July 23, 2005

cat lover

That previous post was just a fictional post for me to even up my pressure in life. No animals were harmed in the making.

In fact, I’m a cat lover myself… Don’t believe me ? Here’s a photographic proof :

As you can see, I was already wearing a wifebeater since I was so little. And the cat looked thrilled in the picture, to have its photograph taken with such a cool kid. Cats love me …

I initiated that post because I got reminded of an accident I had with a cat many years ago.

Was on a motorcycle negotiating a roundabout turn when suddenly got flung out of my bike and landed hard on the tarmac. Bike was wrecked.

When some guy came over to help me up on my feet, he told me that I hit a darn cat. Then I asked him :

“Where’s the darn cat ??”
“That cat fled liao…”

My blood pressure shot up above my head and I shouted “CHEEBYEEE MEOWWWWWW !!!!!”

So there you have it. Just a sudden purge of emotion through some metaphorical imagination. Don’t call the SPCA… please. Love thy blogger.

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15 Comments to “cat lover”

  1. Primrose says:

    Eeee, so cute! *cubit, cubit*

    Ala, you lame excuse just to put up cute pic of yourself for all to see lar. Che wah, bukan main main ya… Siamese cat oh!

  2. FireAngel says:

    You look like you’re strangling it to me. :P

  3. ~evil_gal~ says:

    cat got 9 life and you only have one :p
    i understand how u feel as i would do the same too XD

  4. bubu says:

    you sure the photo is not taken while you’re strangling the cat to death ? It looks like it though, with both your hand “ci kek” the cat’s neck.

    Engineers are good people, never doubt it :P they only do good things, they won’t do bad things (hahaha), because I’m almost one too

  5. kolokmee says:

    I see you started young. Strangling some poor cheebyeee meowwwww even b4 u started to walk. keep up the good work.

  6. michaelooi says:

    primrose – how could you say that ! that’s a good excuse… ok ?

    FA – the cat’s thrilled…can’t you see that ?

    evil_gal – strangle the cat you mean ? Nooooooo… I’m not strangling it…

    bubu – Like I said, I’m not strangling it… I’m hugging it.

    kolokmee – I already knew how to walk back then lar …

  7. MutantTomato says:

    Mike, I read your previous post about buggering up cats BIG TIME and I didn’t want to say anything because, although i LOVE cats, I respect your blog as your own space for pouring out your own thoughts. I don’t blame you for feeling the way you do about felines. Just as long as you don’t intend to carry out what you said is fine by me.

    Keep up the good work man!


  8. fat404 says:

    Fake! All fake! Just kidding. XD

  9. MutantTomato says:

    Another thing Mike, could you add my blog to your list? its http:\\jayezus.blogspot.com

    Check it out first la… I would appreciate feedback from an accomplished blogger like yourself. By the by, read my disclaimer first. Its only 2 sentences… :)

    And, can I link to your blog as well? Can you tell me how to do it? Also, some suggestions as to improving my blog would be good… Before you say it, I know I don’t post as regularly as I should. but I will henceforth and forthwith. Ehehehe! :)

    Thanks man! This isn’t for a comment by the way. Don’t know how else to get your attention. I’m quite “duh!” when it comes to HTML, Web pages, etc.

  10. michaelooi says:

    fat404 – the cat’s real… ok ? A fake cat won’t be looking so thrilled like that …

    tomato – Awwwww… you can link me, no problem. Not sure I would call myself an “accomplished” blogger. But if you needed my shitass opinion abt your blog… here they are :

    1) Remove that ad. They’re a fucking turnoff (not that you’re gonna earn a significant amount of money from it anyway)

    2) Your template is too common. There are like half a million blogs out there with this same template. I’d say scour around for a good looking but simple one. Tell people that you’re unique !

    3) I can see that you’re already blogging quite well. Just make sure you only write whatever’s interesting. Cut off excessive stories. Organize them into paragraph to hook interest.

    4) Your blog could use a title, banner or something. You may want people to remember your site if you’re really good.

    5) Rid that blogger commenting system. They’re slow and they suck. Get haloscan or something.

    I’ve got more shitass idea to share – but I don’t think I’ll publish them here. Might offend certain existing famous bloggers. Need anything, just email me. (I’m sure you know how to email, right?)

  11. tEo says:

    Yucks, i hate cats! In fact, i’m afraid of them. Too scared to go near them.

    Btw, u r so cute…Feel like to hug & pinch ur face.

  12. oliviasy says:

    if dat’s a “hug”, i hate to have yr hands “hugging” me liao….

  13. Kevin says:

    hahahhaha SPCA?? what can they do to a blogger like you??

  14. michaelooi says:

    tEo – Yeah I know, cuter than the cat.

    olivia – Ek eleh ! Who wants to hug you lar wei ?

    kevin – I don’t know, spam my blog ? Fuck they’d do anything for the animals…

  15. Jolll says:

    I knew somewhere along the line, you love your cats.. Don’t worry.. threatening to call the SPCA was just to help you rediscover your innate love for cats..

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