August 28, 2005

Dildo’s wrath

After received about half a million forwarded emails urging me to update my Touch n Go (TnG) card (or else it will be ineffective by December), I finally went ahead to get it done at the nearest TnG office on Friday.

Since it was Friday and nobody actually works on Fridays, we (me and colleagues) took off earlier to avoid the lunch traffic and crowd, to the TnG office to upgrade our cards – in hope to settle off the whole thing earlier and go for a more relaxed lunch or something.

But to our astonishment, there was already a big crowd swamping the TnG office by the time we reached there. Almost like, 40 – 50 people and there was only ONE counter processing all their requests. Amongst the sea of stinking crowd, stood one of our management level guy, of whom was one of my most loathed individuals on this planet. Oh, let’s call him Dildo for convenience’s sake.

“Goddamn, don’t these people need to work ?? It’s only 11.30am for fuck’s sake !” I uttered to my colleagues.

It was meant to sarcastically hint about why Dildo was there when he should be in the office at that hour. (let’s not question about why we’re there at that hour, shall we ? It’s a cynical world. When he’s an asshole, we’ll always find fault with him). But what could we have done differently about it… but to stop bitching, collect the queue number and to goddamn wait.

And so we waited. After about 5 minutes, Dildo bailed out of the office with a pissed look. Probably had some bowel complications or something. Half an hour later, he returned. But to his dismay, the queue had already gone past his number. Discontented, he stomped up to the counter and demanded… rather loudly… to the counter guy

Dildo : “The queue has gone past my number and I was away. Can you process my request first ?”

TnG dude : “So you weren’t here when the number was called ?”

Dildo : “No I was away.”

TnG dude : “I’m sorry sir, but you’ll have to retake a number for the queue again”

That was when the all of us witnessed Dildo threw his hands in the air, apparently wasn’t too happy with the fact that he had to take another queue number again – because his number was forfeited when he wasn’t there. He shouted at the TnG guy


It was an ugly sight. Being an educated person he was, yet he failed to realize the basic decorum of queuing up for a public service. You queue and wait. It’s all done willingly for the service offered. If you’re too busy or feel too fucking important to do it, well then… sod off. It’s that simple.

But Dildo didn’t think so. He thought that 40 – 50 people was too much for him to bear… and so he took off to do whatever he deemed as more important. And then he came back with the expectation that he should be given the priority against the crowd… because HE CAME EARLIER WITH A NUMBER. Well, tough luck pal… this ain’t a fucking hospital.

If that reasoning actually works, man, everyone would have gone to the office in the early morning and demanded for a priority later in the evening. It just doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, back to Dildo… after his loud protest, I was at the back of the room chiding him (obscured of course)…

“Eh elehhhh … 40 50 people we also wait what… what makes you so special that you can’t do it, bastard ?”

His face was red with fury… and he bolted off without looking back.

So in the end, we all got our TnG card updated, he didn’t. Serves him right for being such a pain in the ass.

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13 Comments to “Dildo’s wrath”

  1. 100 says:

    TnG should have better service like opening more booth, or send a fill-in-and-we’ll-kaotim update forms with returned stamps, or whatever toll company should simply dismantle the booth for the good of humanities.

  2. insomniac says:

    Unbelievable! And, this guy’s one of your company’s directors?!

  3. hush4m3 says: a similar experience when I was in Mayban one day. Lucky for that guy, there was an open counter and there wasn’t that many people so they helped him before dealing with the other numbers.

    But guess what was that guy doing while waiting for his number to be called….standing outside the bank smoking.

  4. fish fish says:

    Geee… Mikey, how come you work place got so many “unique” Homo sapiens one?

  5. Primroses says:

    And I thought you were about to blog about dildos. Real ones. But nehmind. This one can do. Can stick up the ass. What a pain!

  6. Jase Lee says:

    Well worth the sarcasm. Some idiots just deserve it.

  7. hokkien lang says:

    that dildoare allways jump queue when he was driving…..

  8. hoyoyi says:

    why needa upgrade it? never heard of that before

  9. michaelooi says:

    100 – Tolls are hazardous for our health. Yeah…

    insomniac – Well yeah. Believe it..

    hush4m3 – They have a name for this kind of people… assholes.

    fish fish – I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I rawked too much and gravitated some unwanted karmas ?

    primrose – What do I know about dildos worr… when I already have a real stuff here…

    jase – They deserve more than that. They deserve to have their dicks/cunts amputated as well.

    hokkien lang – Eh… how you know aa ? Message me if you’re my colleague.

    hoyoyi – You’ll hear about it soon enough.

  10. barbarians. thats all i can say, barbarians. the worst are the barbarians who think they are no barbarians, cos they have a piece of paper that says that they have sat for some exams and have funny add-ons to their names.

  11. Reta says:

    what ifss, you happen to be in the same situation how? can imagine michael screaming as well.. =P

  12. michaelooi says:

    monkey – these barbarians actually knew how to drive … instead of riding a yak or something.

    reta – If I queue, I’ll queue properly one … not like him ok ?

  13. summer says:

    These ‘dildos’ are all over lah.. got plenty here in bad ‘ol KL too!!

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