September 26, 2005


The warmth of the morning sun
The charm of the silvery moon
The laugh of a thousand hyenas
The beauty for an eternal swoon.

The angel of heavens
The goddess of desire
With a face that blokes would slobber
And girls would enviously admire

*i know…i suck at composing poems and shits like that…

People, if you think that girl in the pic is cute, please leave a wolf whistle in the commenting section. Thanks.

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30 Comments to “angel”

  1. frostier says:

    *in an attempt to make a wolf whistle..

    **Failed miserably**

  2. michaelooi says:

    ~phweeewittttttttttt !!!!

  3. KY says:

    The angel of alcohol
    The goddess of dance floor

  4. totoro says:

    I think her nude pic juz got released in lol.

  5. belacans says:

    instead of wolfy, can i salivate or not? slurrp sluurrppp!

  6. 龙卷风 says:


    今天, 本網站要為您特別隆重介紹一位博壇天后 – “烈焰天使”. 與天后的邂逅, &…



  8. moo_t says:

    Is this some sort of blogs petition campaign?
    so who is going to archive her blogs? Wget, quick.

  9. Esther says:

    As a fella female.. no, not really. Maybe it’s just the photo.

  10. Gregenz says:

    i checked the site ler…cant seeeeee!!!! cehhhh!! wat mannnnnnnnn!!

  11. Din says:

    woah…this must be the first in history….

  12. Gregenz says:

    first in history in what? cus in china is a norm since i dono when….maybe for malaysia haha!

    Mike, what you think of Internet Stardom?

  13. michaelooi says:

    what do i know about internet stardom ? why ask me pulak ? I’m just a goddamn engineer lar weh…

  14. Knight says:

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! nice

  15. CHiQ says:

    OMG, the FA is so HOT!!!

  16. k says:

    … are u sure this isnt one of micheal’s trick again…>_> …mic ..doin something to fool us again is it !! :P

  17. kolokmee says:

    ribena is hot
    vodka is hot
    FA is hot

  18. viewtru says:

    A poem? OMG…that’s so un-you!

  19. GhOsT says:

    Who is this? See her everywhere….

  20. elloz says:

    looks better in the pic above….


    7.5 out of 10…..

  21. gregenz says:

    you dono meh!! i thought anything can refer to you mahhhhhhhh~~!! cus this IS the IN thing…internet stardom…well..u’r popular in a way mah dew..!

  22. karina says:

    who’s angel?y suddenly so famous one?*blur

  23. Andre says:

    *fffff* (my lips are dry)

    This gwailo finds women like her very attractive. Maybe it is time I book that trip to the East…

  24. fish fish says:

    Ok… Mikey, fish fish choose your post for putting comment complimenting FA then. Especially like her smile. ^_^

  25. Pig Pig says:

    I like her EAR

  26. Lichard says:

    she is digging her ear? (0_o)???

  27. ChowFC says:

    Why is she cleaning her ears?

  28. smashpOp says:

    ooo i know hyperhex.. :P

  29. bryan says:

    W00T WOOT

  30. ally says:

    i, personally dont think that nude picture is her. =)

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