July 19, 2005

“Fantastic Four” (2005)

Empat baguih. Fantastic Four that is… watched it last weekend. What do I think of it ? Well, not as ‘fantastic’ as I’ve anticipated. Or to be more direct, it’s boring. I don’t know if it’s me but, the movie’s kinda frivolous and the actors were goofy.
They made
– “The Thing” too short and looked like he’s made of wads of unkneaded roti canai dough (man, that thing was supposed to be gigantic and rock solid !).
– “Mr Fantastic” like Jeff Goldblum in ID4.
– “Human Torch” like a gay bloke that loves extreme sports.
– “Dr Doom” like some kid in a Halloween costume (which, looks not like a doctor at all, but more like a metrosexual bloke that trims his eyebrows)
– “Invisible girl” like a … lap dancer ? Ok, she’s alright.

For the first 3 quarters of the movie, I struggled to put up with the somehow stodgy storyline which seemed to last forever. It had the same formula like most superheroes movie, you know … a bunch of normal individuals discovering themselves bestowed with superpowers after an accident that involved a shitload amount of radioactive exposure …

Which, makes me ponder a bit, aren’t these messages kinda misleading ? It sort of paints an impression to the kids that radioactive are cool stuffs that could alter one’s DNA into some super being with a chiseled good looking body that also gives you supernatural powers… Man, if only they knew about the real thing. If only they knew that radioactivity mutates not only your DNA but your physical cells as well … and you’ll be looking like no He-Man nor She-Ra … but some biological piece of walking beef patty that couldn’t even pronounce ‘horlicks’ properly…

The finale wasn’t that impressive either … The battle was short and poorly choreographed. There weren’t any thrilling effects because they looked so cliche, after getting accustomed to all those mind blowing graphics in the past blockbusters.

I’d say, this movie would be better off as a 3D animated cartoon instead… or was there already ? Yes, “The Incredibles”. Though it was clearly a rip off from the more original Fantastic Four, but “The Incredibles” was waaaaaaaaaay much more entertaining than “Fantastic Four”. Hands down.

If you have yet to watch this movie, well, don’t. It’s not worth the money (even for a pDVD).

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8 Comments to ““Fantastic Four” (2005)”

  1. zbjernak says:

    for me is alright…i think the movie is ok….

    but one part i think sucks…
    the part whereby The Thing became ben back…
    and in order to save richard, ben goes into the oven again …and….tadaaaa…. The Thing again…

    so meaning everybody go in also will have super power lah??? wonder do i get to mix&match my power and outlook from the oven’s LCD


  2. honey says:

    hehe, i like jessica alba…man if i was gay or a man…hahah…i would so lust after her :P

    I thought the movie was alright…eventhough it was full of corny oneliners…then again i didn’t read the comics…so i had no prior knowledge of that particular comic strip…

  3. Willwolf says:

    cheap pDVD still can la. watch it then throw it away lor

  4. Amber says:

    If you think Fantastic Four is bad, wait till you watch “The Hostage”. Mahaiz, wasted my bloody money for nothing. I think it deserves like 0.5 out of 10!

  5. Early Stage Beef Stew says:

    Well radioactive is indeed a cool stuff if ya know how to manipulate it, but one thing that will misleading from the point of nilai-nilai murni is that it is alright to bully one person with four….that’s sad.

  6. m@ri says:

    Awwww! How could you Mike? I am going to watch it tomorrow! Now how I wish I read your review the day after tomorrow. But I think going to watch Jessica Alba is worth while already then :(

  7. killershik says:

    i enjoyed batman more than funtastic four…very so-so as if no value or suspense element like Xmen1/2 . a 3.8/5 wld be fair

  8. Chief says:

    i guess after batman begins lots of directors will have to relook at how they interpret super hero movies

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