September 24, 2005


In 1934, my grandpa found a really weird looking piece of “rock” when he was looking for firewood in some forest at Teluk Intan (back then, he was just a teenager). This “rock”, is greenish in color … and when being seen through a bright source of light, it’s kinda luminescent. It is about the size of a Tat Seng flip-flop sandal and is quite heavy.

Figuring that this might be something of value, my grandpa immediately took the rock to a nearby Chinese pawn shop to ask for an evaluation. But the pawn shop operator dismissed my grandpa off saying that it’s a worthless piece of “rock”. Disappointed, my grandpa took the “rock” home, kept it in a wooden box (because he thinks it’s unique) and forgotten all about it.

And some 30 years later, when my grandpa was spring cleaning his old stuffs, he stumbled into this unique “rock” again. Feeling inclined to find out what it really was, my grandpa took this rock to his best friend (who’s a gem smith) for another look … and after a careful study at the details of the “rock’s” characteristics, his friend concluded that the piece of “rock” appeared to be a rare piece of Burmese moonrock jade.

Rare because it is naturally flat, and it has all the vital features that a gem collector would look for. And that friend of my grandpa took that piece of rare gem for an evaluation of price … and the first bid from a keen collector was at about RM400,000! But grandpa didn’t sell it… but kept it instead… as he believed that this piece of jade would bring him good fortune.

Today, this piece of jade sits inside my grandpa’s vault and if he were to sell it off today, it probably would have fetched RM1.2 million with no sweat.

Here’s the picture of that gem.

*more detailed pictures & composition in extended section below…*

Alright, I made up all those shits above. That piece of thing isn’t actually a moonrock or whatsoever rare gem. It’s my booger magnified under high powered microscope. Impressive, isn’t it ? It’s outline somehow reminded me of Singapore… HAHAHHHHH ! Nice weekend people.

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28 Comments to “moonrock”

  1. 100 says:

    another prank by mike…damn…why i never learn my lesson…

  2. ariel says:


  3. Alynna says:

    Eh, it looks like aluminium foil lar. :P

  4. michaelooi says:

    100 – No… it’s a real jade…

    ariel – Dey, Phor dah !

    alynna – Does it ? Wow… let’s use it to wrap & bbq some corn !

  5. Yee Hou says:

    Mike can I pretty please have it? I know you’ll give it to me…Then I can buy a car…chainsaw…muahhaha…coolnya! Keep it and a few more generations and your family would be staring at really big bucks!

  6. gregenz says:

    HAHA!!! I KENA!!! AGAIN!! dewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

  7. Esther says:


    Your booger looks like a jade. You should be in some book of records.

  8. Averdim says:

    errr…watz with yee hou?
    michael’s booger=fortune?
    ppl wud start digging ur nose for you edi man, michael…

  9. totoro says:

    Eh, dah biasa tu… mike’s entries always entertaining 1… :)

  10. koekoecrunch says:

    well i almost puke when i noe the truth because i was having my supper while reading tht post.

    lesson: never eat while surfing.

  11. gregenz says:

    koekoecrunch – actually…the lesson is never eat while reading mikes blog, cus we never know what he’d come up with haha!

  12. michaelooi says:

    yee hou – Ok. I’ll keep it in a container for you. Though they may come in odd shapes but once you mix with water, you’ll be able to mold it into any shape you want.

    esther – Yeah I should. I always thought that my boogers are special…

    averdim – I won’t let them. If anyone touches my nose, I’m gonna fucking scream.

    totoro – My boogers are funny… I knew it.

    kokocrunch / gregenz – Actualy, this isn’t the first time I’ve warned my readers – Never read blogs when you’re eating.

  13. iamamonkeysoareyou says:

    mike is a champion………NOT!!!!

  14. MorpheusX says:

    Holy Crap. I mean booger!!!!!!!

  15. megabigblur says:

    Celaka. I *did* think it looked kinda gray for a jade. If you could korek hidung some more and come out with a more greenish one it might be more effective.

  16. megabigblur says:

    (sorry for double-posting, I just remembered something)
    “It’s outline somehow reminded me of Singapore…”

    Wasn’t there some Taiwanese politician who referred to Singapore as a booger?

  17. Yee Hou says:

    Yay! mike’s gonna give it to me.. muahha.. erm, now thinking of cars, would you ever disclose Lorraine’s identity?

  18. michaelooi says:

    yee hou – Chevy Optra.

  19. Silencers says:

    LOL, at first I thought ‘why the hell does that moonrock jade looks like a used serviette?’

  20. smooth says:

    crap…i was wondering how come the rock is green outside…the jade suppose to be inside the rock n u’ll haf to crack it open to find out the gem inside rite?…hahaha…nice 1…^^

  21. michaelooi says:

    silencers – Guess what ? You’re wrong. It looked like a booger… hahahhh !

    smooth – Who would have thought ? I don’t even know how a raw jade looks like … nor there is anything called moonrock. LOL.

    megabigblur – No idea abt that Taiwanese politician. This piece of beauty came from my own nose… and somehow, it’s outline reminded me the shape of Singapore island. *shrugs*

  22. Kevin says:

    Damn kena lagi….

  23. Primrose says:

    Eh, similar to a story I read in the Star by some Schneider writer wor…

  24. kai hong says:

    LOL !!

    My booger is bigger then yours !!! Wah ha ha ha!!!

    Want to do booger size competition? Me sure winner !!!!

    Your small piece already RM1.2 million, mine which weight about 4gm (-_-“) easy cost RM 4.5 million dar !!

    Ah Ma ! Ah Pa we are rich already !!

  25. michaelooi says:

    My booger may be small… but it looks like Singapore and it’s flat … ok ? That’s unique.

  26. kai hong says:

    -_-” ok !!

    Yours is unique for sure LOL !!

  27. hokkien lang says:

    that is a chewing gum from your mouth that you stick under restaurent table….

  28. vipervr says:

    damn, you ass… you got me!!! LOL!

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