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July 1, 2005


Emily’s phone suddenly wailed during our late dinner yesterday. The screen indicated that it was from Pear. If you can remember her

Emily answered the call. It was an SOS phone call. Apparently, Pear was in trouble at a bank somewhere. Probably her card made the ATM machine exploded or something – I thought. I didn’t manage to find out at that moment, so I just went on minding my own business.

A lengthy discussion ensued, and from what I crudely gathered from Emily’s side of conversation, they were discussing something about Pear’s trouble with her credit card payment. Like something big was going on.

The conversation ended not long after that, and that was when I asked Emily, what happened … and here’s what happened :

Pear’s first time making a credit card payment. She was trying to make a payment amounted at RM XXX.98. But she had a big problem with the payment. She alleged that she brought enough money to the ATM, but she could not figure out how to deposit that odd “98 cents” through that cash deposit machine…

She asked her boyfriend (yes, she has a BOYFRIEND now)… but her boyfriend was clueless – that was because her boyfriend has never owned any credit card before (probably haven’t even seen a cash deposit machine before). And that was why, she called up Emily to seek for help.


And I went – “OMFG !!!!! I REALLY GOTTA BLOG THISSSS !!!!!”

Thank god she didn’t slot her coins into that cash deposit machine.

There’s a very common 4 letter word that describes her (Pear) very well… but I can’t seem to recall that word… hmmmm … starts with a ‘D’… ends with a ‘B’….

Kindly enlighten me if you happen to know that word. Thanks.

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