October 12, 2005


My workplace had a power failure today. Total blackout. Most of the lights were out except some of the emergency lights… and of course, the air conditioning too. So it’s kinda musty and hot in the office.

I just came back from my lunch when it happened. But luckily, the network’s still up and running (as they’re hooked to some power generator or something). So most of us were still able to access the network through our portable PC’s. I fired up my email program and saw a memo from our management (details modified to protect the confidentiality).

To : all employees

Please be informed that our company is having a power failure. However, the data server is not affected and being supported by the generator.

how will this affect the users ?
The company has no power supply.

business units
All employees located in the workplace.

That’s hell u’va memo, isn’t it ? I laughed so hard that I almost shat my pants. Hell.

I do not know how would that memo help us in any way other than wasting the network bandwidth. Like, it was already so fucking dark in the office… and the air conditioning wasn’t working. Any birdbrain would have been able to wild guess that it’s a fucking blackout. Now why do they think that they need to remind us employees that we’re having a blackout? It’s a wonder how bureaucracies drive people to do ridiculous things, isn’t it ?

Some 35 minutes later, while I’m still sitting in the DARK and MUSTY office, I received another memo…

Power has not been restored yet. Facilities is still investigating.

Oooh, as if I couldn’t tell… what the fuck bebeh. They sent the exact same memo half an hour later, to remind us employees about the shit situation we’re in… so as we’re not clueless of what’s happening.

Then about a while later, the office lights began to flash back to normal. The air conditioning hummed its usual washing machine dry spin tone (that’s a big ass air conditioning unit, ok ?). Then almost as predictable, I beamed at my email program… expecting something from the management. Sure enough, 15 minutes after the power was restored, the final memo came :

Power has been restored at 2:10pm. Facilities consultant indicates that the power lost was caused by power switch gear tripped.

Enlightening indeed. Had they not send out those memos, I probably wouldn’t have known if a power failure had occurred… GODDAMN !

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17 Comments to “memo”

  1. plink says:

    Management may have failed IQ testing, but are still smart enough to use memopants (to cover their ass).

    Or maybe they’re considerate, assuming that everyone else scored the same as them…;-)

  2. rodney says:

    The managers wanted to feel needed and to sheapered the flock of sheeps (i.e. you). They are doing this to justify their wages.. you know “successfully adverted panic with in the company during emergency” :D

  3. Silencers says:

    Someone said this [or was it you?]: The really smart ones, they hire as engineers. The idiots, they put em up there in management.

    Guess it’s true after all.

  4. cmos says:

    Looks like all companies practices the same nonsense everywhere. For example, when the servers are down, I keep receiving memos saying “Servers X, Y, Z are currently unavailable. There is no ETA at the moment” every 20 minutes or so. Oh… like it farking makes a difference whether I receive the memo or not. Jokers…

  5. Andrew says:

    Either that, or, the smart ones hire engineers to work under them. The dumb ones, put up with idiot management.

    Disclaimer: I am an engineer too!

  6. alicia says:

    in my opinion, i think dey’re just being very careful abt their job (to provide a written black and white prove describing the situation).. so dat nobody will b blamed for the cause and effects of the power failure..

  7. Gregenz says:

    Well, Those sitting up there are always assholes cus they can really talk, and they know how to please the people sitting way up there…either by licking their shoes, ass, balls..give them a BJ, whatever.

    Now, unless the company is really generous providing each staff with a laptop and a pc, (although it still makes no fucking sense to send that memo…) what’s the use to shooting that memo? pc users aren’t gona get it until the powers back on…but heck well, i’ll just use it as an excuse to fire back if they bitch about our deadline….cus this is what happens in our office…

  8. michaelooi says:

    let that post be a small window for you people to peek at the corporate world …. where thousands of allegedly smart people conglomerate into an organization… and do stupid things together.

  9. alicia says:

    agree.. stupid things can be eg. earning tons of money for ‘other ppl’ ;)

  10. Try read more Dilbert’s comic, you will find more interesting office jokes that seems like a norm to the management.

  11. viewtru says:

    Did I tell you about the time during a power failure and a colleague of mine went to a room and did not bother to switch on the lights because there was no power anyway? She did not know that the power came back later and so she kept on working in the dark. For half an hour. Until I passed by and told her to switch on the lights.

  12. Primrose says:

    LOL! So stooopid! Let me also tell you a stoopid story.

    The person in-charge of printing our brochures sent a sample through the fax machine one day with a note: Please approve colours. DUH!

  13. Natasha says:

    The memos are so ‘DUH. If they want to send a memo out regarding to the power failure, they should only send one explaining the cause of the power failure.

  14. put3put4 says:

    Why not they wrote like this:

    1st: Sorry, Power failure has broken our lights down, but the server is not yet down. See! Donkeys are still doing their donkeyjobs at the field there. Pls plug in the usb fan if available.

    2nd: Pls tahun for a while, cool air is on the way or else temporally put off your shirt to cool yourself.

    3rd: Broken lights are now recovered. Hope u didn’t get wet!


  15. michaelooi says:

    alicia – Filling tonnes of papers to change a lightbulb…

    kancil killer – I supposed comics can make you a really smart person … but thanks for the suggestion…

    viewtru – What can she do in the dark ? Doing some braille porn reading ? Your colleague’s been gyping you … dude… she’s probably masturbating herself with a carrot or something.

    primrose – Aisehman … that person must be a manager. I’ve got someone calling me up at my office desk before and asked … “where are you now ?”

    natasha – That’s the whole point isn’t it ? They misused the IT resources …

    put3put4 – I’d rather them send me a note telling me to go home …

  16. zbjernak says:

    [sentence censored]

    perhaps post-911 policy, dont want people to panic….

    transparency in everything mah

  17. Joez says:

    Hmm…at least I got to know that the other plant no power….damn….all my Orders stuck due to invoices cannot be printed.

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