August 11, 2005

cheese cake

I was in a renowned cheese cake shop today. A Malay chick came over to serve me. I was like checking out a shelf full of these awesome cheese cakes. I then saw one particular pie, which hailed the name Americano cheese cake. That thing sure looked good, but I was unsure what it’s all about. So, I asked.

Me : “Err, excuse me, may I know what’s the main ingredient in this Americano cheesecake ?”

Chick : “Huh ?”

Maybe she couldn’t understand English well, so I switched language

Me : “Ni nak tau kat dalam ada apa… Coklat ke… apa ke…”

Chick : “Ooh… dalam ada kek dan cheese”

*smacks head repeatedly*

Seriously, I am beginning to suspect this isn’t really about my company. It’s a global issue.

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27 Comments to “cheese cake”

  1. gregenz says:

    “ohhh, adaaaa kek dan cheese yaaaa? wah…haiseh, macam ni aku pun tak tau..ingat ada a/mani kut….”. dude..i’d bang my fucking head on the counter repeatedly…first “Ho-late”, then “air apa tu” and now “kek dan cheese”..kinda looking forward to know whats next you’ll encounter with your luck with such “intelligent life forms” anyways, i’m interested to know what happened…or, were you given CPR by then…

  2. w3s says:

    You should continue, “Kalau nak beli, kena bayar duit tak?”

  3. hA! That happened to me before.

    My face: -_-

    My fantasy: Slowly wiping the cake on her face so she can taste it and tell me properly.

    Okayla. Fantasies are fantasies…

  4. vincent says:

    You see…I’ve been telling people for ages. We are constantly surrounded by morons. Its a major social problem man. Its a disease that tends to spread.

  5. Ben says:

    “Cik, apa dalam kepala you?” *points to her head*

    “Oh tak ada apa-apa, encik.” *giggles pathetically*

  6. michaelooi says:

    Here’s what happened next.

    Me : “I tauuuuuuuuuu… I tau itu cheesecakkkkkkkkkke… tapi yang I tanya … ialah ada apa kat dalam. Coklat ke…. kopi ke …. you faham?”

    Chick : [pause for a few seconds to think] “Coklat”

    You don’t need education to have some common sense.

  7. tyra says:

    err..perhaps she wasn’t briefed on the ingredient for cheesecake..juz a waitress to serve? most employees for cafes, shops & supermarkets really do not hv clue…employer’s fault?

  8. Gregenz says:

    I think employers and the managers are as guilty, either that, the staff should have some common sense…just say ” tak tahu, bagi i check dulu ya?” that at least i can live with…but mike did say “chick”… ;)

  9. matakecik says:

    tat’s why you are an engineer and she is a waitress

  10. insomniac says:

    Ya lah, what to expect from these kedai kek employess, “renowned” or not.
    All they’re required to do is to ensure they obtain the correct amount of cash for the price of the product.

  11. Primrose says:

    Lucky she didn’t tell you “coklat Amerika” or “dalam tu Amerika” or “sudah makan, boleh pegi Amerika”.

    I was in Isetan the other day and stopped by the sausage counter. I pointed at the English Bangor, and asked what’s in it.

    The counter girl just shrugged her shoulders and said she didn’t know. So I asked how long it can last if I put it in the fridge. She shrugged again and said she didn’t know.

    Isk! *jeling*

  12. Gregenz says:

    It’s all an attitude problem, many out there just don’t take pride of what they do, to them it’s just a fucking job, the more pay the better with less work the best..just spread ur legs la…hey who doesn’t…

    like many of you out there..I encountered this many times happened there was once..i bumped into a cafe waitress [who gave me the fucking bad ” hey-my-boss-pays-me-not-you-so-fuck-you look” attitude..] at a restaurant in midvalley…she was fucking pissed at the service she got from the waiter, and questioned about his “professionalism” and threatened to see the manager…so her friend calmed her down..sat down next to my table if it wasn’t bad enough for her..i just turned around…told her..hey..paybacks’ a bitch ain’t it? thats what u did to me at your cafe… and walked out.

  13. zbjernak says:

    Chick : “Bang, saya ni makan gaji aje…..tak yah lah tunjuk muka…”

    but i also screw a staff in a RENOWNED cake shop…somemore use PDA to take my order…but no commonsense

    gregenz-> good one…agree…people out there is taking it as a job…not a career…they have no pride hence thee ignorance in things they are doing…they sell for the purpose of passion…

  14. Imran says:

    How about next time u ask if the cheesecake is suitable for vegetarians, because you’re a vegetarian and cannot eat meat. See what her response would be.

  15. New_Malaysian says:

    Totally agreed, it’s a global issue.
    Juz step in any shop ask for product feature they r offering then u will know.
    I’m having incident of they hav device with 1394 but not firewire !!!

  16. Gregenz says:

    yea well..i don’t know which is worse..some love to act as if they know everything..and some are just “stupid” [ however you wanna describe them], i was at lowyat and enquiring a few things about “bluetooth” and its compatibilities with my phone…

    This dumb butt serving me…told me things that made me feel like kicking him..heres the conversation that i can never get out my mind:

    me : ei my can use ah this?

    dumbbutt: sure can geh low sai (means boss in cantonese), all “boo-toot” (yeap..cant even pronounce BLUE-TOOTH” is same mah..

    me : no ler..not really, depends whos chipset u using, motorola, nokia and S.E depends which they using…not all can use ler..only a certain models can oni…

    Dumbbutt: is same la low sai..i know one of the “Sony elison” (yea..thats how he pronounced it) “direction”, he’s oso my fren, he say all is using sony.elison chips all is can use geh low sai..(to clarify what the fuck he meant…”direction”, i stood there..silently..starred at him for 3 whole seconds…then finally figured out what he meant by “direction”..yea he meant “DIRECTOR”)

    ME : oh, which DIRECTOR you spoke to?

    Dumbbutt: aiyo..(pretends hes trying hard to remember)what’s his name already ah..cant remember la..cus long time already..

    Me : ic…[then forced myself to smile and thanked him for sharing]

  17. honey says:

    well…you know…dumb people can’t be blamed for being dumb… its just a lost cause…

    at least she was smart enough to know what was cheese and what was cake…she’ll get there one day… :P

  18. jean` says:

    em.. dalam cheesecake ada cake dan cheese? =.=”

  19. michaelooi says:

    it’s a global shit that’s making people stupid. no doubt about that.

    they do not have the slightest idea of what they’re doing and what people are doing. they do not take even the slightest effort to try to understand what’s going on and how they’re supposed to react. they’re simply, fucked up. man i’m so goddamn antisocial right now. leave me alone. *crashing tables torturing cats*

    will post when i return to penang tomorrow.

  20. Gregenz says:

    When I was just a little shit
    I asked my mother, what will I be?
    Will I be bitchy? Will I be shit?
    Here’s what she said to me

    Oh you little prick..
    Whatever will be, will be
    Your future’s fucked up to me
    oh you little prick..
    You are fucked, you’re fucked…

  21. Raksha says:

    Lol! How was her expression when she answered you? Was it a beaming ‘I’m-so-bloody-helpful-I’m-wonderful’ look? Was it a ‘aiyo-ini-pun-nak-tanya’ look?

    I can forgive if it was the former. Dim bulbs can’t be made brighter sometimes. Retards who are the of the latter,however, makes me feel like giving them a whack on the face.

  22. michaelooi says:

    raksha – stone stone like that lor …

  23. megabigblur says:

    in the US waiters/tresses get quite a bit of their income from tips (bcos gaji quite low), so there’s an incentive to angkat bodek for the customers. On the other hand, I hate having to pay 15% extra for eating out. Even at lousy coffeeshops or cheap diners they expect tips. I’ve had pissy waitresses glaring at me for forgetting to tip because I’m a Malaysian…So it’s a choice of lousy service vs. people begging your cash.

  24. "alex" says:

    Not an offensive comment, but from experience, i think malay employee tends to have such service attittude. Is that Malaysia Government fault?

  25. Jane says:

    Yes it does spread.

  26. PM Badawi says:

    MALAYSIA = Land of MALAYs
    so those malays in working or living in malaysia think they r the BIRTHOWNER of this land. when they r the waiter or waitress, they feel like ‘ what the fark! i am working a low standard and income job so why must i be proud of it’ the prb with most of them is they think they r the boss and never proud of their job. since the young days, the gov has been spoon feed them with the QUOTA system and 5-10% discount for bumis to purchase properties! imagine that. the nonbumis i think is 2nd class citizen maybe. for the non bumis in the civil service department, why they never been given the quota system of promotion in their respective division? i wonder.
    their thinking always..’ this is MALAYSIA, so why i am doing this kinda job!??’

  27. michaelooi says:

    whoaaa.. the prime minister was here.

    Hey, mr badawi! Apa macam? Ho seh bo?
    Eh you orang boleh suruh itu samy bikin satu jambatan lagi kat penang aa? (jambatan, bukan jamban…)

    itu traffic dekat sana manyak teruk lar. Kelmarin gua kena sangkut kat itu tol satu setengah jam… pasal ada satu lori pancit kat tengah jalan. Potong stim lah

    And I’m sure my pembaca blog sekelian also ada something to komplen to you. Maybe it’s good if you can set up a special independent panel to monitor the jalan raya mia kualiti……

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