July 25, 2005


I was walking with a fellow new engineer, Ken, when I noticed that he was snorting mucus from his nose…

Me : “Dude, I notice that you’re always with a runny nose. What’s up with that ?”

Ken : “Not runny nose. Just very sensitive.”

Me : “Ok…”

Ken : “My nose is sensitive to everything. Dust, environment, temperature, etc…”

Me : “Wow, that’s a bummer huh ?”

Ken : “Yeah…” [sniff]

Me : “Say, would you still be sensitive like this if you were to be put to whiff a hot chick’s steamy pair of tits right in front of you ?”

Ken : “Oooooooh… my blocked nose will be cleared almost immediately…”


Moral of the conversation : Guys react differently when there’s a naked chick around.

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14 Comments to “sensitive”

  1. Amber says:

    walau, tits have such big effects one ar. Not bad wor.

  2. strawroot says:

    haha i have senstivie nose problem too, would it help if i were to smell a naked man??

  3. smooth says:

    lol…doctors should prescribe tits as the medicine next time for their male patients that suffer runny nose…lol

  4. manwa says:

    Care to pass this along to your good friend for us?

    Cheers big ears! xxx

  5. michaelooi says:

    amber – You’ve seen nothin’ yet… heheh

    strawroot – Depends … on where and who you smell. Like if it’s from a naked Bangla, then godbless… you’d rid of your runny nose yes… and YOUR LIFE as well.

    smooth – Ahh… finally somebody got my point.

    manwa – It has to be a pair of stark naked tits for a full effect. But I’m not complaining… heehheheh

  6. zbjernak says:

    i have been to doctors all over malaysia to cure my sensitive nose…

    if you had post this earlier…i would have just go to papaya farm to get my sensitive nose cured….
    save all the trouble


  7. katsmew says:

    bye bye runny nose, heeelllooo nose bleed! :P

  8. MILO says:

    Manwa: mmm… okay… i guess it helps.

  9. insomniac says:

    I know people with that perpetual sniffy, runny, super-sensitive nose.
    I was one of them! It’s a horrible thing to have, trust me.
    Somehow, got cured, years ago. I don’t know how but, who cares! But, I’ll still come down with a cold, the next day, if I get wet by rain.
    Go figure!

  10. michaelooi says:

    zb – It’s still not too late … additional treatment as preventive measures…

    katsmew – Hyper-active blood circulation … it’s a good thing.

    insomniac – Awww… you needed the tit treatment.

  11. m@ri says:

    Men! What else to expect of u Mike aye? But I have a cure for the running nose. My bro has the same thing, he will sneeze and running nose every morning or when it’s cold & dusty. He went to see a Doc and it’s cured after 1 week. But the most important thing to take note is not to take chicken (animal ones) meal after that. Whenever he takes chicken, the running nose come back!

  12. insomniac says:


    Vitamin C, after the rain, before bed that nite, usually took care of the next-day cold.
    Tits, as a sort of soothing balm – like Vicks – would have been nice, though. Hehehe.

  13. summer says:

    Oh, you had to make me laugh!! But it’s true… guys and somegirls (like mua!) juz love to see tits… ahahaaha!! I’m no lesbian, but the guys in my group are juz guys… so, my girlfriend and I join them… *winks*

  14. roberta says:

    i confess that i need to know what city you live in. perhaps i need to read further for myself and the answer is OBVIOUSLY clear, but it’s 3:41 am and my eyeball hurts.

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