August 21, 2005

Prince of Wales Island III

Hokkien, speaking it our way (slang)…

“chao kao”
direct translation – ‘stinking dog’.
actual meaning – an adjective describing someone who’s abominable, hopeless or with boorish behavior.
eg: “Lu kau giak chao kao lor … char bor lu pun phak…”
[translation: “You’re damn hopeless for beating a woman…”]

“lao pek”
direct translation – ‘old dude’.
actual meaning – an informal noun of describing one’s father.
eg: “wa eh lao pek eh see ee… si beh hao lian”
[translation: “My father’s mistress is damn arrogant”]

direct translation – ‘chicken’.
actual meaning – prostitute; whore; tart
eg: “cha meh amm… wa kua tiok lu eh lao pek kioh keh…”
[translation: “Last night, I saw your father went whoring…”]

“sai seng”
direct translation – ‘a type of catfish that feeds on excrement’.
actual meaning – an adjective of describing something extremely unattractive.
eg: “Ee eh chat loh bin siang kar sai seng aneh kuan..”
[translation: “His girlfriend is extremely ugly”]

direct translation – ‘dick’
actual meaning – an adjective of describing something extremely unattractive
eg : “Ee eh chat loh bin siang kar lan aneh kuan..”
[translation: “His girlfriend is extremely ugly”]

direct translation – ‘horse’
actual meaning – a male copulatory organ; dick
eg : “wah, ha kiok ah kua eh beh pi goo kah teng ah !”
[translation: “Wah, that transvestite’s dick is longer than a bull’s !”]

“phak phao”
direct translation – ‘operate a cannon’
actual meaning – [male] to masturbate
eg : “ah hia, lu mai char bor, kim meh kah ki phak phao si boh ?”
[translation: “dude, if you do not want any girls, are you gonna masturbate yourself tonight ?”]

“niao siao”
direct translation – ‘cat sperm’.
actual meaning – stingy beyond recognition.
eg: “wa eh tau ke, kau giak niao siao…”
[translation: “My boss is damn stingy”]

“stim stim”
direct translation – ‘short form of stimulating’.
actual meaning – an adjective to describe someone blur, stodgy or insipid.
eg: “ha kiok char bor, stim stim eh…”
[translation: “That girl isn’t very bright”]

You’re welcome.

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7 Comments to “Prince of Wales Island III”

  1. Jue says:

    no ‘hampu’?

  2. Primroses says:

    *LOL* Good vocabulary lesson.
    Eh, can one actually string all the words together to make one sentence ahh? Try, try!

  3. Kevin says:

    hahaha another educational post :)

  4. zbjernak says:

    hehehehehehe…..some penang hokkien to learn
    next time i will know better wht my cousin says


  5. michaelooi says:

    jue – No idea what’s that worrr…

    Primrose – Hmmmmm … can think of it … can think of it …

    kevin – It’s an honour for me to help the needed…

    zb – I’m very sure you’ll master it in no time. ;)

  6. matakecik says:

    i will not learn hokkien from you man!

  7. NeoRageX says:

    I started work in Penang just a bit over one year ago and so happened wanted to look for some hokkien lessons online… but I checked ur page first before trying Google search… and man, talk about timely!

    Two thumbs up!!! Ho liao!! Hahaha…

    (And so I still haven’t done that Google search yet)

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