits…

    andrew – Well, could very well be. But what do I care ? She already skewed my perception, and that’s the most important thing…

  21. Patrick says:

    There’s a Typhoid Mary in every bunch, eh.

  22. william wilstroth says:

    hmmm… for me i dun care about the face.. if body is ooohhh… la la… (i dun mind the low cut worn for many weeks jeans…) i dun mind getting to know her…


  23. jc says:

    So….got smell or not? :P
    If really smelly say something to her….I dare you to. :P
    I did but to a guy. Damn idiot must have not washed the jeans for upteen years damn smelly mien. First day I kept quiet, 2nd day….beh tahan spoke up liau.

  24. Wan Zafran says:

    I haven’t washed my jeans for… 6 months. Still using it.

    I’m the embodiment of the male species.

    Worship me.

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